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schbee 09-30-07 06:13 PM

Do you guys buy all the 2 disc versions?
I can't seem to get myself to pay like $5-$7 more for a 2 disc version over the single disc. For example Knocked Up, Spiderman 3, New POTC. Are people getting them new or waiting for price drops?

Brent L 09-30-07 06:22 PM

If I buy a version of a movie that has more than one version, 99% of the time I buy the high end version. That doesn't mean that I instantly pay the higher price though. There are plenty of ways around paying more if you are a cheap deal seeker like I am.

Coupons, special deals, Columbia House, and so on have helped me a great deal. For example, I just bought the 2-disc of 1408 for $7.95 from CH using codes. I also got the 2-disc of Knocked Up for free (or around $10 or so, depending on how you look at the BOGO deals at CH).

mdc3000 09-30-07 06:25 PM

Depends on the movie - for Knocked Up, Spidey and Pirates, the 2 discers are easily the way to go since the exclusive features are substantial and worth watching... for a flick like Fantastic Four 2, I'd just go single disc because that's not a movie I'd care to watch extras for...

IanUngstad 09-30-07 06:51 PM

Depends on the disc. I'll get the upgraded version of a film if the extras are something that I would really appreciate. For example, I bought and have on preorder both the criterion editions of David Mamet's House of Games and Terrence Malick's Days of Heaven, because everything from the transfers, audio, and special features are much better on the pricier version. On a lot of other movies, I've looked at the deluxe edition and all the adde features consist of promotinonal crap or along the lines of those lame Starz on Set pieces. Those I'll just get the cheaper version of.

slop101 09-30-07 07:13 PM

Originally Posted by schbee
I can't seem to get myself to pay like $5-$7 more for a 2 disc version over the single disc. For example Knocked Up...

You just fucked up! There are some features on the 2nd disc of Knocked Up that are as good as the feature film.

vbplayer99 09-30-07 07:20 PM

A lot depends on the movie itself. Like for when Transformers comes out, I will definately pay for the added features (especially since I grew up on Transformers). But for some other movies, just the standard edition works for me.

Overpar 09-30-07 07:24 PM

I've got Hi Def (both formats) this year. I rarely buy regular DVDs unless they are steelbooks. I just keep trading up to high def catalog titles when I can and I buy the high def versions of the new movies. Can't wait for Transformers! I also buy some OOP's that I want, if I can find them for a decent price. Just found "Nightmare before Christmas", so I bought that.

Joe Molotov 09-30-07 07:28 PM

Usually depends on how much I like the movie, and how good the special features are.

TheNightFlier 09-30-07 07:30 PM

Definitely depends on the movie and what the extra content is.

MTRodaba2468 09-30-07 07:32 PM

I usually always go for the SE version of a movie.

Sabrett 09-30-07 07:37 PM

Sometimes it depends on the movie, but 99% of the time, I go for the 2-disc

Adrenaline 09-30-07 07:47 PM

Always, if I can I will try and get the ultimate version of everything I own, I live by the line in my sig ;)

EdTheRipper 09-30-07 08:00 PM

I used to be like that but now, I tend to stick to the single disc versions. I barely have enough time to watch all the movies I want to see much less hours of special features.

Abe. 09-30-07 08:08 PM

I tend to go with the "better" edition, but lately, I've been reconsidering my position on this. I'm also leaning this way about "unrated" and "rated" dvds.

matome 09-30-07 08:31 PM

Single disc unless I can get the 2-disc for the same price (e.g. DVDEmpire's 50% off preorder sales). Barely have time to watch the movies, and certainly less so for extras. Special packaging may sucker me in though.

GreenVulture 09-30-07 09:04 PM

To be honest, most of the time it depends on when the movie came out. For recent films, the 2nd disc usually consists of some deleted scenes (which are at best a one time viewing thing) and a bunch of featurettes that barely rise above the level of some EPK-ish thing you would see on Access Hollywood or Entertainment Tonight or at the theater before the movie starts.

Older movies usually allow the cast and crew a bit more perspective and introspection, so they might open up more during interviews and/or commentary. And since older movies are not designed to be advertised on TV or sell a whole bunch of copies so they can claim the #1 sales spot that week, there's often a bit more care and thought about what goes on the DVD, which almost always results in better supplements.

Of course, there are exceptions to both cases.

MrDs10e 09-30-07 10:26 PM

Most o the time, if two versions are available when I buy, I will buy the higher-end version. However, if I buy a single disc version, and then a two-disc version gets released, I won't get it unless it is a movie I really love.

Sometimes I will blind buy a one-disc version of a movie that I am on the fence about owning if the single disc is < $6, and if the better version is more than $11. But I'd say that 95% of my DVDs were the best version available at the time I purchased.

MasterofDVD 09-30-07 10:59 PM

If I like a movie enough to buy it I buy the 2 disc version.

I do wish that for movies like Knocked up Unrated would put the Unrated on 1 disc and then the Theatrical version on the other disc but I know that would be doing something nice for the consumer and they are not out to make friends.

shacmasta 09-30-07 11:14 PM

I probably have never passed up on a 2disc/special edition dvd and opted for a 1 disc edition. I just don't see the point.

sb5 10-01-07 12:05 AM

I wait to read the reviews for the 2 disc set to see if it's worthwhile. If the reviews state that the 2nd disc is just EPK-style crap, no matter how much I like the movie itself, I won't get it. Others (like Knocked Up) have content that justifies the higher price for me.

Mr.Briggs 10-01-07 12:22 AM

99% of the time I get the 2 disc.

critterdvd 10-01-07 01:15 AM

The biggest decision maker for me is the cut of the film. If the 2-disc offers an extended/alternate/whatever-the-studio-wants-to-call-it cut of the film, typically I'll go for the 2-discer. But if the only difference is special features, then I really think long an hard about wiether or not I'll watch said special features. For example I'm springing for the 2-disc of "knocked up" and "Transformers" while I'll stick to the 1-disc for "Pirates," "Live Free or Die Hard," and "Harry Potter 5" (mostly because I know there will be a CRAZY gazillion-disc set when the seventh movie is released, and only have the standard DVD will be an even bigger incentive to double-dip).

Jonno2006 10-01-07 07:04 AM

Always, I only buy movies that i've seen in theaters that i loved so of course i'm going to get the better edition with the most features (even though 80% of the time i don't watch them, but it's nice to have!)

Usually the artwork is better than the single disc so that's always a plus. If i'm renting a movie then sure the 1 disc is fine.

Some people here said that they'll buy the 1 disc version since they don't really care about watching the extras, but why are you BUYING a movie you didn't much care for?

But yeah i'll ALWAYS get the better more expensive edition of a movie i liked. It's the collector in me!

mike2 10-01-07 07:56 AM

I like the special features so i usually get the 2 disk. Most of the time the single only has the trailer.

mdc3000 10-01-07 07:56 AM

Originally Posted by Jonno2006
Some people here said that they'll buy the 1 disc version since they don't really care about watching the extras, but why are you BUYING a movie you didn't much care for?

It might be a movie I just don't care much about how they made or despite liking the movie, don't want to watch hours of interviews with the people involved... of course, this is rare and back when I was buying dvds like crazy, 99% of the time I'd go for the 2 disc.

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