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The 3rd Annual "October Horror Movie Challenge" (10/1 - 10/31) ***LISTS GO HERE!***

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The 3rd Annual "October Horror Movie Challenge" (10/1 - 10/31) ***LISTS GO HERE!***

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The 3rd Annual "October Horror Movie Challenge" (10/1 - 10/31) ***LISTS GO HERE!***

100 Movies. 31 Days.</sup> October 1st - 31st, 2007

(As Well As The Inevitable Reviews & Discussion Related To Those Films Being Listed)



<sup>The challenge officially begins</sup> October 1, 2007 (Monday) @ Midnight Eastern time.

The Participants (1 - 75)

Russell S 
Boondock Saint
Mondo Kane
Del Griffith
Darth Maher
William Fuld
Moutain Biker
Jeffy Pop
Mister Peepers
Dimension X
Cool Ghoul
The Monkees
Boba Fett
Doc Moonlight
John S.

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Mini-reviews in progress!

Monday, October 1st
1. Night of the Comet (1984) - Originally caught this a few years back on "MonsterVision". Good '80s cheese, but could've used more zombies.
2. The Host (2006) - Excellent special effects. And the ending was a refreshing change from the usual mainstream.
3. The Devil Commands (1941)
4. The Witchfinder General (1968)
5. The Equinox... A Journey Into the Supernatural (1967) - And here I thought "The Evil Dead" was original!
6. The Cat o' Nine Tails (1971)

Tuesday, October 2nd
7. The Flesh and the Fiends (1960)
8. Nightmare City (1980) - Running zombies with a breast fetish!
9. Dog Soldiers (2002) -
10. Madhouse (1974) -
11. Manhattan Baby (1982) - I'm very forgiving of the slow pacing of many Fulci films, but this one was just intolerable.

Wednesday, October 3rd
12. Slime City (1988) - Great '80s gore flick in the vein of "Basket Case" and "Street Trash".
13. Theater of Blood (1973)
14. Slither (2006)
15. Frankenhooker (1990)

Thursday, October 4th
16. Corridors of Blood (1958)
17. 1408: Director's Cut (2007)
18. Paranoiac (1963)
19. Frailty (2001)
20. Dark Waters (1994)

Friday, October 5th
21. Scarecrows (1988)
22. The Haunted Strangler (aka "Grip of the Strangler") (1958)
23. Tales of Terror (1962)
24. Curse of the Demon (aka "Night of the Demon") (1957) - I actually agree with the producer's decision to show the demon...less is not always more.
25. I Walked with a Zombie (1943) -
26. Horrors of Malformed Men (1969) - Don't really have an opinion...yet.

Saturday, October 6th
27. Twice Told Tales (1963)
28. The Burning (1981) - Friday the 13 + Meatballs = The Burning. I was honestly expecting just another generic F13/slasher ripoff, but instead got
29. Dr. Giggles (1992) - One of the few decent '90s slashers.
30. From Beyond (1986) - Excellent.
31. The Hand (1981)
32. Tombs of the Blind Dead (La Noche del terror ciego) (1971)

Sunday, October 7th
33. Prom Night (1980)
34. The Return of the Vampire (1944)
35. Vampyr - Der Traum des Allan Grey (1932)
36. Cemetery Man (aka "Dellamorte Dellamore") (1994)
37. The Return of the Evil Dead (El Ataque de los muertos sin ojos) (1973)






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1. Ghost Story (1981)
2. Let's Scare Jessica To Death (1971)
3. 1408 (2007)
4. Shaun of the Dead (2004)
5. The Brood (1979)
6. 28 Weeks Later (2007)
7. Bug (2007)
8. John Carpenter's The Thing (1981)
9. Dead Silence (2007)
10. An American Werewolf In London (1981)
11. The Haunting (1963)
12. Blood & Chocolate (2007)
13. From Dusk Till Dawn (1996)
14. Planet Terror (2007)
15. The Reaping (2007)
16. The Night of the Living Dead (1968)
17. Masters of Horror: Incident on and off a Mountain Road (2006)
18. Hostel Part II (2007)
--. No Country For Old Men (2007) -- not horror, but a very fine film!
19. The Hills Have Eyes Part II (2007)
20. The Abandoned (2006)

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Last year I set a goal of 50 and only made it to 37. This year, I'm going to be conservative and set a personal goal of 40.

October 1st
1. Feast
2. Them (Ils)

October 2nd
3. Rock 'n' Roll Nightmare
4. Right at Your Door

October 3rd
5. The Empty Acre

October 5th
6. From Beyond

October 6th
7. Suspiria

October 7th
8. Wrestlemaniac
9. The Burning

October 8th
10. Demons

October 9th
11. Flight of the Living Dead
12. Wrong Turn 2: Dead End

October 11th
13. Scarecrows

October 12th
14. Black Sheep

October 13th
15. The Redsin Tower
16. Troll 2

October 14th
17. The Stuff

October 15th
18. 28 Weeks Later

October 16th
19. The Mad

October 17th
20. Return to House on Haunted Hill

October 19th
21. Planet Terror

October 22nd
22. Slither

Damn. No idea how I'm even gonna reach my measley goal of 40.

October 24th
23. Demons 2

October 27th
24. Buried Alive
25. Rapturious
26. Saw IV

October 28th
27. The Descent
28. Believers

October 29th
29. Halloween: The Happy Haunting of America

October 31st
30. It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown **WILD CARD**
31. Night of the Creeps

Another year, another failure to reach my goal. I posted way better numbers than this when I just did it on my own.

Note to self: next year, set my goal, then divide by 2.

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Last year I did 101. This year I'm going for 10 or so.

1. Corridors of Blood
2. The Haunted Strangler

3. The Atomic Submarine

4. Lord of Illusions

5. Candyman

6. The Corpse Bride

7. Evil Dead 2

8. Army of Darkness

9. Dawn of the Dead (Original)
10. Dawn of the Dead (Remake)

11. Planet Terror

12. 'Salem's Lot (1979)

13. Near Dark
14. Nightbreed

15. Phantasm

16. Night of the Living Dead

17. Interview with the Vampire

18. 28 Weeks Later

19. It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

20. Twilight Zone: The Movie

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October 1
1. 1408
2. Bug
3. Hatchet
4. The Phantom of the Opera (1989)

October 2
5. Mustang Sally's Horror House
6. Unholy
7. Final Draft
8. Severance
9. The Burning
10. Vamp
11. Going to Pieces
12. Horror Business
13. Scream

October 3
14. Snoop Dogg's Hood of Horror
15. Piranha (1978)
16. Twilight Zone: The Movie
17. The Relic

October 4
18. The Horror Show
19. The Haunting (1999)
20. Cadaverella
21. Nekromantik
22. The Mangler

October 5
23. Cut
24. Cujo
25. Leviathan
26. Aftermath/Genesis (Wildcard #1)
27. Big Bad Wolf

October 6
28. Drive-In
29. Ed Gein: The Butcher of Plainfield
30. Dead Silence
31. Return to Horror High

October 7
32. Killer Killer
33. Wrong Turn
34. House of Wax (2005)
35. Wrong Turn 2: Dead End
36. The Hitchhiker
37. Freakshow

October 8
38. Alligator
39. Tales from the Crypt Presents: Ritual
40. Night of the Demons 2
41. Black Sheep
42. When A Killer Calls
43. The Ferryman
44. Sometimes They Come Back

October 9
45. Return to the House on Haunted Hill
46. Tales From the Crypt (1972)
47. The Cabinet of Dr Caligari (1920)
48. It Waits
49. The Tripper
50. Pumpkinhead
51. The Hollow
52. Monster House
53. Bottom Feeder
54. Abominable

October 10
55. Pumpkinhead II
56. Decoys 2
57. One Dark Night
58. Mortuary

October 11
59. April Fools
60. Splatter Beach
61. Cannibal campout
62. Murder Set Pieces
63. Die You Zombie Bastards!

October 12
64. Kottentail
65. Sleepaway Camp II
66. House of the Dead 2
67. Bloody Mary
68. Incubus

October 13
69. Bug Buster
70. Carrie (1976)
71. Scarred
72. Masters of Horror: Sounds Like
73. Masters of Horror: The Black Cat

October 14
74. Masters of Horror: The Screwfly Solution
75. Masters of Horror: Right To Die
76. Masters of Horror: The Washingtonians
77. Masters of Horror: Haeckel's Tale
78. Masters of Horror: The Fair Haired Child
79. Masters of Horror: Pro-Life
80. Masters of Horror: Family
81. Masters of Horror: Valerie on the Stairs
82. Masters of Horror: We All Scream For Ice Cream

October 15
83. Vampires vs Zombies
84. Firestarter
85. Mimic
86. Pumpkinhead: Ashes to Ashes
87. The Mad
88. Open Water 2: Adrift
89. Beneath
90. Saw III
91. See No Evil
92. Black Christmas (2006)
93. The Hitcher (2007)

October 16
94. Masters of Horror: Pelts
95. Splatter Farm
96. Mimic II
97. Mimic: Sentinel
98. An American Werewolf In London
99. Masters of Horror: The Damned Thing
100. Wedding Slashers
101. S.I.C.K.
102. The Worst Witch
103. Corpse Bride
104. Mr. Jingles
105. Nutbag

October 17
106. Night of the Creeps
107. Deadtime Stories
108. Blood and Chocolate
109. Underworld: Evolution
110. Alone With Her
111. Return of the Living Dead: Necropolis
112. Sublime
113. White Noise: The Light
114. Slither
115. Shaun of the Dead

October 18
116. Grim Reaper
117. Creep
118. The Empty Acre
119. Deadly Friend
120. Buffy the Vampire Slayer
121. From Beyond the Grave
122. Sometimes They Come Back...For More
123. Return of the Living Dead: Rave to the Grave
124. Candyman: Farewell to the Flesh
125. Rawhead Rex
126. Sasquatch Mountain
127. August Underground's Mordum

October 19
128. Dr. Giggles
129. Trilogy of Terror
130. Trick or Treat
131. Don't Answer the Phone
132. Manhattan Baby
133. The New York Ripper
134. Candyman: Day of the Dead
135. The Simpsons: Treehouse of Horror I (Wildcard #2)
136. Freak Out
137. Eyes of a Stranger

October 20
138. Someone's Watching Me!
139. The Convent
140. Cheerleader Camp
141. Broken
142. The House of Usher
143. Stepfather II
144. Beneath Still Waters
145. From Dusk Till Dawn II
146. An American Werewolf in Paris
147. Don't Go In The Woods
148. Phantasm II
149. Phantasm III

October 21
150. Phantasm IV
151. The Hand
152. Bloodrayne
153. Pieces
154. Dead Clowns
155. The Nightmare Before Christmas
156. Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit
157. Haute Tension
158. The Chambermaid
159. August Underground's Penance
160. Schizophreniac
161. Flesh For the Beast

October 22
162. Demons
163. Demons 2
164. The Mangler 2
165. The Rage: Carrie 2
166. Believers
167. 5ive Girls
168. Wind Chill

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Week One

Monday October 1st -
1- The Brain That Wouldn't Die (MST3K version) - 7.5/10 - This is a guilty pleasure of mine, one of the first horror films that I remember seeing, back when I was 8 or so I imagine. Very vivid imagery, I can always picture the basement laboratory, the shriveled arm, the death scenes, the blood smeared walls. If I watched it now for the first time, I'd perhaps recognize it as cheesy mediocre horror, but because of my history with it, it will always remain a favorite. I think I own at least 3 versions of it on DVD. The MST3K riffing is quite good on this one, Mike's first film as lead.
2- Horror 101 * - 1.5/10 - I bought this years ago (part of a big sale, probably B1G1F), haven't watched it until today. It and its sequel seemed appropriate for this contest and this day, just because of the titles. Wow, did this movie suck. Would rate it lower, but it was cool to see Bo Derek again. Pretty bad acting, few scares, and an ending I pretty much had totally figured out 10 minutes into the film. I didn't bring much else to work, and want to just get this disc watched and then traded/sold, so I think I'll suffer thru the other two films on this disc. But tomorrow I'm picking some good horror, maybe the Frankenstein series
3- Horror 102: Endgame * - .5/10 - Halfway thru and pretty lame so far. I'm glad there is no Horror 103. Wow, real crap. Another surprise ending, this one I didn't figure out, but only because I didn't care enough about any aspect of this movie to think. No possible reason to ever watch this film again. There is a third "bonus" movie on this disc, from the same producers/director as the first two. I must hate myself, starting it now.
4- Museum of the Dead * - 0/10 - I'm not expecting much, this one has even lower ratings on IMDB than the first two on the disc. But I'm committed to watching some of these discs I've been collecting over the years. Disc already up for trade in the exchange forum (hopefully anyone who wants it isn't reading these reviews). Quite possible the worst movie I've ever seen. I want to stick to a 0-10 scale, so I think I'll have to raise Horror 102 to a .5 from a zero, as nothing should be compared to this mess of a film. I prefer to stop giving this film thought or time, so for a fuller explanation as to why it is so bad, see the comments on IMDB.
5- Frankenstein (1931) (with historian commentary) - 9/10 - I needed something good to clear my mind of the nonsense I watched all day. The commentary was excellent.
6- Frankenstein (1910) * - NR/10 - (Wildcard #1, length) The first American horror film? Not really fair to rate this silent, but interesting from a historical perspective.
Tuesday October 2nd -
7- The Hitcher 2: I've Been Waiting * - 6/10 - Finally watched this sequel to one of my favorite horror films of all time. I didn't realize that this was a direct sequel of sorts, complete with C. Thomas Howell, flashbacks, and locations from the first film. They didn't help much, as this film is not very good. But I'm still giving it a 6, based on my history with the original, and all the tie-ins. If I saw this one first, more like a 3/10.
8- Jaws: The Revenge * - 4/10 - Jaws is probably my favorite movie of all time. I re-watch it often, but have, until recently, avoided the third and fourth films in the "series". Jaws 2 was ok, but I had heard so many bad things about 3 and 4 that I avoided them, for fear of putting a pall on my love for the original. I finally watched Jaws 3 a month or two ago, and regret doing so. And although I am sure that this film, "Jaws 4", will be incredibly putrid, I feel the need to just get it over with and watch it this one time. Here goes. Half way thru, it's pretty bad. But like with Hitcher 2, I like all the references to and characters from the first movie. The child/father mimic scene, while somewhat poorly done, brought a smile to my face. Took me about 8 hours to get thru this, busy at work today. It wasn't as bad as I feared.
9- Hideous! * - 3/10 - Another that I have owned for years but never watched. Not really sure how to rate this one. I almost want to give it a 1 or less, as it was quite, hideous. But something about it is intriguing, like maybe if I watch it again someday I'll actually like it. Strange, I rarely get that feeling. I think it will pass and I'll trade/sell this disc.
Wednesday October 3rd -
10- Bride of Frankenstein - 8/10 - Again, I had to wash the bad taste of the last few films out with a classic.
11- Alien - 10/10 - Decided to try to watch all 4 Alien films today. The original is my 5th or so favorite film of all time.
12- Aliens - 9/10 - In my top twenty.
13- Shaun of the Dead - 8.5/10 - Taking a short break in my Alien marathon for my first "fun" horror since my first film of the challenge. The more I see this movie the more well done I think it is.
Thursday October 4th -
14- The Execution of Mary Stuart (1895) * - NA/10 - (wildcard #2, length) Nice try at a "special effect".
15- Le Chaudron Infernal * - NA/10 - (wildcard #3, length) More early special effects. I've used up all my wildcards, but wanted to experience horror films from their origins.
16- Son of Frankenstein * - 7.5/10 - Much better sequel than I anticipated.
17- The Ghost of Frankenstein * - 7/10 - Again, I enjoyed this much more than I planned.
18- House of Frankenstein * - 5/10 - Finishing off the Universal Frankenstein series, although I guess there were a few more crossover titles. Nope as good as I had hoped. Combining Dracula and The Wolfman with Frankenstein was better done in The Monster Squad.
19- The Frankenstein Files: How Hollywood Made a Monster (documentary) * - 8/10 - Very well done documentary, but I think I'm Frankensteined out for awhile.
N/A- Boo - 3/10 - This 1932 Universal short won't count for my totals, but I wanted to watch it before I put the disc away. It is interesting in perspective perhaps, but not very funny or all that well done.
20- House on Haunted Hill (1959) - 8/10 - Pulled this disc out to watch the other film on the disc, The Last Man on Earth, in anticipation for the forthcoming "remake". But I noticed that I owned no other 1950s horror, so decided to watch this gem again. I remembered that I also have the version with Mike Nelson commentary, and was ready for some laughs, so watched this Legend release instead. Pretty funny riffing, not his best work, but close. They have both the original B&W and the colorized versions on the disc, I watched it in color for the first time. They did a fine job with it, although I generally prefer to watch my films as they were originally shown.
21- The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (1920) * - 7/10 - Possibly the first feature length horror film. I didn't expect to enjoy it as much as I did.
22- The Last House on the Left * - 3/10 - The first gorenography? Very disturbing. I knew absolutely nothing about this film going in, total blind buy. I actually brought it to work the other day, but 30 seconds in found it to be NSFW with that mild shower scene. Little did I know.....
23- Hollow Man - 6/10 - Wanted to finally watch with the director/star commentary on this, but it has been so long since I've seen it that I feel I have to watch it normally first. Interesting cast.
Friday October 5th -
24- The Hidden 2 * - 3/10 - The original is a guilty pleasure, and one of my desert island top 30. I started to watch the sequel once, and gave up in frustration. But I'm using this challenge to clear out some of my unwatched horror, so I'm trying this again. Fairly awful, the best part was that the first 15 minutes of this film was the actual last 15 minutes of the classic original. Yes, they actually re-used the same exact footage. I've seen 1 to 2 minute recaps before, but this was about 15 minutes. Raised it from 1 star to 3.
25- Incubus - 7/10 - The first film in Esperanto. I'm a big Shatner fan (I know...), and this is perhaps my favorite film of his besides Free Enterprise.
26- Ringu * - 7/10 - Sacrilege to purists maybe, but I think the American remake is scarier and a better film.
27- The Omen (1976) * - 9/10 - Can't believe I've waited this long to see this classic.
28- The Omen (2006) * - 3/10 - Why?
Saturday October 6th -
29- King Kong (1933) (with commentary) - 9/10 - Still amazing.
30- April Fool's Day * - 6/10 - I'm not sure if I should leave the * there or not. I am almost positive that I had never seen this movie before, but after watching it, I know that I have seen the ending before. But I am incredibly firm on my philosophy of never watching a film unless I see it from the very beginning. If I walk in even 2 seconds late to a theater, I'll walk out and see another film or exchange my ticket for another day. So this film was either so forgettable that I have no memory of the first 85 minutes, or it was the one time in my life that I watched part of a movie I had not seen before. Or maybe I originally watched it back in my drinking days. Either way, not all that bad.
31-The Evil Dead (with Bruce Campbell commentary) - 8/10 - So I was on a first date with this girl, a group outing actually. After dinner, we went to the video store and wanted to find a scary movie. I had heard things about this film, and insisted that we rent this film. I never went out with that girl again. I imagine I lost her in that scene in the woods....
32- The Silence of the Lambs (with "group" commentary) - 10/10 - A modern classic.
33- Flesh for Frankenstein * - 1.5/10 - I bought this years ago when I thought about collecting every Criterion release. I gave up that plan, but am glad that I ended up with this one, as it is the closest I'll come to owning an X rated film, and therefore I can check something else off the stats section below.
34- House of the Dead * - 1/10 - Bought this only to satisfy the "Uwe Boll" part of the challenge. I imagine I'll regret this next ninety minutes.
Sunday October 7th -
35- The Fog (1980) - 7/10 - I had no plans to watch this for this challenge, as I watched this three times last year. The original, again with the commentary, and the remake. But I'm quite OCD about completing the "extra stats" section, and I wanted to get a Jamie Lee Curtis film watched. I plan to watch all the Halloweens at the end of the month, but just in case I move on to some other pursuit, I better watch this, my only non-Halloween JLC horror, now. Much better than the remake.
36- Below * - 7/10 - Been meaning to watch this for quite awhile, as I am a fan of David Twohy and Darren Aronofsky.
N/A- The Kingdom (2007) * - 9/10 - Thriller, not horror, although the subject matter is as horrific as you can get. But this movie was so good that I wanted to give it a little plug here. I'll watch some horror in the theater next weekend, RE3 and 30 Days of Night.
37- The Phantom of the Opera (1925) * - 8/10 -
38- The Satanic Rites of Dracula * - 4/10 - Horrible ending.
39- The Rocky Horror Picture Show * - 7/10 - Not sure how I feel about this one. I might have loved it, or maybe I hated it, but I am glad I watched it finally, and will see it again, hopefully in a group setting.

Monday October 8th -
40- Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1941) - 9/10 - Incredible performances from Spencer Tracey and Lana Turner. First time I've seen this since I was a kid.
N/A- Hyde and Hare - 8/10 - Makes me want to dig out my Looney Toons DVDs, but I guess I'll wait until November.
41- Gremlins - 7/10 - Haven't seen this since the VHS rental days.
42- The Mummy (1932) - 7/10 - Can't remember the last time I saw any of the older Mummy movies. To be honest, after watching this, I have no memory of seeing it before. I know I saw at least a couple mummy movies in my youth, but nothing in this one rang any bells (speaking of which, I need to watch The Hunchback of Notre Dame). Karloff had such a great look, perfect for horror films.
43- The Mummy's Hand * - 6.5/10 - More humor in this follow-up.
Tuesday October 9th -
44- Tremors - 9.5/10 - Some call this a guilty pleasure, but it is more than that for me; one of my top 20 films of all time.
45- Tremors 2: Aftershocks - 8/10 - Again, I acknowledge that I rate this so highly partly because of my love for the original. But I still love all the Baconless sequels. I love the little world of Rejection, the references to the original throughout the sequels, and the appearances of the original actors.
46- The Sixth Sense - 8/10 - First time watching my DVD, haven't seen this since the theater. Disappointed that I couldn't forget "the twist", but was still surprised at how powerfully this affected me. I jumped once or twice, and welled up at the ending. I'm a wimp.
Wednesday October 10th -
47- Tremors 3: Back to Perfection - 8/10 - Almost had a movie-less day. Days of little sleep caught up to me, and I needed a break to do non-movie things and catch up on sleep.
Thursday October 11th -
48- The Cave (2005) * - 6/10 - Would have been a totally forgettable action-horror, but I loved the little post ending. Also enjoyed seeing Eddie Cibrian, who I loved in Invasion.
49- Resident Evil - 8.5/10 - Watching these in anticipation of seeing the third in the theater tomorrow. I love Milla.
50- Resident Evil: Apocalypse - 7/10 - Pretty decent follow-up. Above average action horror IMO. Hope to get at least the same out of the third movie tomorrow.
51- Identity (2003) - 8/10 - Another first time DVD viewing, haven't seen it since the theater. And again, I couldn't forget the twist ending. Still loved it though, John Cusack was great as usual. I wish they had ended it at the "I see you in orange groves" line, a touching moment.
52- The Hidden (with commentary) - 9/10 - Love the little touches of humor, the script, the basic plot. Maybe I should call it a guilty pleasure, but again, I'll confess that it is a bit more than that for me, and a desert island disc (top 25-30). Pretty decent commentary track, my first time thru that.
53- The Hitcher (1986) - 9/10 - Another all-time favorite of mine, perhaps I'm watching too many of those lately, should spread them out a bit more. Watched the disappointing sequel last week, although it had its moments; and may rent the remake later this month. I can't imagine it coming close to the creepiness Rutger Hauer exudes in this film.
N/A- The Skeleton Dance - 8/10 - Classic Silly Symphonies. Watched to satisfy the animated category, since Monster House is not listed as horror at IMDB.
54- The Fly (1986) - 8/10 - I dated a girl that looked just like Geena Davis.
Friday October 12th -
55- The Lost Boys * - 6/10 - Somehow avoided watching this movie until just now. I know a lot of people love it, but it was just ok to me. I think it is one of those films, like the Goonies, that you could fall in love with as a kid, but not as an adult.
56- Le Pacte des Loups (The Brotherhood of the Wolf) - 8/10 - Probably the longest movie I'll find for this challenge, at just over two and a half hours.
57- Brotherhood of the Wolf: The Guts of the Beast * - 7/10 - My first documentary with subtitles.
58- The Seeker: The Dark is Rising * - 6/10 - Fairly mediocre adaptation of the book. The acting is fairly bad, nothing all that original in the script.
N/A- Why Did I Get Married? * - 7.5/10 - I had a free ticket to use before it expired, and this movie was the only thing starting at the time I showed up. I walked into it knowing absolutely nothing about the film. Once in the theater, I knew that it must be a Tyler Perry flick, as I was the only whitey in the theater. I expected to hate it immensely, and argue here that it should count in my list, as it was going to be quite horrific. However, I really really enjoyed it. The characters are a bit stereotypical perhaps, and Janet Jackson is never going to win an acting award, but I laughed by ass off.
Saturday October 13th -
59- The Making of Brotherhood of the Wolf * - 7/10 - Another excellent documentary. I wish I knew French, as I'd love to listen to the multiple commentaries on this film. With these documentaries, the hour long deleted scenes, and other special features on the 3 disc set, I've spent perhaps 10 hours on this one film.
60- Resident Evil: Extinction * - 7/10 - Not bad for a third, but just more of the same really. But when that same is Milla, I'm ok with it.
N/A- Eastern Promises * - 8/10 - I've been seeing a lot of thrillers in the theater lately, although I really think you all should let me count this as horror, as I was not expecting to see Viggo's penis flapping around for an extended scene. Great performances from Vincent Cassell, Naomi Watts, and Viggo Mortenson. Sure to get some Oscar nods.
Sunday October 14th -
61- Wishmaster * - 3/10 - Lame.
62- The Island of Dr. Moreau (1977) * - 5.5/10 - Never saw the remake, heard it is pretty weak. There was a moment late in the film where Michael York looked just like Val Kilmer, up until that point I had forgotten that Kilmer was in the remake. I'll probably rent the remake some day just to see how bad it really was.
63- Wishmaster 2: Evil Never Dies * - 3/10 - Decided to finish off this double feature disc while it was out, now I can get rid of it, as I can't see myself ever watching them again. But Andrew Divoff was excellent as the bad guy, hopefully his career will strengthen. He's rumored to be in the new Indiana Jones film.

Monday October 15th -
64- The Mummy's Tomb * - 6.5/10 - Rated higher than I should perhaps, only because I'm a sucker for films that refer back to other films well. This mummy sequel has some nice touches merging it with it's predecessor.
Tuesday October 16th -
65- Alien 3 - 8.5/10 - I don't understand the hate for this film, but maybe I just like "dark". This was the theatrical version, the special edition cut adds another .5 to my score.
Wednesday October 17th -
66- Alien: Resurrection - 7/10 - Possibly my favorite series of all time. Looking forward to the new AvP.
Thursday October 18th -
67-Manos: The Hands of Fate (MST3K version) * - 1/10 - That rating is for the movie itself, the MST3K version is a winner.
68- Jacob's Ladder * - 6/10 - Really enjoyed it until the ending, although I'm not sure what would have been better.
69- The Cavern (or, Within) * - 1/10 - This makes The Cave looks like Citizen Kane. I'm going to have to watch Descent again to see a decent cave movie.
70- Nosferatu, eine Symphonie des Grauens * - 9/10 - These classic silents are surprising me.
Friday October 19th -
71- Shadow of the Vampire - 8/10 - Brilliant.
72- Dracula (1931, Spanish) * -7/10 - Like most critics apparently, I think this version is better than the English one.
73- Decoys * - 2/10 - Awful, but filled with cute college women at least.
74- Decoys 2: Alien Seduction * - 3/10 - Slightly better than the first, only because I like Tobin Bell.
75- Bad Taste * - 6/10 - Funny, and possibly the grossest film I've seen. Not bad for a low budget flick. Was this Peter Jackson's debut?
Saturday October 20th -
76- Are You in the House Alone? - 4/10 - Burned this to DVD-R to free space on my DVR for some TCM movies.
77- Freaks * - 8/10 - Confession time. I've been using and laughing at "one of us" references for years without ever watching this film.
78- Jeepers Creepers (2001) (with commentary) - 6/10 - The first time I watched this, I found it mediocre and forgettable; I enjoy it more on each subsequent watching. Took me awhile to figure out where I had seen the lead actor before, Die Hard 4.
79- Psycho (1960) - 9/10 - Going to try for a Psycho marathon this weekend.
80- Psycho II * - 6/10 - Not bad for a sequel, and cool to see a younger Meg Tilly and Dennis Franz.
Sunday October 21st -
81- Psycho III * - 5/10 - Not as bad as it could have been, doubt I'll ever watch it again though.
82- Psycho IV: The Beginning * - 6/10 - Pretty good ending to the series, although I would have loved a twist ending of Norman holding the baby, and it speaking to him in his mother's voice.
83- The Grudge - 7.5/10 - Still haven't seen the original, but this one still gives me the creeps.
84- Re-Animator - 9/10 - Love this film. I guess we could count it under the "Frankenstein" category, right?
85- It's Alive (1974) - 6/10 - I remember the trailers and posters for this film scaring the crap out of me as a kid. For twenty or so years, I imagined it to be a great "monster" movie, and possibly too scary to watch. I never saw it until just a few years ago on cable or video. It probably isn't as good as I perceive it, but those many years of being afraid of it hold it up a bit for me. Anyone seen the sequels?
86- Gothika - 5/10 - Thought I'd give this film one more chance. It still wasn't very good. I'll probably watch the special features once and then sell/trade this set. Cruz was pretty good.
87- Wolf Creek - 6/10 - Scary, and well done I guess if you like gorenography, but not my type of film, will probably sell it.
88- Mark of the Vampire * - 8/10 -
Nice little twist, I didn't see it coming

Monday October 22nd -
89- The Devil-Doll * - 7/10 - Lionel Barrymore gives a great performance....twice.
90- AVP: Alien vs. Predator - 7/10 - Call me a fanboy, but I truly enjoy all the films of these series. I'm hoping that AvP2 improves on this one though.
91- Jaws - 10/10 - My favorite film of all time, or at least tied with Ben Hur at the top.
92- The Mummy (1999) - 7/10 - More action than horror really, but fun.
93- Soul of a Monster * - 5/10 - Preachy, and slow, but somewhat charming for some reason. DVRd and saved, might watch it again next year.
94- Sometimes They Come Back... For More * - 1/10 - Am going to break my rule of never watching movies out of order. It's on my DVR and I just need to clear it for more TCM horror next weekend. Wow, that was awful. I find Faith Ford adorable, but again, wow, absolutely horrible.
95- Wicked Little Things * - 2/10 - This is a film to die for? No, it is crap. Some of the scenes with the kids were scary (their faces, their eating habits), but the script was lame, nothing really new here.

Tuesday October 23rd -
96- Night of the Living Dead (1968) - 8/10 - Believe it or not, I just watched this for the first time (in its entirety at least) a few months ago. I think I'll end collecting all the dead movies and watch them next year, as I've seen very few of them, but they seem like a fun thing to collect.
97- King Kong (1976) - 7/10 - The least of the three versions in my opinion, but still a more than decent film. Jessica Lange is so beautiful.
98- The Monster Squad - 7/10 - Better than The Goonies, yes, I said it. I really think that The Goonies is one of those films that you can fall in love with as a kid, and glance over it's weaknesses as you mature; but if you see it for the first time as an adult, it's just average. The Monster Squad isn't much better, but slightly so.
99- Hellboy - 8/10 - Have the director's cut unopened somewhere; but this is just the theatrical cut. Great comic book, and movie. Haven't watched the animated "sequels" yet, any good?
100- The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003) * - 6/10 - Ok, I really wanted to choose something different for my #100. But I was at my sister's, and she had a limited selection of horror, so I grudgingly allowed this film, which I never planned to see, to claim this honored spot. And while I am not really a fan of this type of horror, it wasn't as bad as I expected, and I may even agree to watch the prequel with my sister next week.
101- Rinne (Reincarnation) * - 7.5/10 - A much better film in the "8 Films to Die For" series. Somewhat confusing, but a stellar idea/script. I'll watch this again.
Wednesday October 24th -
102- Disturbia - 8/10 - I really enjoy this film, even on my 3rd viewing now.
103- The Ring - 8/10 - Embarrassing story that I prefer to not tell, but this film made me cry the first time I saw it. Here goes viewing number two......
104- Premonition - 7/10 - I'm a sucker for any story about time travel or such stuff. This could have been so much better, such a great premise, and I still enjoy it more than most.
105- Cat's Eye - 7.5/10 - One of the best King adaptations in my opinion. I think I bought Cujo recently, so I'll be getting some more King soon.

Thursday October 25th -
106- The Prophecy: Forsaken * - 3/10 - Interesting ideas, mediocre execution, weak finish. I didn't realize until after the film that this was the fourth (?) film in the Christopher Walken Prophecy movies. Darn, haven't seen any of the others yet, so broke my sequel rule again.
107- Die! Die! My Darling! * - 6/10 - Great performance by Tallulah Bankhead.
108- Way of the Vampire * - 1.5/10 - Five minutes in, and I think that this just may turn into the worst film I've ever seen. I'm quite excited actually. Oh, I see that it a film from "The Asylum", now I understand the infamy of that studio. I think this will be my first film from them. And hopefully my last.
109- Dark Prince: The True Story of Dracula * - 6/10 - I'm a sucker for "historical" horror.
110- Vampires: Los Muertos * - 4/10 - Jon Bon Jovi?! How did I miss this? I enjoy the James Woods original, this was like a pale copy.
111- Spiders II: Breeding Ground - 2.5/10 - I picked this to DVR so that I could confront my fear of spiders. Five minutes in, I realized that I had seen this trainwreck before. Hopefully I won't make the mistake a third time.
112- High Tension * - 6/10 - A little too gory for my taste, but surprisingly good.
113- Slashed Dreams * - 2/10 - This came in one of those 50 packs, and I was intrigued by the fact that it had a 1975 Robert Englund appearance. Pretty bad, even for a low budget older film.

Hit the long post forum software bug, have to break up my week.

Friday October 26th -
114- Scary Movie 4 * - 6.5/10 - I had seen one or two of the earlier films in this series, and wasn't overly impressed. This one was better, although perhaps I only liked it because I had seen The Grudge very recently, and was familiar with most of the movies being spoofed.
115- The Exorcist * - 8.5/10 - I have purposely resisted watching this film all of my life. Cut to the chase reason; because I know that demon possession can be real. I was too scared to watch it. Well, I bought it years ago (I think it was actually free with some mail-in offer back in my early DVD days), knowing that I must confront my terror and watch it someday. Also, it is considered a classic of horror, my favorite genre. I waited until I could watch it in the morning, and have all day to recover. I'm glad I did, there is no way I could sleep right now. I was going to make it a marathon and watch the sequels and prequels later, but now I doubt I'll do that. Perhaps some comedy horror later tonight.
116- Exorcist II: The Heretic * -3/10 - And there it was, my horror comedy. Well, it was so bad of a sequel it was more criminal, not funny. I hear III is better, I'll watch that and then something funny before dreamtime.
117- Exorcist III * - 7/10 - Not nearly as scary as the first, but quite well done, and progresses the story nicely.

Saturday October 27th -
118- Arachnid * - 2.5/10 - Extremely mediocre, nothing new here.
119- Dead Men Walking * - 4/10 - DVR was filling up, almost deleted this when I realized this was an Asylum film, but, for the challenge, decided to watch it. It is actually pretty good considering. Deleted and will never watch again of course....

Wanted to watch more last night and today, but my parents picked this weekend to move. I tried to explain to them how I had to watch 12 movies per day to build my totals, but parents just don't understand.

Sunday October 28th -

Pretty much finished the move yesterday, so am going to try 24 hours of horror today. Only 6 hours in, and acutely realize that this plan should have involved me getting more than 12 hours of total sleep the past 3 nights. Still going to try, will post tomorrow when I'm done (or wake up after failing...).

120- Jenifer * - 5/10 - Biases: I love Steven Weber (mainly from his Wings role) and he wrote the teleplay and starred here. I also love Bruce Jones, who wrote the original comic book story. The concept is decent, the acting fine, but the ending is so darn predictable. Very disappointing, as I thought that this would be my favorite MOH perhaps. I hope it gets better.
121- The Black Cat (1941) * - 6/10 - A fun little Bela Lugosi flick. Almost seemed like an Abbot and Costello film at times. Confusingly, Lugosi also starred in a 1934 film of the exact same title.
122- Cigarette Burns * - 6/10 - Awesome premise.
N/A - Le Fin Absolue du Monde * - 10/10 - Just kidding. I don't think I'd watch it actually.
123- Man Made Monster
124- Imprint
125- Sick Girl
126- White Zombie
127- The Vampire Bat
128- Horror Island
129- Dracula (1931)
130- The Unknown
131- Haeckel's Tale
132- The Mummy's Ghost
133- The Mummy's Curse
134- Deer Woman
135- London After Midnight
136- The Corpse Vanishes
137- Pick Me Up
138- Captive Wild Woman
139- Dead Men Walk
140- The Fair-Haired Child
141- Chocolate
142- Homecoming
143- Incident On and Off a Mountain Road
144- Dreams in the Witch-House
N/A- Dance of the Dead

Monday October 29th -
145- Dog Soldiers * - 6/10 - If you can totally check your brain at the door, this is a pretty good action horror film, especially for a made for TV movie. Huge plot holes and some stupid moments, but decent dialogue and character growth.
146- 30 Days of Night * - 8/10 - A great adaptation of a comic book. If anyone hasn't seen this in the theaters yet, I highly recommend it. And there are free tickets for it inside certain horror DVDs at CC, some as low as $4.99.
147- Saw IV * - 6/10 - Maybe I should have watched part 3 before I saw this, but I figured I had a free ticket and I wanted to see it for the challenge. I wasn't a huge fan of the first two, but I did like how are four are tied together.
148- The Flesh Eaters * - 5.5/10 - I quite enjoyed this 1964 flick. It has some weak acting and bad dialogue, but some interesting ideas. Apparently, there is a DVD out or forthcoming with some deleted scenes and a commentary. I'll probably buy it someday.

Tuesday October 30th -
149- Trilogy of Terror - 7.5/10 - Like many, I really love the third segment. I watched this on TV when it originally aired I imagine, and it freaked out my sister and I quite a bit. This film is a big part of the reason why horror became my favorite genre I imagine. Haven't bought the DVD upgrade yet, anyone else?
150- The Thing - 10/10 - Saved one of my top ten films of all time for the number 150 spot. What a fantastic opening sequence! It really gets you ready for something different.
151- Phantasm - 7/10 - I was too young to see this in the theaters when it came out, at least according to my parents. I loved the trailers and so looked forward to seeing it on home video that I think I built it up it up so much in my mind that I was bound to be disappointed by it. I still find it quite fun, and will buy the sequels once they hit the bargain bin.
152- Pitch Black - 8.5/10 - The sequel was such a let down.
153- Hellboy Animated: Sword of Storms * - 6/10 - Meh.

Wednesday October 31st -
154- Halloween (extended TV version) - 8.5/10 - It's going to be difficult to slog thru all the sequels today, as I hear some of them are awful.
155- Halloween II - 6.5/10 - I love that it continues immediately after the original. I work in a hospital, so I was a bit bothered by the complete lack of personnel staffing what looked like a 100+ bed facility. But overall, pretty decent for a sequel and a few nice scares.
156- Halloween III: Season of the Witch * - 6.5/10 - If you go into this knowing that it has nothing to do with the Michael Myers Halloweens, it is not that bad of a horror film.
157- Halloween: A Cut Above the Rest * - 8/10 - Documentary.
158- Halloween IV: The Return of Michael Myers * - 6/10 - Not as bad as I feared.
159- Halloween V: The Revenge of Michael Myers * - 3/10 - Pretty weak.
N/A- It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown - 8/10 - A holiday tradition that originally aired just after I was born.
160- Halloween VI: The Curse of Michael Myers * - 3/10 - I hear the producer's cut is better, but I can't imagine it being enough to make it an annual watch for me.
161- Halloween H20: Twenty Years Later - 7.5/10 - The scene where Laurie and Michael reunite thru the window is a classic. After a couple of weak efforts the Halloween franchise is back on track!
162- Halloween: Resurrection * - 2/10 - They should have stopped with H20. This movie was awful, as was the Zombie remake.
N/A- Halloween: 25 Years of Terror * - ?/10 - Documentary. Started this last night, but fell asleep, so it won't count for this year.

Watch one film from every decade, starting with the 1890's.
-X- 1890: The Execution of Mary Stuart
-X- 1900: Le Chaudron Infernal
-X- 1910: Frankenstein (1910)
-X- 1920: The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (1920), The Phantom of the Opera (1925)
-X- 1930: Frankenstein (1931) , Bride of Frankenstein , Son of Frankenstein , Boo , King Kong (1933),
-X- 1940: House of Frankenstein , The Ghost of Frankenstein
-X- 1950: House on Haunted Hill (1959)
-X- 1960: The Brain That Wouldn't Die , Incubus,
-X- 1970: The Last House on the Left, The Omen (1976), Flesh for Frankenstein, The Satanic Rites of Dracula, The Rocky Horror Picture Show,
-X- 1980: Alien , Jaws: The Revenge , Aliens , April Fool's Day, The Evil Dead, The Fog (1980),
-X- 1990: Hideous! , The Frankenstein Files: How Hollywood Made a Monster , The Hidden 2, Ringu, The Silence of the Lambs,
-X- 2000: Shaun of the Dead , Horror 101 , Horror 102: Endgame , Museum of the Dead , The Hitcher 2: I've Been Waiting , Hollow Man, House of the Dead, The Omen (2006), Below, The Kingdom (2007),

Watch films in at least two languages other than English.
-X- First language, Esperanto. Incubus
-X- Second language, Japanese.
-X- Third language, French. Brotherhood of the Wolf: The Guts of the Beast
-X- Fourth language, Spanish. Dracula (1931)
-X- Fifth Language, Australian. Wolf Creek

-X- Watch the MST3K version of a horror film. The Brain That Wouldn't Die
-X- Watch a film and its remake. The Omen (1976) The Omen (2006)
-X- Watch a film based on a novel. The Omen (1976)
-X- Watch a film based on a video game. House of the Dead
-X- Watch a film which won an Academy Award -- any category. The Silence of the Lambs, Jaws, Alien , Aliens , The Omen (1976), The Fly (1986)
-X- Watch a silent horror film The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (1920), The Execution of Mary Stuart , Le Chaudron Infernal , Frankenstein (1910) , The Phantom of the Opera (1925)
-X- Watch a Criterion version horror film. The Silence of the Lambs
-X- Watch a film with commentary. King Kong (1933)
-X- Suffer thru a film directed by Uwe Boll. House of the Dead
-X- Watch a film and at least two sequels. Frankenstein (1931) Bride of Frankenstein Son of Frankenstein , The Ghost of Frankenstein , House of Frankenstein
-X- Watch a film that takes place on a holiday. April Fool's Day
-X- Watch a film that takes place in space. Alien , Aliens ,
-X- Watch a film that takes place on or under the sea. Below
-X- Watch an animated horror film. The Skeleton Dance

Watch a film for each rating:
-X- G Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1941)
-X- PG Gremlins
-X- PG-13 Jaws: The Revenge , Horror 101
-X- R Alien , Hideous! , Aliens , Shaun of the Dead , Hollow Man, The Hidden 2, The Omen (1976), The Omen (2006), April Fool's Day, The Silence of the Lambs, The Fog (1980), Below, The Kingdom (2007), The Satanic Rites of Dracula, The Rocky Horror Picture Show,
-X- NC-17 The Evil Dead
-X- X Flesh for Frankenstein, The Last House on the Left
-X- Unrated
The Execution of Mary Stuart ,Le Chaudron Infernal , The Brain That Wouldn't Die, Horror 102: Endgame , Museum of the Dead , Frankenstein (1910) , Frankenstein (1931) ,Bride of Frankenstein , House of Frankenstein , The Frankenstein Files: How Hollywood Made a Monster , Boo , House on Haunted Hill (1959) , The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (1920), Incubus, Ringu, King Kong (1933),

Watch a film in each of the following horror subgenres:
-X- Vampire
The Satanic Rites of Dracula
-X- Frankenstein Frankenstein (1910) , Frankenstein (1931) ,Bride of Frankenstein , Son of Frankenstein , The Ghost of Frankenstein , House of Frankenstein , Flesh for Frankenstein,
-X- Werewolf House of Frankenstein
-X- Mummy The Mummy (1932)
-X- Invisible Man Hollow Man
-X- Ghost/haunting House on Haunted Hill (1959)
-X- Witchcraft/satanic/religious The Omen (1976), The Omen (2006)
, The Evil Dead, Incubus,
-X- Zombie House of the Dead, Museum of the Dead
-X- Musical The Rocky Horror Picture Show
-X- Slasher/psycho/homicidal maniac The Hitcher 2: I've Been Waiting , The Last House on the Left
-X- Monster/creature feature King Kong (1933)
-X- Documentary The Frankenstein Files: How Hollywood Made a Monster
-X- Spoof Shaun of the Dead
-X- Revenge The Last House on the Left, Ringu,
-X- Killer doll Gremlins
-X- Killer animal Jaws: The Revenge
-X- Evil child The Omen (1976), The Omen (2006)

Watch a film starring:
-X- Bela Lugosi
Son of Frankenstein , The Ghost of Frankenstein
-X- Lon Chaney Sr. The Phantom of the Opera (1925)
-X- Lon Chaney Jr. The Ghost of Frankenstein , House of Frankenstein , The Mummy's Tomb
-X- Peter Cushing The Satanic Rites of Dracula
-X- Boris Karloff Frankenstein (1931), Bride of Frankenstein , Son of Frankenstein , House of Frankenstein , Boo
-X- Vincent Price House on Haunted Hill (1959)
-X- Christopher Lee The Satanic Rites of Dracula
-X- Jamie Lee Curtis The Fog (1980)
-X- Robert Englund Wishmaster
-X- Bruce Campbell The Evil Dead

(* - First Time Viewings)

Link to blank template of above checklist

Link to Week One - Weekly tally 39. Got off to a much better than expected start.

Link to Week Two Weekly tally 24. Slowed way down, as I spent time reorganizing my bedroom. Next week is looking even worse, with family coming to town.

Link to Week Three Weekly tally 25. Only one film a day the first three days, but got back up to speed by the end of the week.

Link to Week Four part one Thru first four days of the week watched 25. Broke 100 on the 23rd, and still gearing up for my 24 film day.

Link to Week Four part two Weekly tally 56. Another 31 films on the weekend, marathoned thru 25 films on Sunday alone.

Week 5 link

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My 3rd Annual "October Horror Movie Challenge" List

001. 10/01 - Vampire Hunter D
002. 10/01 - Ninja Scroll
003. 10/02 - Candyman: Farewell to the Flesh
004. 10/02 - Final Destination*
005. 10/02 - The Wicker Man (1973 Extended)*
006. 10/03 - Knocking on Death's Door
007. 10/03 - Night of the Comet
008. 10/03 - Children of the Corn*
009. 10/04 - SLiTHER (2006)
010. 10/04 - Day of the Woman (uncut)
011. 10/04 - Ghosts of Mars
012. 10/06 - The Omen (2006)*
013. 10/06 - The Omen (1976)
014. 10/07 - Damien: Omen II
015. 10/07 - The Final Conflict (1981)*
016. 10/09 - The Omen IV: The Awakening*
017. 10/09 - The Evil Dead (1981)
018. 10/09 - Lake Placid (1999)
019. 10/10 - The Hole (2001)
020. 10/10 - Tremors
021. 10/11 - Re-Animator
022. 10/11 - Starship Troopers 2: Hero of the Federation
023. 10/13 - Eating Raoul
024. 10/13 - Open Water
025. 10/13 - Transylvania 6-5000 (1985)
026. 10/13 - Stephen King's Silver Bullet
027. 10/14 - The Head of the Family (1996)
028. 10/14 - Ghoulies
029. 10/14 - Ghoulies II
030. 10/14 - Land of the Dead (unrated)
031. 10/16 - Resident Evil
032. 10/16 - Resident Evil: Apocalypse
033. 10/17 - C.H.U.D.
034. 10/17 - Hellraiser
035. 10/18 - Hellbound: Hellraiser II
036. 10/18 - The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003)
037. 10/20 - Shaun of the Dead
038. 10/20 - Fright Night (1985)
039. 10/20 - Final Destination 2
040. 10/20 - From Dusk Till Dawn
041. 10/23 - Cat People (1982)
042. 10/27 - Hellboy (Director's Cut)
043. 10/27 - The Ninth Gate
044. 10/30 - It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown! (Wild Card #1)
045. 10/30 - South Park: Pinkeye (Wild Card #2)
046. 10/30 - The Simpsons: Treehouse of Horror IV (Wild Card #3)
047. 10/31 - Captain Kronos: Vampire Hunter

*first time viewing

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October 6th
1. Severance

October 9th
2. A Nightmare On Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors

October 11th
3. 28 Weeks Later

October 13th
4. I Spit On Your Grave

October 20th
5. Terror Train

October 25th
6. Hostel Part II

October 31st
7. Rise: Blood Hunter
8. Fido
9. Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)
10. Halloween

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No Reruns

No Reruns part deux

1.Diabolique (1955) (TCM)
2.Mimic 3-Sentinel (2003) (The Movie Channel)
3.Alone in the Dark (1982) (Monsters HD)
4.How to Make a Monster (1958) (Monsters HD)
5.The Hand (1981) (5-Max)

Today's Terror Totals:
30 dead bodies,4 breasts,3 nightmare sequences,2 musical performances, and 1 "Made-Me-Jump" moment
6.Slaughter Hotel (1971) (DVD)
7.Idle Hands (1999) (Max HD)
8.Mad Love (1935) (DVD)
9.Alice, Sweet Alice (1976) (Showtime Beyond)
10.House of 9 (2005) (Showtime Beyond)

39 dead bodies,8 breasts (plus 5 punannies),1 dead cat,1 nightmare sequence,and 1 musical performance
11.Hellraiser-Inferno (2001) (Showtime Beyond)
12.Masters of Horror-Pelts (DVD)

13 dead bodies,6 breasts,1 dead racoon, and 3 nightmare sequences
Extras watched:

Night of the Living Dead trailer (Colorized)
World of Hammer Episode: Mummies, Werewolves, and the Living Dead

13.Race with the Devil (1975) (Encore Action)
14.The Plague of the Zombies (1966) (DVD)
15.The Ghastly Ones (1968) (DVD)
16.Texas Chainsaw Massacre-The Beginning (2006) (Cinemax)
17.Phantasm II (1988) (Max HD)

38 dead bodies, 8 breasts, 2 dead dogs, 2 dead snakes, 1 dead rabbit, 1 dead cow, 1 dead rat, and 1 nightmare sequence
Short-"The Tell Tale Heart" (1941)
TCM Original-Rick Baker on the makeup of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
Merrie Melodies-"Ghost Wanted"
America's Most Haunted Places (Travel Channel)

18.The Vampire (1957) (TCM)
19.Return of Dracula (1958) (TCM)
20.Saw II (2005) (The Movie Channel)
21.House by the Cemetary (1981) (DVD)

25 dead bodies,2 breasts, and 1 dead bat
The Road to Dracula
Nightmares in Foam Rubber (Creepshow 2 SE)

22.Zombie Honeymoon (2004) (The Movie Channel)

11 dead bodies and 2 breasts
Unleashing The Beast-Making The Howling
Secrets Galore! Stories Behind The Gore (Friday The 13th)

23.The Vampire Bat (1933) (TCM-taped)
24.Tremors (1990) (Cinemax)
25.Nightmares Come At Night (1970) (DVD)
26.2001 Maniacs (2005) (Encore Mystery)

27 dead bodies,12 breasts,1 dead dog,1 dead rat,1 dead horse, 1 dead flock of sheep, 2 nightmare sequences, and 3 musical performances
Fear on Film (Videodrome CC)
Monsterama-Ray Harryhausen
Tony Timpone on Re-Animator

27.Jesse James Meets Frankenstein's Daughter (1966) (DVD)
28.The Killer Must Kill Again (1975) (DVD)

12 dead bodies,6 breasts, and one Western shoot-out
Blood,Bugs and Romance (MOH-Sick Girl)
Cannibal Holocaust re-release premier footage

29.Feast (2006) (DVD)
30.Phantasm IV-Oblivion (1998) (Monsters HD)
31.Evil Dead Trap (1988) (DVD)
32.The Picture of Dorian Gray (1945) (TCM)

20 dead bodies,6 breasts,3 nightmare sequences,and 2 musical performances
The World of Vampires (Lost Boys SE)
The Gore The Merrier (Evil Dead II)

33.The Raven (1935) (DVD)
34.The Black Cat (1934) (DVD)
35.Corruption (1968) (TCM-taped)
36.Satanico Pandemoniun (1975) (DVD)

22 dead bodies, 8 breasts, 2 dead black cats, and 2 dance parties
Mummy Dearest-A Horror Tradition Unearthed

37.A L I E N (1979) (DVD)
38.The Black Sleep (1956) (TCM-Taped)
39.Subspeices (1991) (Monsters HD)
40.Bloodlust:Subspeices II (1993) (Monsters HD)

21 dead bodies, 6 breasts, 1 nightmare sequence, 2 musical performances, and 1 "Made-Me-Jump" moment
The Dead Will Walk (Dawn of the Dead)

41.Homicidal (1961) (TCM)
42.13 Ghosts (1960) (TCM)
43.The Tingler (1959) (TCM)
44.Sleepaway Camp 2:Unhappy Campers (1988) (Monsters HD)

23 dead bodies,4 breasts,and 1 "Fright Break"
Monstermama-Wax Figures
Crystal Lake Victims Tell All (Friday The 13th)

45.Sleepaway Camp III: Teenage Wasteland (1989) (Monsters HD)
46.Don't Look Now (1973) (DVD)
47.5ive Girls (2006) (Showtime Beyond)

27 dead bodies, 10 breasts, and 1 exploding fish
Re-discovering Evil Dead

48.The Awakening/Aftermath/ Genesis (1991/1994/1998) (DVD)
49.Black Candles (1982) (DVD)
50.Eyes Without a Face (1960) (TCM)

10 dead bodies,10 breasts,1 scene of Bestiality,and 1 scene of Necrophilia
Animal Hooves (MOH-Deer Woman)
John Carpenter's The Thing:Terror Takes Shape (Forgot how long this was!)

51.Doctor X (1932) (DVD)
52.Evil Eye (1974) (DVD)

10 dead bodies,10 breasts, and 3 nightmare sequences
10-Minute Film School (Planet Terror)
The Hatching of Spider Baby
Monsterama-Aurora Figures

53.Planet Terror-Extended Version (DVD) (Audience Track)

Dead Bodies......Lost count after 50, 4 breasts (With covered nips), 1 dead dog, and 2 dance sequences (One's called "The dance of death")
54.I Eat Your Skin (1964) (DVD)
55.The Brainiac (1962) (DVD)
56.Beyond The Darkness (1979) (DVD)

15 dead bodies, 6 breasts, 1 dead baboon, and 2 ceremonial dances
Bride of Monster Mania
Vamping Out: The Undead Creations of Greg Cannom (Lost Boys SE)
Halloween-The Shape of Horror

57.Werewolf in a Girls' Dormitory (1961) (Online)
58.Frailty (2001) (DVD)
59.The Undertaker and His Pals (1966) (DVD)
60.Images in a Convent (1979) (DVD)

22 dead bodies, 10 breasts, 1 dead wolf, 1 dead rabbit and 2 scenes of hardcore sex
Undead and Loving It (Dawn of the Dead '04)
Scariest Halloween Attractions (Travel Channel)

61.The Monster Maker (1944) (Online)
62.Silver Bullet (1985) (Monsters HD)
63.Christine (1983) (Monsters HD)
64.Freaks (1932) (TCM)
65.Watch me when I kill (1977) (DVD)
66.Howling II: ...Your Sister Is a Werewolf (1985) (Flix)

38 dead bodies, 7 breasts, 1 nightmare sequence, 2 musical performances, 1 orgy, and 1 werewolf mιnage ΰ trois
Working with a Master-Dario Argento
Pre-Fight Press Conference (Freddy VS Jason)
Designing The Dead (Return of the Living Dead)

67.Wes Craven's New Nightmare (1994) (Encore Mystery)
68.Turistas (2006) (Cinemax)
69.Street Trash (1987) (DVD)

29 dead bodies, 6 breasts, and 4 nightmare sequences
Images from The Beyond
Creepy Clips

70.The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 (1986) (Monsters HD)
71.The Brain That Wouldn't Die (1962) (TCM-Taped)
72.The First Power (1990) (The Movie Channel Xtra)
73.Not Like Us (1995) (Showtime Beyond)

25 dead bodies,7 breasts,and 2 nightmare sequences
Working with a Master-Don Coscarelli
The Brundle Museum Of Natural History (The Fly SE)

74.The Golem (1920) (DVD)
75.Ghost Ships of the Blind Dead (1974) (Monsters HD)
76.Flesh for the Beast (2003) (DVD)

15 dead bodies, 8 breasts, and 3 hallucinations
77.The Fog (1980) (Monsters HD)
78.Black Voodoo Exorcist (1973) (DVD)

13 dead bodies, 10 breasts, and 2 ceremonial dances
"Special Report" (Dawn of the Dead '04)
She's Alive! Creating the Bride of Frankenstein

79.Devil Hunter (1980) (DVD)
80.C.H.U.D. (1984) (Monsters HD)
81.The Exorcist III (1990) (VHS)
82.The Butcher (2006) (Showtime 2)

38 dead bodies, 18 breasts, 1 dead dog, 1 roadkill, 1 nightmare sequence and 2 ceremonial dances
Hostel-Dissected Parts 1-3

83.Bram Stoker's Dracula (1993) (DVD)
84.Cannibal Apocalypse (1980) (DVD)

55 dead bodies, 11 breasts, 1 dead horse, 1 exploding dog, and 1 nightmare sequence
Bloodsucking Cinema
Voodoo featurettes Parts 1-4 (Angel Heart SE)

85.Voodoo Island (1957) (TCM)
86.Zombies on Broadway (1945) (TCM)
87.King of the Zombies (1941) (TCM)
88.Revenge of the Zombies (1943) (TCM)
89.White Zombie (1932) (TCM)
90.Creature from the Haunted Sea (1961) (TCM)
91.The Manster (1962) (DVD)
92.The Children (1980) (DVD)

43 dead bodies, 2 breasts, 1 dead dog, and 1 ceremonial dance
*Wildcard* 93.Hellsing:
-Impure Souls
-Blood Brothers
-Search and Destroy
-Eternal Damnation

Monster By Moonlight
"Making Bela" (Ed Wood)

94.The Undying Monster (1942) (Fox Movie Channel)
95.The Aligator People (1959) (Fox Movie Channel)
96.Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1992) (Fox Movie Channel)
97.Devils of Darkness (1965) (Fox Movie Channel)
98.Sex Medusa (2001) (DVD)
99.The Vault of Horror (1973) (Fox Movie Channel)

25 dead bodies,2 breasts, 1 dead dog, 2 dead snakes, 1 dead chicken, 3 nightmare sequences, and 1 high school dance
100.Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1920) (DVD)
101.Spider Baby (1968) (DVD)
102.At Midnight, I'll take your soul (1963) (IFC)

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October 1st
1. Wedding Slashers - 2006
2. Silent Hill - 2006

October 2nd
3. Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon - 2006
4. April Fool's Day - 1986

October 3rd
5. Dead & Breakfast - 2004
6. Black Christmas - 2006

October 4th
7. Bloody Murder - 2000
8. Dead Silence - 2007
8. Masters of Horror: Pick Me Up - 2005
9. Masters of Horror: Homecoming - 2005

October 6th
10. Dellamorte Dellamore - 1994
11. Dark Ride - 2006

October 7th
12. The Last Man on Earth - 1964
13. I Walked With a Zombie - 1943
14. Night of the Creeps - 1986

October 8th
14. Return of the Living Dead - 1985
15. Return of the Living Dead Part 2 - 1988

October 9th
16. The Ring - 2002
17. The Hills Have Eyes - 2006
18. House of the Dead - 2003
19. The Hills Have Eyes II - 2007
20. The Ring Two - 2005
21. Rosemary's Baby - 1968

October 10th
22. The Hitcher - 1986
23. The Hitcher - 2007
24. The Pit - 1981
25. Frogs - 1972
26. Santa's Slay - 2005

October 11th
27. The Gingerdead Man - 2005
28. Psycho - 1960
29. The Descent - 2005

October 12th
30. The Exorcist - 1973
31. The Exorcist III - 1990
32. Haute Tension - 2003
33. Turistas - 2006

October 13th
34. House of 1000 Corpses - 2003
35. Hostel - 2005

October 15th
36. The Wicker Man - 1973
37. Demons - 1985
38. Shivers - 1975

October 16th
39. Dead Alive - 1992
40. The Fog - 1980

October 19th
41. Stay Alive - 2006

October 22nd
42. Trilogy of Terror II - 1996
43. Silent Night, Deadly Night Part 2 - 1987

October 25th
44. Creepshow 2 - 1987

October 27th
45. Piρata: Survival Island - 2002

October 29th
46. The Beast Must Die - 1974

October 31st
47. Halloween III: Season of the Witch - 1982

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October 1st
1. The Invisible Man (1933)

October 6th
2. 1408

October 9th
3. The Descent

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October Horror Movie Challenge 3: There Will Be Popcorn

October Horror Movie Challenge 3
There Will Be Popcorn

Contest Goal: 31 Movies
Personal Goal: Watch at least ONE Halloween or horror related movie/show/etc per day in October.
* = First Time Viewings
• = Halloween related but not eligible for the challenge

October 1st
• Drew's Famous Ghoul Log (2005, DVD)

October 2nd
1. Fright Night (1985, DVD)

October 3rd
2. Deadly Friend (1986, DVD)

October 4th
3. Frankenstein (1931, DVD)
• Boo!: A Short Film* (1932, DVD) Lame!
• Tales from the Darkside: "The Tear Collector"* (1985, DVR from Sci-Fi Channel) Lame!

October 5th
• The first 30 minutes of April Fools Day (1986, DVD) To be continued (restarted actually).

October 6th
• The Wolf Man (1941, Cable, WCIU) Since I mostly only had it on in the background, I'm not going to number this one.
• Slaughter High* (1986, Cable, FearNet On Demand) I only watched the first 30 minutes of this one so I won't number it either.

October 7th
• Scary Godmother Halloween Spooktakular (2003, DVD)
• Scary Godmother: The Revenge of Jimmy (2006, DVD)
4. Monster House (2006, DVD)
5. Slither* (2006, Cable,DVR) AWESOME!!!

October 8th
6. April Fools Day (1986, DVD)
7. Bride of Frankenstein (1935, DVD)
• She's Alive! Creating the "Bride of Frankenstein"* (1999, DVD)

October 9th
8. The Midnight Hour (1985, DVD)
9. Halloweentown (1998, DVD)

October 10th
10. The Simpsons: Treehouse of Horror (1990, DVD) [WILD CARD #1]
11. The Simpsons: Treehouse of Horror II (1991, DVD) [WILD CARD #2]

October 11th
12. Halloweentown II: Kalabar's Revenge (2001, DVD)

October 12th
• Mickey Mouse: The Haunted House (1929, DVD)
• The Simpsons: Treehouse of Horror III (1992, DVD)
• The Simpsons: Treehouse of Horror IV (1993, DVD)
• The first 45 minutes of Phantasm* (1979, DVD)

October 13th
13. The conclusion of Phantasm* (1979, DVD)

October 15th
• Home Improvement: "The Haunting of Taylor House" (1992, DVD)

October 16th
• Roseanne: "Boo!" (1989, DVD)
• The first 42 minutes of Salem's Lot* (1979, DVD)

October 19th
14. Son of Frankenstein* (1939, DVD)
15. Videodrome* (1983, DVD)

October 20th
• The Simpsons: Treehouse of Horror V (1994, DVD)

October 23rd
16. Interview With The Vampire* (1994, DVD-Borrowed)

October 22nd
17. The Ghost of Frankenstein* (1942, DVD)
18. Halloweentown High* (2004, DVD)
• Some of Twitches Too* (2007, Disney Channel)

October 25th
19. Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man* (1943, DVD from Library)
20. House of Frankenstein* (1944, DVD)
• Scary Godmother: The Revenge of Jimmy (2006, DVD) Yes again... my daughter loves it.
• South Park: "Korn's Groovy Pirate Ghost Mystery" (1999, DVD)

October 26th
21. Return of the Living Dead (1985, DVD)
22. Return of the Living Dead Part II (1988, DVD)

October 27th
• Halloween Madness* (2007, Cable-TLC)

October 29th
23. Terror Train* (1980, DVD from Library)
24. Session 9* (2001, Cable-DVR)
• The Simpsons: Treehouse of Horror VI (1995, DVD)
YAY! I broke last year's record!

October 30th
25. Zombie Honeymoon* (2004, Cable-DVR)
26. Saw (2004, DVD)
27. It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown (1966, ABC-TV) [WILD CARD #3] It seems to be more fun watching this on TV than on DVD.
• Roseanne: "Trick Or Treat" (1990, DVD)
28. Saw II: Special Edition (2005, DVD)

October 31st
• Some of WGN News (2007, WGN-TV)* They had a bunch of Halloween related stuff on this morning.
• Wow Wow Wubbzy: "Monster Madness"* (2006, Cable-Noggin)
• Several other Halloween related kids shows on Disney, Noggin, PBS Kids Sprout, Nick Jr... whatever... throughout the day.
• Saturday Night Live: Halloween (1999, DVD)
29. Halloween (1978, DVD)

Well, that's it folks. I missed my initial goal by a measly 2... but I did beat last year's record of 23!!!! I also had a lot of fun. I could have pushed myself to watch 2 more movies, but I just would have been too tired


I'll keep updating these "special stats" as I go along. Hopefully, there won't be too many titles mentioned numerous amounts of times.

Watch one film from every decade, starting with the 1890's.
--- 1890:
--- 1900:
--- 1910:
--- 1920:
-X- 1930: Frankenstein (1931, DVD)
-X- 1940: The Ghost of Frankenstein (1942, DVD)
--- 1950:
-X- 1960: It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown (1966, ABC-TV)
-X- 1970: Phantasm (1979, DVD)
-X- 1980: Deadly Friend (1986, DVD)
-X- 1990: Halloweentown (1998, DVD)
-X- 2000: Slither (2006, Cable,DVR)

--- Watch films in at least two languages other than English.
--- Watch the MST3K version of a horror film.
--- Watch a film and its remake.
--- Watch a film based on a video game.
-X- Watch a film based on a novel: Interview With The Vampire* (1994, DVD-Borrowed)
--- Watch a film directed by Uwe Boll.
--- Watch a film which won an Academy Award -- any category.
--- Watch a silent horror film
--- Watch a Criterion version horror film.
--- Watch a film with commentary.
-X- Watch a film and at least two sequels: Frankenstein, Bride of Frankenstein, Son of Frankenstein, The Ghost of Frankenstein, Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man, House of Frankenstein
-X- Watch a film that takes place on a holiday: April Fools Day (1986, DVD)
--- Watch a film that takes place in space.
--- Watch a film that takes place on or under the sea.
-X- Watch an animated film: Monster House (2006, DVD)

Watch a film for each rating:
--- G
-X- PG: Monster House (2006, DVD)
--- PG-13
-X- R : April Fools Day (1986, DVD)
--- NC-17
-X- Unrated: Frankenstein (1931, DVD)

Watch a film in each of the following horror subgenres:
-X- Vampire: Fright Night (1985, DVD)
-X- Frankenstein: Frankenstein (1931, DVD)
-X- Werewolf: Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man* (1943, DVD from Library)
--- Mummy
-X- Ghost/haunting: Session 9 (2001, Cable-DVR)
-X- Witchcraft/satanic/religious: Halloweentown (1998, DVD)
-X- Zombie: Return of the Living Dead (1985, DVD)
-X- Slasher/psycho/homicidal maniac: April Fools Day (1986, DVD)
-X- Monster/creature feature: House of Frankenstein (1944, DVD)
--- Documentary
--- Musical
--- Spoof
--- Killer doll
--- Killer animal

Watch a film starring:
-X- Bela Lugosi: Son of Frankenstein (1939, DVD)
--- Lon Chaney Sr.
-X- Lon Chaney Jr.: The Ghost of Frankenstein (1942, DVD)
-X- Boris Karloff: Frankenstein (1931, DVD)
--- Vincent Price
--- Christopher Lee
-X- Jamie Lee Curtis: Halloween (1978, DVD)
--- Robert Englund
--- Bruce Campbell

Watch a film you've heard about but haven't seen (and report back in the discussion thread): Slither* (2006, Cable,DVR)

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Goal: 31

1. Hostel
2. The Last Man on Earth
3. The Exorcist
4. Exorcist II: The Heretic
5. The Exorcist III
6. Countess Dracula
7. The Vampire Lovers

8. Cat People (1942)
9. I Walked with a Zombie

10. Psycho
11. Psycho (1998)
12. The Shining
13. Rosemary's Baby

14. The Unknown
15. The Wicker Man (2006)
16. The Hitcher (1986)
17. Peeping Tom
18. Maniac Cop
19. Maniac Cop 2

20. The Birds
21. Night of the Living Dead
22. Monkey Shines
23. Martin

24. Wraiths of Roanoke
25. The Atomic Brain
26. The Brain That Wouldn't Die
27. Carnival of Souls
28. Night Tide

29. The Blob (1958)
30. The Abominable Dr. Phibes
31. Dr. Phibes Rises Again

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Let the scares commence

October 1st

1. Children of the Corn (1984)
2. The Lost Boys (1987)

October 2nd

3. Cheerleader Camp (1987)

October 3rd

4. Wrong Turn (2003)

October 6th

5. When A Killer Calls (2006)
6. An American Werewolf In London (1981)
7. Severance (2006)
8. Lake Placid (1999)
9. Jeepers Creepers 2 (2003)

October 9th

10. Cabin Fever (2002)

October 12th

11. The Last House on the Left (1972)

October 13th

12. Rise: Blood Hunter (2007)
13. Silver Bullet (1985)
14. Death Proof (2007)

October 14th

15. 28 Weeks Later (2007)

October 17th

16. C.H.U.D. (1984)

October 18th

17. Halloween II (1981)

October 19th

18. The Reaping (2007)

October 20th

19. Boo! (2004)
20. The Fog (1980)

October 21st

21. Monster Squad (1987)

October 22nd

22. Identity (2003)
23. Hollow Man (2000)
24. Shaun of the Dead (2004)

October 24th

25. House of Wax (2005)

October 25th

26. The Tripper (2007)

October 27th

27. Night of the Demons (1988)
28. The Exorcist (1973)
29. The Shining (1980)

October 29th

30. Spider Baby (1964)
31. The Re-Animator (1985)

October 31st

32. Jeepers Creepers (2001)
33. The Gate (1987)

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1. The Cyclops (1957)
2. War of the Colossal Beast (1958)
3. House of Dracula (1945)
4. The Creature Walks Among Us (1956)

5. House of Frankenstein (1944)

6. Psycho (1960)
7. The Undead (1957)

8. Something Wicked This Way Comes (1983)

9. The Pit and the Pendulum (1961)
10. Dr. Phibes Rises Again (1972)

11. The Haunted Strangler (1958)
12. The Ghost of Frankenstein (1942)

13. The Invisible Man Returns (1940)

14. The New Scooby Doo Movies: Ghost of the Red Baron (Wild Card #1) (1972)

15. The Ghoul (1933)

16. America's Funniest Home Videos: Halloweenies (Wild Card #2) (2006)
17. The Howling (1981)

18. Predator (1987)

19. Frenzy (1972)

20. The Birds (1963)

21. Halloween 4: Return of Michael Myers (1988)

22. Dracula (1931)

23. Jaws (1975)
24. It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown (Wild Card #3) (1966)
25. Wallace & Gromit in The Curse of the Were-Rabbit (2005)

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Goal=100 (Last year=67)

October 1
  1. 12:00a I Spit on Your Grave (met Camille Keaton this year.)
  2. 4:00a Dracula (1931) Bela Lugosi (Hadn't really watched this one for years. I used the Phillip Glass soundtrack)
  3. 8:45a Hellraiser 4:Bloodline (Crap)(*)
  4. 5:30p Silent Hill (*)

    October 2
  5. 2:00a Earth vs The Spider MST3K (Love that they used a real tarantula)
  6. 4:00a Giant Spider Invasion MST3K (Awful, but fun.)
  7. 8:30a Race With The Devil (*)
  8. 7:00p Tomb of Ligeia

    October 3
  9. 2:00a Phantom of the Paradise (Jessica Harper really deserved to be a bigger star.)
  10. 4:45a Frankenstein (1931)
  11. 8:00a She Beast (Barbara Steele, Dir-Michael Reeves) Cheap and kind of dull first effort by dir of Witchfinder General. (*)
  12. 4:45p The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1939)

    October 4
  13. 6:00p Cujo

    October 5
  14. 12:30a Creature from the Black Lagoon ("duhn duhn DAAAAAH!" repeat)
  15. 2:00a Bride of Frankenstein
  16. 3:45a The Invisible Man (1933)
  17. 5:00a Cat People (1942) (Simone Simon. Wotta babe)
  18. 7:30a Dahmer (*)
  19. 8:50p Bram Stoker's Dracula

    October 6
  20. 3:30p Texas Chainsaw Massacre: the Beginning (*)
  21. 11:45p Tarantula

    October 7
  22. 6:00a Basket Case 3
  23. 7:50a Freaks

    October 8
  24. 8:00a Blackenstein (*) oooh, Funkay.
  25. 5:00p The Manitou )

    October 9
  26. 2:00a Return of the Living Dead
  27. 3:30a Halloween 3

    October 10
  28. 8:00a My Son, the Vampire a.k.a. Mother Riley meets the Vampire (*)
  29. 5:30p Return of the Vampire

    October 11
  30. 12:00a Horrors of Malformed Men. (*)
  31. 3:00a Shocking Asia (*)
  32. 4:45a Shocking Asia 2 (*)
  33. 8:25a Murders in the Rue Morgue (1932)

    October 12
  34. 1:00a Mondo Cane
  35. 2:45a Mondo Cane 2(*)
  36. 4:00a Magic
  37. 7:30a From Dusk til Dawn
  38. 10:00a Wes Craven's New Nightmare
  39. 9:00p Death proof (*)

    October 13
  40. 5:00p Blood and Black Lace (*)
  41. 7:00p Amityville 2 (*)
  42. 9:00p Eaten Alive (*)

    October 14
  43. 9:00a Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Movie)
  44. 11:00a Arachnophobia
  45. 4:45p Strait-Jacket (1964)

    October 15
  46. 2:00a Jess Franco's Count Dracula (*)
  47. 7:00a Terror Train
  48. 11:30p Thriller, a Cruel Picture (*)

    October 16
  49. 3:00a The Car
  50. 5:00a Haxan
  51. 7:00a Leopard Man
  52. 4:30p The Omen (1976)
  53. 11:00p Land of the Dead

    October 17
  54. 1:00a The Brain The Wouldn't Die (*-Saw it as a kid)
  55. 2:30a The Little Shop of Horrors (1960)
  56. 4:00a Mad Monster (*)
  57. 8:00a The Tingler

    October 18
  58. Umezu Kazuo: Kyτfu gekijτ (Horror Theater Volumes 1 and 3) and Fangoria Blood Drive 1(Wild Card #1) (*)

    October 19
    Thon Prep

    October 20
  59. Jaws
  60. Fido (*)
  61. Halloween (2007 work print)
  62. Ils (Them) (*)
  63. Tales From the Far Side 1 and 2 (Wild Card #2)(*)
  64. Three hours worth of Various trailers and shorts (Wild Card #3)

    October 21

    October 22
  65. 12:00a 28 Weeks Later
  66. 3:00a Lake Placid (*)
  67. 5:00a Damnation Alley (*)
  68. 8:00a I Bury the Living (*) Beat Last Year's Total

    October 23
  69. 12:00a Pet Semetary
  70. 2:30a Feast
  71. 4:15a The Howling
  72. 5:40a The Wolfman (1941)
  73. 8:00a May
  74. 4:30p The Eye

    October 24
  75. 12:15a Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)
  76. 2:00a Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2
  77. 4:15a Dracula (1979)
  78. 5:30p Psycho (1960)

    October 25
  79. 1:20a Psycho 2
  80. 4:00a Psycho 3 (*)
  81. 7:00a Psycho 4
  82. 5:00p The Town That Dreaded Sundown (*-Saw as a kid)
  83. 7:00p In The Mouth of Madness (*)

    October 26
  84. 12:00a Riki-Oh
  85. 2:00a Dead of Night (*)
  86. 8:00a Nosferatu Phantom Der Nacht (1979)
  87. 8:00p Bucket of Blood (1959)

    October 27
  88. 9:00a Cannibal Ferox

    October 28
  89. 12:00a Hatchet (*)
  90. 9:00a Saw
  91. 2:30p Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas in 3D

    October 29
  92. 1:15a Curse of Frankenstein
  93. 8:00a Saw 2 (*)
  94. 4:00p Saw 3

    October 30
  95. 12:00a Wallace and Gromit Curse of the Wererabbit
  96. 2:00a Phantom of the Opera (1929)
  97. 4:00a The Exorcist
    8:00p It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

    October 31
  98. 12:00a High Tension
  99. 2:30a Evil Dead
  100. 4:00a Spider Baby
  101. 9:00p Night of the Living Dead (1968)
  102. 11:00p Shrooms (*)
  103. *1:00a Shutter (*)

(*) first time viewing

Unlike last year where I carefully considered every movie I watched so as to hit the classics and have a list representational of my taste, this year I went more or less at random. I chose movies on the criteria of what was available, what I was in the mood for, what I hadn't seen before, etc. Now, on the 27th day of the challenge, I decided to check my list against the Horror Yahtzee and see how I did without making the least bit of effort towards it. I also might use the list to see what I might hit in the last few days of the contest. I think I did pretty good hitting the Yahtzee blindly.

Watch one film from every decade, starting with the 1890's.
--- 1890:
--- 1900:
--- 1910:
-X- 1920: Haxan
-X- 1930: Dracula (1931)
-X- 1940: The Wolfman
-X- 1950: The Tingler
-X- 1960: Psycho
-X- 1970: Jaws
-X- 1980: Cannibal Ferox
-X- 1990: Riki Oh
-X- 2000: Halloween WP

Watch films in at least two languages other than English.
-X- First language, .The Eye (Japanese)
-X- Second language, .Nosferatu the Vampire (German)

-X- Watch the MST3K version of a horror film. Earth Vs The Spider
-X- Watch a film and its remake. Dracula (1931) (1979)
-X- Watch a film based on a video game. Silent Hill
-X- Watch a film based on a novel. Cujo
--- Watch a film directed by Uwe Boll.
-X- Watch a film which won an Academy Award -- any category. Jaws for Film Editing, Music (Original Score) and Sound
-X- Watch a silent horror film. Haxan
-X- Watch a Criterion version horror film. Haxan
-X- Watch a film with commentary. I Spit on your Grave (Joe Bob Briggs-Yeah, as much as I complained the first movie I watched was a commentary)
-X- Watch a film and at least two sequels. Psycho 1, 2, 3, 4
-X- Watch a film that takes place on a holiday. Halloween
-X- Watch a film that takes place in space. Hellraiser 4
-X- Watch a film that takes place on or under the sea. Jaws
-X- Watch an animated horror film. Nightmare Before Xmas

Watch a film for each rating:
-X- G
-X- PG Jaws
-X- PG-13 Lake Placid
-X- R Texas Chainsaw Massacre The Beginning
-X- NC-17 (Any number of the unrateds received NC17 but didn't put them in theaters with that rating)
-X- X Thriller (counting this because of the hardcore inserts)
-X- Unrated Feast

Watch a film in each of the following horror subgenres:
-X- Vampire Nosferatu The Vampire
-X- Frankenstein Bride of Frankenstein
-X- Werewolf The Wolfman
--- Mummy
-X- Invisible Man The Invisible Man
-X- Ghost/haunting Amityville 2
-X- Witchcraft/satanic/religious Haxan
-X- Zombie Land of the Dead
-X- Slasher/psycho/homicidal maniac Blood and Black Lace
-X- Monster/creature feature Feast
-X- Documentary Mondo Cane
-X- Musical Phantom of the Paradise
-X- Spoof Return of the Living Dead
-X- Revenge I Spit on Your Grace
-X- Killer doll Magic
-X- Killer animal Cujo

Watch a film starring:
-X- Bela Lugosi Dracula
-X- Lon Chaney Sr.
-X- Lon Chaney Jr. The Wolfman
-X- Peter Cushing
-X- Boris Karloff Bride of Frankenstein
-X- Vincent Price The Tingler
-X- Christopher Lee
-X- Jamie Lee Curtis Terror Train
-X- Robert Englund Eaten Alive
-X- Bruce Campbell Evil Dead

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October 1
1. Curse of the Demon (been in my DVR since August)
2. X: The Man With X-Ray Eyes (I should have bought this in 2001)
3. Maximum Overdrive (terrible film, but I love it)

October 2
4. The Atomic Submarine
5. Masters of Horror: Incidents On and Off a Mountain Road

October 3
6. Dawn of the Dead (2004)
7. Blacula

October 4
8. Flight of the Living Dead

October 5
9. Dead Men Walk
10. The Vampire Bat
11. Night of the Living Dead (the B/W 1968 original!)
12. The Vampire
13. The Return of Dracula
14. Phantom of the Paradise

October 6
15. Dawn of the Dead (1979)
16. The Exorcist (Won Academy Awards for Sound, Adapted Screenplay)
17. Fiend Without a Face (Criterion)

October 7
18. The Mummy (1932)
19. Below

October 8
20. The Curse of Frankenstein

October 9
21. Kairo (the Japanese original of Pulse)

October 10
22. I Walked With a Zombie
23. Night Watch

October 11
24. 28 Weeks Later
25. Resident Evil

October 12
26. Lair of the White Worm

October 13
27. "Hush", BtVS, (Wild Card #1)
28. Christmas Evil

October 14
29. The Leech Woman (MST3K)

October 18
30. The Brotherhood of Satan

October 19
31. The Ferryman

October 20
32. Perfect Creature-An entertaining steampunk/ alternate universe/ vampire flick from New Zealand
33. Cult of the Cobra
34. Psychomania

October 22
35. 30 Days of Night

October 23
36. Murder Party

October 24
37. The Call of Cthulhu
38. Fido
39. Race with the Devil
40. Candyman

October 26
41. Blood of Dracula
42. Interview with the Vampire
43. Bloodsucking Cinema

October 27
44. Poltergeist
45. Abbot and Costello Meet the Mummy
46. Something Wicked This Way Comes
47. Masque of the Red Death

October 28
48. Lord of Illusions
49. Rosemary's Baby
50. Day of the Dead
51. The Rocky Horror Picture Show
52. The Abominable Dr. Phibes

October 29
53. The Deathmaster
54. Track of the Moon Beast-MST3K
55. Earth vs. the Spider (1959)
56. The Fog (1980)

October 30
57. Halloween III: Season of the Witch
58. The Black Cat (1933)
59. The Halloween Tree
60. Halloween is Grinch Night (Wild Card #2)
61. It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown! (Wild Card #3)

October 31
62. Hocus Pocus
63. Lady in White
64. The Ghost and Mr. Chicken
65. The Invisible Ray
Watch one film from every decade, starting with the 1890's.
--- 1890:
--- 1900:
--- 1910:
--- 1920:
-X- 1930:
-X- 1940:
-X- 1950:
-X- 1960:
-X- 1970:
-X- 1980:
-X- 1990:
-X- 2000:

-X- Watch films in at least two languages other than English. Pulse-Japanese, Night Watch-Russian
-X- Watch the MST3K version of a horror film.
-X- Watch a film and its remake. Dawn of the Dead (1978 and 2004 versions), The
-x- Watch a film based on a video game. Resident Evil
-X- Watch a film based on a novel.The Exorcist, Rosemary's Baby
-X- Watch an animated horror film--The Halloween Tree
-X- Watch a film which won an Academy Award -- any category. The Exorcist, Rosemary's Baby
-X- Watch a silent horror film The Call of Cthulhu
-X- Watch a Criterion version horror film. Fiend Without a Face, The Atomic Submarine
-X- Watch a film with commentary. The Mummy
-X- Watch a film and at least two sequels. Night of the Living Dead, Dawn of the Dead, Day of the Dead

Watch a film in each of the following horror subgenres:
-X- Vampire
-X- Frankenstein
-X- Werewolf
-X- Mummy
-X- Ghost/haunting
-X- Witchcraft/satanic/religious
-X- Zombie
-X- Slasher/psycho/homicidal maniac
-X- Monster/creature feature
-X- Documentary
-X- Musical
-X- Spoof

Watch a film starring:
-X- Bela Lugosi
--- Lon Chaney Sr.
--- Lon Chaney Jr.
-X- Boris Karloff
-X- Vincent Price
-X- Christopher Lee
-X- Jamie Lee Curtis
--- Bruce Campbell

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Easy Goal: 31. More Realistic Goal: 60. My Shoot for the Stars Goal (if I get off to a good start & things fall into place): 100

October 1
1. Halloween...The Happy Haunting of America (uninspiring...but I used a 'Redbox' free coupon that was expiring)
2. Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon (another 'Redbox' freebie--was ok, but I won't be buying it)
3. Gremlins (listened to the commentary - maybe I'd known but forgotten that Howie Mandel was the voice of Gizmo)

October 2
4. Critters (Surprised to learn as I stuck this DVD in that it's rated PG)
5. Cujo (I'll have to keep an eye out for a deal on the new edition that's out)

October 3
6. Psycho (At one point in my life, I had watched the sequels countless time before I initially viewed the original classic about 8-9 years ago. Count me as one of the folks shocked to discover the infamous shower scene taking place early in the film and knocking out the central character)
7. Psycho II (This sequel was pretty good -- enjoyed the performances of all the characters, but Anthony Perkins is tremendous as Norman Bates. I believe it's his role that allows the Psycho sequels to work, while the remake couldn't overcome his absence.)
8. Tremors (We interrupt this Psycho run... I've seen bits and pieces of this one over the years on cable, but this is the first time to watch it from beginning to end. Fun flick with a great ensemble cast!)

October 4
9. Psycho III (Not as good as the 1st sequel, but I still marvel at Mr. Perkins portrayal of Norman. Although you feel sorry for him in part II, there's little doubt he's gone mad in this one. But then again, we all go a little mad sometimes.)
10. Psycho IV: The Beginning (I enjoyed this movie, though not as much as the one before it, and the one before it, and the one... Interesting side note: Today is my mother's birthday--purely coincidental I finished the Psycho films centering on the twisted mother/son relationship)
11. Tremors 2: Aftershocks (You know, I liked this one better than the original. Didn't really miss Kevin Bacon's character at all. Pleasantly surprised.)

October 5
12. Tremors 3: Back to Perfection (I missed Fred Ward! Has anyone else uttered those words before? I couldn't get into this movie, especially after the creatures took to the air. Now, do I finish this quadrilogy now or later?)
13. Tremors 4: The Legend Begins (One thought kept going through my head as I watched...I'm glad there's not a Tremors 5, at least not that I'm aware of)
14. Alien (Watched the Director's Cut with commentary - very enjoyable)

October 6
**Sadly, couldn't find the time to fit in a single movie...will have to be playing catch up from here on out.

October 7
15. Alien 3 (Skipped Aliens since I don't own a copy yet and saw it recently anyway....this film is obviously not as good as the first 2, but could you really expect it to live up to the standards set before it?)
16. Alien: Resurrection (Much better than I anticipated...I had read some critical reviews)
17. Jaws (Funny thing: Watching this movie makes me think of a very forgettable movie--The Master of Disguise. Dana Carvey's spot on portrayal of Quint is the only thing I remember from that one)

October 8
18. The Fog (To this day if I come across a fog, I'll utter the words: "The Fog returns to Antonio Bay." -- whether I'm with someone or by myself)
19 Jaws 2 (Watching Jaws and this sequel nearly back-to-back caused me to notice how many different folks they had in the original cast that they brought back in part 2.)

October 9
20. Jaws 3 (I enjoyed this for what it was, a cheesy movie for sure. As I watched it, I couldn't help but think it was more like watching an 'Airplane!' movie than a 'Jaws' film)
21. I Know What You Did Last Summer (I started watching the filmmaker commentary but couldn't stand the director's accent after 15 minutes..went back and watched the movie w/o the commentary)

October 10
22. I Still Know What You Did Last Summer (Man, there is more screaming taking place in this movie than in any other that I can remember)

October 11
23. It (Not the best film to watch for the challenge because of its length. Watched with commentary. Pennywise--one of the great horror 'villains.')
24. Christine (Viewed with commentary by John Carpenter & Keith Gordon...enjoyable...I've never read the book, I may have to check that out.)

October 12
25. I'll Always Know What You Did Last Summer (I'll always...remember that I have the Challenge to thank for spending time with this one)
26. The Hills Have Eyes (1977) (I'm nearly certain this was the first horror movie I watched as a kid, it kicked off my love of the genre)
27. Friday the 13th (Starting this series on Fri. the 12th...no telling how many times I've watched each of these)

October 13
28. Friday the 13th, part 2 (And I never tire of 'em)
29. Twilight Zone: The Movie (The DVD release made me pull out my old VHS copy of this movie. I hadn't watched it since I bought it at a flea market years ago and hadn't see the movie in 15-20 years)

October 14
30. Friday the 13th, part 3 (Jason was still kind of new at this killing thing. 2 of his victims weren't fully dead after he was through with them)
31. Friday the 13th, part 4: The Final Chapter (You have to kind of ignore holes in the plot...if you do, they're a lot of fun)

October 15
32. Poltergeist (So many memorable lines/scenes from this classic)
33. Friday the 13th, part 5: A New Beginning (Somewhat goofy...I can remember seeing this in a theater)
34. Friday the 13th, part 6: Jason Lives (...and now he's crossed the line from human to monster/unstoppable force)

October 16
35. King Kong (1933) (I liked it...I can see why it's a classic, however the old b&w movies aren't way up on my list of most enjoyable films)
36. Friday the 13th, part 7: The New Blood (been listening to some of the commentaries available on a few of the F13th DVDs. This one had Kane Hodder who played Jason...kind of scary listening to him, you can tell how much he really enjoys playing Jason. I think Mr. Hodder is an immediate suspect if anyone ever goes missing in his town)
37. Friday the 13th, part 8: Jason Takes Manhattan (what I never understood: Jason has always killed everyone in his path, but strolls through all kinds of public places passing people by...)

October 17 *Tonight enters a stretch of a few days when I can manage to fit in more movies than usual...it's now or never if I want to reach 100.
38. Jason Goes To Hell (It's not horrible, but I remember my initial dismay watching years ago and learning Jason is absent for most of the movie)
39. Jason X (Thought this was a step up from JGTH for the reason mentioned above)
40. Freddy vs. Jason (I can recall how excited I was to see this in theater)
41. Boogeyman: The Killer Compilation (For some reason when I bought this, I was hoping it was more of a documentry than a collection of video clips)

October 18
42. Cape Fear (1991) (I haven't seen the original but it's hard to imagine a better performance than DeNiro's)
43. Children of the Corn (Malachi & Isaac still give me the eebie-jeebies)
44. Nightmare on Elm Street (the original was such a unique concept)
45. Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy's Revenge (Some actors steer clear of the horror genre. Robert Englund embraces it)
46. Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors (Believe this is my favorite of the NOES sequels)
47. Swamp Thing (I've seen this several times before, but on the heels of watching all the Friday the 13th films, I couldn't get over how much this sounded like a F13th film...Manfredini did the music to both)

October 19
48. Nightmare on Elm Street 4: Dream Master (Some of the most memorable deaths in the series...the 'roach motel' comes to mind.)
49. Nightmare on Elm Street 5: Dream Child (The series really started going downhill fast)
50. Saw (Switched to this for #50--You can look at my list and realize I grew up with 80's horror. I found Saw to be the best of newer horror by far)
51. Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare (I'm holding on remembering that the actual final NOES wasn't too bad)
52. Wes Craven's New Nightmare (Put the previous couple of sequels to shame)

October 20
53. Open House (Pretty cheesy stuff)
54. Urban Legend (Enjoyed this one, I'm going to avoid the sequels...don't recall being too impressed with them a few years back)
55. Scream (enjoyable to watch again and pick up on horror movie references you missed the 1st time around)
56. Scream 2 (According to imdb--Matthew Lillard, who was killed in the original Scream had an uncredited role in this one?)
57. Hell Night (Don't hear this one talked about much, but I think it's pretty good)
58. Lake Placid (Nice film made all the more enjoyable knowing I got the DVD for free from a Kellogg's cereal mail-in promotion)
59. Silent Night, Deadly Night (As mentioned in another thread, this movie brings about memories of the 80's VHS rental stores...)
60. Silent Night, Deadly Night, part 2 (As dumb as I remember it)

October 21
61. Terror Train (One of my favorites...neat concept to have the killer changing costumes)
62. Slumber Party Massacre (A lot of slasher movies reveal a motivation of sorts for the killer...this movie didn't do that--he's just a psychopath)
63. Ants (This one was fun!)

October 22
64. Tarantulas: The Deadly Cargo (Was hoping this would be as good as Ants, but didn't measure up)
65. Silence of the Lambs (What a classic--I don't view it as purely 'horror' but I'm going to have to throw a few of these types in to get to 100. I've checked imdb/dvdspot and other places and found horror listed as a sub-genre)
66. Hannibal (2nd time viewing. I recall not liking this too much the first time, much better time time around)

October 23
67. Red Dragon (Great movie. Anthony Hopkins is amazing. I think if I saw him in public, I couldn't approach him because of fear)
68. Manhunter (Not bad...the ending not as good as Red Dragon especially with the 80's music playing)
69. Secret Window (Another great job in casting with Johnny Depp)

October 24
70. Misery (Something that disturbs me: I have a neighbor who reminds me of Annie...looks, mannerisms, everything. I thought of it before I started watching and I couldn't believe the resemblance as I continued the movie...I may need to move.)
71. Panic Room (Enjoyable...I must point out that I'm starting to feel the effects of the sleep I'm losing in my quest for 100...still having fun, but reminding myself just a week more to go)
72. The Funhouse (Lots of good scares here. Carnivals have always been creepy.)

October 25
73. Halloween - Extended Edition (Don't believe I'd watched this cut since viewing it on tv as a kid)

October 26
74. Winnie the Pooh: Frankenpooh/Spookable Pooh (*Wild Card...and yes, I watched this with my kids)

October 27
75. Halloween II (I know I've seen this a dozen or more times, but there were scenes from this DVD version I had never seen before. Loved this sequel for the way it happened immediately following the original. Did you know Dana Carvey has a credit in this one? More amazing it's my 2nd Dana Carvey reference in this horror thread...)
76. Creature from the Black Lagoon (lots of fun, I'll probably be watching a lot more b&w classics in coming days)
77. The Creature Walks Among Us (It'll be me my least favorite in the Creature Legacy Series, but not bad)
78. Revenge of the Creature (accidentally watched these out of order...Clint Eastwood makes his debut!)
79. Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers (made the mistake of watching this with actor's commentary...it was a yawner)

October 28
80. The Dead Zone (Had never seen this...though I had seen the Christopher Walken bits on SNL)

October 29
81. The Birds (Had never seen...found it to be a little 'slower' than I would have liked
82. Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers (with commentary...Danielle Harris was still horrible--it seems she doesn't remember any details about the film...but another actor and the director made it bearable)
83. Pet Sematary (Seeing Fred Gwynne again was cool)
84. Silver Bullet (I seem to recall watching this for the first time at a drive-in. It was the lesser known flick on a double feature, liked it then and still do)
85. The Sixth Sense (Have only seen it once before, the 2nd time is a whole new perspective)

October 30
86. Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers (One of these days, I'll get my hands on the producer's cut and check that out)
87. My Bloody Valentine (Another favorite from years ago. I've never gone down a mine shaft since...of course I'd never been in one before as well)
88. Frankenweenie (*Wild Card - my daughter wanted to watch it again immediately so thumbs up from me)
89. It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown (*Wild Card - I love the Peanuts 'Theme' music)
90. Shock! (Part of a Vincent Price double feature I picked up from the library in my horror quest)
91. The Bat (the 2nd part of the Price double feature..both weren't bad, probably liked Shock a little better)

October 31
92. Halloween H20: 20 Years Later (Most folks dislike this one. Truthfully, I've enjoyed all the Halloween movies)
93. The Lost Boys (I'm gonna have to re-visit this one after the challenge. I watched in a groggy, sleep-deprived state)
94. Halloween: Resurrection (I did like all the Halloween movies, although Busta Rhymes tried to ruin this one for me...it's absurd to think he comes out ahead in a battle with Michael)
95. Halloween: 25 Years of Terror (Rare that I pick up a title as a 'new release' but I had to have this one...well worth it)
96. Graveyard Shift (Finished my Stephen King boxset. Obviously I didn't save the best for last...)

Wondering how I would pull this off and came home to find the Dracula Legacy Series in my mailbox...perfect timing!
97. Dracula
98. Dracula's Daughter
99. Son of Dracula
100. House of Dracula

I love horror movies, but it may be a few months before I can watch another one!

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october 1

october 2
'--> good road horror, peter fonda is awesome.
'--> a lot of people hate this movie but it's actually pretty good 80's campy sci-fi horror
3. HOSTEL PART II (2007)*
'--> blood bath scene was disturbing as fuck. liked it just as much as the first.

october 3
4. PROM NIGHT (1980)*
'--> typical 80's slasher starring jamie lee curtis
'--> bad cgi and lame acting but i love zombies!!!

october 4
'--> can't believe it took me so long to see this. loved the closing shot.

october 5
7. SCREAM (1996)
'--> reinvented the slasher genre and managed to keep the basic formula. the first 20 minutes are so fucking good.

october 6
8. SCREAM 2 (1997)
'--> nice sequel and i like the movie-in-a-movie theme.
9. SCREAM 3 (2000)
'--> good final chapter to a great trilogy. the courtney cox/parker posey dynamic is hillarious.
'--> this wasn't nearly as disturbing as i expected. the documentary aspect worked well.
'--> carpenter rehashes assault on precinct 13 and the thing with a little rosemary's baby thrown in there too.

october 7
'--> 80's cheese. 'eat a bowl of fuck! i am here to party!'

october 8
'--> not very entertaining but 'valerie' is naked for the majority of the movie. tony todd as a demon was kind of cool.

october 9
'--> was surprised at how good this 80's slasher was.
'--> what a waste of william forsythe...and of tom holland.
16. WRONG TURN 2: DEAD END (2007)*
'--> don't believe the hype on this one. the first was way better.

october 10
'--> sid haig was the only redeeming factor of this disgrace to the original.
18. SCARECROWS (1988)*
'--> scarecrows killing a special ops team that had the most typical macho dialog i've ever heard.
'--> nothing beats early argento

october 11

october 12
20. HARD CANDY (2005)
'--> the 'surgery' scene still gets me.
21. TROLL (1986)
'--> terrible fantasy horror.
22. TROLL 2 (1990)
'--> now i remember why i bought the troll/troll 2 dvd. best worst movie ever.

october 13
23. MISERY (1990)
'--> one of my favorite stephen king adaptations
24. ONE MISSED CALL (2003)*
'--> j-horror from takashi miike. not bad but he's done much better.
'--> can't believe this is finally on dvd. the george miller segment with john lithgow is my favorite.

october 14
'--> wow. i think i might like this one better than part 2.
27. THE WRAITH (1986)
'--> killer car revenge/slasher. sherilyn fenn should've been the next marilyn monroe.

october 15

october 16
28. PLANET TERROR (2007)
'--> awesome addition to the zombie sub-genre
29. 28 WEEKS LATER (2007)
'--> a sequel that's almost as good as the first
30. FIDO (2006)
'--> fun little canadian zombie/comedy

october 17
31. DR. GIGGLES (1992)
'--> the 90's pretty much sucked for the slasher genre. this is one of the few decent ones.
32. MURDER PARTY (2007)*
'--> i liked this until the last 20 minutes or so. then it just went a little over the top.
33. 1408 (2007)
'--> another great haunted hotel story from the mind of stephen king.

october 18
'--> definitely one of the weaker films of the series

october 19

october 20
'--> what the hell happened to tobe hooper? this was terrible.
'--> not nearly as bad as people say it is. i enjoyed it.
37. POLTERGEIST (1982)
'--> needed something to remind me that tobe hooper used to have talent.
'--> decent british haunted mansion flick.

october 21
39. CUJO (1983)
'--> remember this from my youth. i think this was my introduction to stephen king.

october 22

october 23
40. THE BLOB (1988)
'--> must've seen this dozens of times on hbo when i was younger. decent remake.
'--> another remake that rivals the original.
42. THE HOWLING (1981)*
'--> i'm a big fan of joe dante. and werewolves. why hadn't i seen this yet?
43. JAWS 2 (1978)
'--> nowhere near as good as the first but still a memorable sequel.

october 24
44. CANDYMAN (1992)
'--> always been a fan of the atmosphere and the score.
'--> the introduction of kane. the braces scene. way creepier than the first one.

october 25
'--> i don't care what anyone else thinks. i like it damnit.

october 26
'--> weird little 80's slasher comedy/spoof. very cheesy and campy.

october 27
'--> wasn't too bad. i liked the idea of having dueling serial killers.
49. DRIVE THRU (2007)*
'--> lame modern slasher.
50. BASKET CASE (1982)*
'--> low budget masterpiece.
51. THE HIDDEN (1987)*
'--> underrated 80's sci-fi/horror
52. BUG (2006)*
'--> wow. ashley judd is amazing.
53. THE TRIPPER (2006)*
'--> modern slasher/comedy. not bad but not too good either.

october 28
54. PSYCHO II (1983)*
'--> doesn't hold a candle to the original but it was fun to revisit the bates motel/house.
55. PSYCHO III (1986)*
'--> liked this one better than part 2. it kind of had a grindhouse feel to it.
'--> sheesh. they really milked this cow dry.

october 29
57. THE STUFF (1985)*
'--> killer ice cream! michael moriarty is my new favorite actor.

october 30
58. HOSTEL (2005)
'--> just got the new director's cut so i had to check it out.
59. PUMPKINHEAD (1989)*
'--> the effects are slightly dated but i dug it.
60. HATCHET (2006)
'--> overhyped but i still really like this one. shitty score and all.
61. TURISTAS (2006)*
'--> snorefest. but atleast it had a ton of girls running around in bikinis.

october 31
'--> for a monster movie it sure did lack a monster.
'--> boring. i guess crazy old ladies don't work well as killers.
64. RE-ANIMATOR (1985)
'--> an absolute classic. god i love this movie.
'--> showed this to a first timer tonight and it got the reaction i was hoping for.

* = first time viewing

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1st - 1. Night of the Living Dead - ****/***** Started the Challenge off right with this classic. Had a bit of trouble watching it on my morning ferry as a college student sat across from me. Ended up stoping the flick and talking to her for most of the ride. Didn't get a number or closer to reaching my personal goal of 31 films.
Finished Night on the ferry ride home. I hadn't seen it since I was 15 or so and it holds up well. Not as good as Dawn or Day IMHO but still a great film.
2nd thru the 5th - A combination of marajuana, depression, and baseball made me lose focus. Never again!
6th - 2. 1408 ****/***** REALLY enjoyed this thriller from a few months ago even though I'm pissed that Sam Jackson was only in the thing for 10 minutes at most and still ended up on the cover of the box.
7th -
8th -
9th -
10th -
11th -
12th -
13th -
14th -
15th -
16th -
17th -
18th -
19th -
20th -
21st -
22nd -
23rd -
24th -
25th -
26th -
27th -
28th -
29th -
30th -
31st -

Watch one film from every decade, starting with the 1910's.

Watch films in at least two languages other than English.

Watch a film and its remake.

Watch a film which won an Academy Award -- any category.

Watch a film and at least two sequels.

Watch a film in each of the following horror subgenres:
--- Vampire
--- Frankenstein
--- Werewolf
--- Mummy
--- Ghost/haunting
--- Witchcraft/satanic/religious
--- Zombie
--- Slasher/psycho/homicidal maniac
--- Monster/creature feature
--- Silent Film
--- Documentary
--- MST3K version
--- film with commentary
--- a Criterion

Watch a film starring:
--- Bela Lugosi
--- Lon Chaney Sr.
--- Lon Chaney Jr.
--- Boris Karloff
--- Vincent Price
--- Christopher Lee
--- Jamie Lee Curtis
--- Bruce Campbell

(* - First Time Viewings)

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* Denotes first time viewing
1. Fall of the House of Usher (Epstein, 1928)
2. The Unknown (Browning, 1927)
3. Vampyr (Dreyer, 1932)
4. Freaks (Browning, 1932)
5. Mad Love (Freund, 1935)
6. The Mummy (Freund, 1935)
7. The Bells (Young, 1926) *
8. The Old Dark House (Whale, 1932)
9. Haxan (Christensen, 1922)
10. Leaves from Satan's Book (Dreyer, 1921) *
11. Dracula (Browning, 1931)
12. Frankenstein (Whale, 1931)
13. The Unholy Three (Browning, 1925)
14. Cat and the Canary (Leni, 1927) *
15. White Zombie (Halperin, 1932) *
16. The Wolfman (Waggner, 1941)
17. The Ghoul (Hunter, 1933)
18. Phantom of the Opera (Lubin, 1943) *
19. Strangler of the Swamp (Wisbar, 1946) *
20. Universal Horror (Brownlow, 1998) *
21. Cat People (Tournier, 1942)
22. Curse of the Cat People (Wise, 1944)
23. The Seventh Victim (Robson, 1943)
24. Prom Night (Lynch, 1980) *
25. The Hand (Stone, 1981) *
26. Les Yeux sans visage (Franju, 1960)
27. The Haunted Strangler (Day, 1958) *
28. I Walked with a Zombie (Tournier, 1944)
29. Ghost Ship (Robson, 1943)
30. Spider Baby (Hill, 1968)
31. Faust (Murnau, 1926) *
32. I Bury the Living (Band, 1958) *
33. The Tingler (Castle, 1959) *
34. The Hills Have Eyes (Craven, 1977)
35. The Undying Monster (Brahm, 1942) *
36. The Mask of Fu Manchu (Brabin, 1932) *
36. Mark of the Vampire (Browning, 1935)
37. The Leopard Man (Tourneur, 1943)
38. Doctor X (Curtiz, 1932) *
39. The Return of Doctor X (Sherman, 1939) *
40. The Devil Doll (Browning, 1936)
41. Bedlam (Robson, 1946)
42. The Body Snatcher (Wise, 1945)
43. London after Midnight (Browning, 1927)
44. The Blob (Yeaworth, 1958)
45. Mystery of the Wax Museum (Curtiz, 1933)
46. House of Wax (De Toth, 1958)
47. Carnival of Souls (Harvey, 1962)
48. Daughter of Horror (Parker, 1955)
49. Corridors of Blood (Day, 1958) *
50. Castle of Blood (Margheriti, 1964) *
51. Kill Baby Kill! (Bava, 1966)
52. Night of the Living Dead (Romero, 1968)
53. Horror of Dracula (Fisher, 1958) *
54. Night Tide (Harrington, 1963) *
55. Horror Hotel (Moxey, 1960) *
56. Night of the Demon (Tourneur, 1957)
57.The Innocents (Clayton, 1961)
58. Black Sabbath (Bava, 1963)
59. The Lodger (Brahm, 1944) *
60. Tales of Terror (Corman, 1962) *
61. The Faceless Monster (Caiano, 1965) *
62. Village of the Damned (Rilla, 1960)
63. Children of the Damned (Leaser, 1963) *
64. Deadly Friend (Craven, 1986) *
65. The Devil and Daniel Webster (Dieterle, 1941)
66. Psycho (Hitchcock, 1960)
67. Peeping Tom (Powell, 1960)
68. Rosemary's Baby (Polanski, 1968)
69. Hangover Square (Brahm, 1945) *
70. The Vampire Bat (Strayer, 1933) *
71. Creature from the Black Lagoon (Arnold, 1954)
72. Tales from the Crypt (Francis, 1972) *
73. The Queen of Spades (Dickinson, 1949)
74. Most Dangerous Game (Pichel, 1932)
75. Fiend Without a Face (Crabtree, 1958)
76. Dead of Night (Cavalcanti et al, 1945)
77. The Haunting (Wise, 1963)
78. It's Alive (Cohen, 1974) *
79. Black Sunday (Bava, 1960)
80. Witchfinder General (Reeves, 1968) *
81. The Brute Man (Yarbrough, 1946) *
82. The Man in the Attic (Fregonese, 1953) *
83. The Birds (Hitchcock, 1963)
84. The Fly (Neumann, 1958)
85. Going to Pieces: The Rise and Fall of the Slasher Film (2006) *
86. The Omen (Donner, 1976)
87. Sisters (De Palma, 1973)
88. Alligator (Teague, 1980)
89. The Burning (Maylam, 1981) *
90. Poltergeist (Hooper, 1982)
91. The Nightmare before Christmas: 3D (Selick, 1993)
92. Black Christmas (Clark, 1974)
93. Last House on the Left (Craven, 1972)
94. Martin (Romero, 1977)
92. Don't Look Now (Roeg, 1973)
93. Let's Scare Jessica to Death (Hancock, 1971)
94. Nosferatu (Herzog, 1979)
95. Vault of Horror (Baker, 1973) *
96. Student Bodies (Rose, 1981)
97. My Bloody Valentine (Mihalka, 1981)
98. Night of the Lepus (Claxton, 1972) *
99. Driller Killer (Ferrara, 1979) *
100. Stephen King's Cat's Eye (Teague, 1985)
101. Halloween (Carpenter, 1978)

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Oct. 1

1. Dawn of the Dead (HD-DVD)
2. Death Proof (DVD)
3. Masters of Horror: The Washingtonians (DVD)
4. Snoop Dogg's Hood of Horror
5. Underworld (Blu-Ray)
6. Scarecrows (DVD)
7. From Beyond (DVD)
8. Masters of Horror: The Damned Thing (DVD)

Oct. 2

9. House of 1,000 Corpses (Blu-Ray)
10. The Devil's Rejects (Blu-Ray)
11. Creature From the Hillbilly Lagoon (DVD)
12. Hostel (Showtime HD)
13. The Freakmaker (DVD)
14. The Majorettes (DVD)
15. Man Made Monster (DVD)
16. Flight of the Living Dead (DVD)

Oct. 3

17. Hell High (DVD)
18. Masters of Horror: Sounds Like (DVD)
19. Blood Feast (DVD)
20. Scarecrow Slayer (DVD)
21. Reeker (DVD)
22. Bloodrayne 2: Deliverance (DVD)
23. Evil Dead II (Blu-Ray)
24. The Earth Dies Screaming (DVD)

Oct. 4

25. Bug (2006) (DVD)
26. Sometimes They Come Back (DVD)
27. She-Wolf of London (DVD)
28. Tales From the Crypt (DVD)
29. 1408: Director's Cut (DVD)

Oct. 5

30. Zombies Gone Wild (DVD)
31. Ghost of Dragstrip Hollow (DVD)
32. Masters of Horror: The Fair-Haired Child (Blu-Ray)
33. Mustang Sally's Horror House (DVD)
34. Horror Island (DVD)

Oct. 6

35. 28 Days Later (Blu-Ray)
36. Blacula (DVD)
37. Ghoulies (DVD)
38. Stagefright (DVD)
39. Frankenstein (1931) (DVD)
40. Ghoulies II (DVD)
41. Dracula: The Dirty Old Man (DVD)
42. Captive Wild Woman (DVD)

Oct. 7

43. Child's Play (Showtime HD)
44. Masters of Horror: Pelts (DVD)
45. The Naked Witch (DVD)
46. Monster House (Blu-Ray)
47. The Mummy's Ghost (DVD)
48. The Mummy's Curse (DVD)
49. Masters of Horror: Right to Die (DVD)
50. A Nightmare on Elm Street (DVD)
51. Crypt of Dark Secrets (DVD)
52. Slumber Party Massacre (DVD)

Oct. 8

53. Slumber Party Massacre II (DVD)
54. Masters of Horror: Valerie on the Stairs (DVD)
55. The Ghost of Frankenstein (DVD)
56. Sars Wars: Bangkok Zombie Crisis (DVD)
57. The Wolf Man (1941) (DVD)
58. Slumber Party Massacre III (DVD)
59. Don't Go in the House (DVD)
60. 28 Weeks Later (Blu-Ray)
61. Dracula's Daughter (DVD)
62. Masters of Horror: Pro-Life (DVD)

Oct. 9

63. Satan's School for Lust (DVD)
64. Saw II (Blu-Ray)
65. Sorority House Massacre (DVD)
66. Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man (DVD)
67. Sorority House Massacre II (DVD)
68. Wedding Slashers (DVD)
69. The Invisible Man (1933) (DVD)
70. Night of the Living Dead 3-D (2006) (DVD)

Oct. 10

71. Nude for Satan (DVD)
72. Black Sheep (DVD)
73. Doriana Grey (DVD)
74. The Abominable Snowman (1967) (DVD)
75. Broken (DVD)
76. Dracula (1931) (DVD)
77. Masters of Horror: Family (DVD)
78. A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy's Revenge (DVD)
79. Freaks (1932) (DVD)

Oct. 11

80. Hallowed Ground (DVD)
81. It's Alive (1973) (DVD)
82. Werewolf of London (DVD)
83. The Legend of the 7 Golden Vampires (DVD)
84. Scare Their Pants Off (DVD)
85. The Mummy's Tomb (DVD)
86. Fright Night (DVD) This viewing was dedicated to EdTheRipper
87. Masters of Horror: Sick Girl (DVD)

Oct. 12

88. Nightmare City (DVD)
89. Big Bad Wolf (DVD)
90. The Simpsons: Treehouse of Horror II (DVD) Wildcard #1
91. The Ferryman (DVD)
92. Living Death (DVD)

Oct. 13

93. Eaten Alive (1976) (DVD)
94. The Mummy's Hand (DVD)
95. Troll (DVD)
96. Troll 2 (DVD)
97. Vault of Horror (DVD)
98. Left in Darkness (DVD)
99. Dolls (DVD)
100. Friday the 13th (DVD)

Link to 101-200

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Work pretty much killed my viewing this month, so I'm just going to withdraw since I lost track of what I did watch anyway.

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LEGEND: •=First Time Viewing *=Repeat From Last Challenge

October 1st - Day 1:
1. John Carpenter's Village of the Damned
2. Arachnophobia
3. The Beast Must Die

October 2nd - Day 2:
Nothing viewed.

October 3rd - Day 3:
Nothing viewed.

October 4th - Day 4:
Nothing viewed.

October 5th - Day 5:
4. Ghostbusters*
5. Ghostbusters II*
6. Cat People•

October 6th - Day 6:
7. Tales of Terror•
8. Twice Told Tales•
9. I Walked With A Zombie•
10. The Host•

October 7th - Day 7:
11.Leprechaun 2•
12.Tales From The Darkside: The Movie*

October 8th - Day 8:
14.Dracula: Dead and Loving It*
15.Stephen King`s Graveyard Shift
16.April Fool's Day•

October 9th - Day 9:
17.The Tingler
18.Tales From The Crypt•
19.Vault of Horror•
20.Black Sheep•
21.Night of The Living Dead*

October 11th - Day 11:
22.Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde•
23.The Body Snatcher•
24.Teen Wolf

October 12th - Day 12:
26.Club Dread
27.Joy Ride
28.Idle Hands*
29.Night of The Living Dead 3D•
30.Invasion of The Bqody Snatchers*

October 13th - Day 13:

October 14th - Day 14:

October 15th - Day 15:

October 16th - Day 16:

October 17th - Day 17:

October 18th - Day 18:

October 19th - Day 19:

October 20th - Day 20:

October 21st - Day 21:

October 22nd - Day 22:

October 23rd - Day 23:

October 24th - Day 24:

October 25th - Day 25:

October 26th - Day 26:

October 27th - Day 27:

October 28th - Day 28:

October 29th - Day 29:

October 30th - Day 30:

Watch one film from every decade, starting with the 1890's.
--- 1890:
--- 1900:
--- 1910:
--- 1920:
--- 1930:
--- 1940:
--- 1950:
--- 1960:
--- 1970:
--- 1980:
--- 1990:
--- 2000:

x-- Watch films in at least two languages other than English.

--- Watch the MST3K version of a horror film.

--- Watch a film and its remake.

--- Watch a film based on a video game.

xxx Watch a film based on a novel.

--- Watch a film which won an Academy Award -- any category.

--- Watch a silent horror film

--- Watch a Criterion version horror film.

--- Watch a film with commentary.

--- Watch a film and at least two sequels.

Watch a film in each of the following horror subgenres:
--- Vampire
--- Frankenstein
x-- Werewolf
--- Mummy
--- Ghost/haunting
x-- Witchcraft/satanic/religious
--- Zombie
--- Slasher/psycho/homicidal maniac
--- Monster/creature feature
--- Documentary
--- Musical
x-- Spoof

Watch a film starring:
x-- Bela Lugosi
--- Lon Chaney Sr.
--- Lon Chaney Jr.
x-- Boris Karloff
xxx Vincent Price
--- Christopher Lee
--- Jamie Lee Curtis
--- Bruce Campbell
xx- Peter Cushing

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