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auto 06-19-07 01:03 PM

Twin Peaks: The Definitive Gold Box Edition (The Complete Series)
Here we go again...


from Dugpa.com:

TVShowsonDVD.com have released the artwork to what CBS/Paramount is calling a "Definitive" Twin Peaks Gold Box Set. While it is great news that the Pilot will finally be released in the US and remastered, one has to raise a few questions to CBS/Paramount. The number one question being "Will the Pilot be released separately for those that do not wish to buy the entire series again?" I get this question emailed to me on a regular basis and so I decided to contact CBS/Paramount to find out a few weeks back. Their response was that there were no plans at this time. Back to the new box set, one must also ask so what is it that makes this set the "Definitive" Gold Box set? Well, it seems they will be releasing the rest of the interviews that they saved over from the Season 2 box set along with some new ones that they have been shooting over the last few months. I also made a separate inquiry about whether or not they would address some of the audio issues that fans had complained about or if they would include the original 2.0 audio mixes as one would think that a "Definitive" set would include the original audio mixes. I was told that the masters were locked but the request would be "passed on" to the powers that be. Additional rumors that the Season 2 Soundtrack may be packaged with this release, but then again, if that happens, it will also be released as a stand alone CD. Finally, there has been much speculation on whether or not any of the TV Series Deleted Scenes will be included in this box set. After all we're talking about a "Definitive" Gold Box set here. Guess again. I have been told that Lynch agreed to do Deleted Scenes for this release but that CBS/Paramount, like New Line did not want to pay for the transfer costs that Lynch has requested to have the Deleted Scenes to the TV Series mastered properly. It's a sad day when you can buy a 4th Generation VHS to DVD bootleg transfer of Twin Peaks Deleted Scenes on Ebay but you can't find them anywhere on a so called "Definitive" Twin Peaks DVD set.

PixyJunket 06-19-07 01:04 PM


jmj713 06-19-07 01:14 PM

I love the gold look. Will pick up.

BuckNaked2k 06-19-07 01:15 PM

Originally Posted by jmj713
I love the gold look...

Judging by the other thread, you are the only one...

Living Dead 06-19-07 01:26 PM

This needed its own tread anyway.

steebo777 06-19-07 01:46 PM

It's so-so, but I'll stick with what I have.

gorgo99 06-19-07 02:42 PM

I never bought this on DVD, maybe it's time to upgrade my VHS recordings from the original broadcast : )

Damed 06-19-07 02:47 PM

I'm in for this set.

The Valeyard 06-19-07 03:02 PM

I'm in. I only own the First Season on DVD.

GoldenJCJ 06-19-07 03:08 PM

Awesome! I'm in.

I missed out on S1 and didn't want to buy S2 without seeing S1 first. Unfortunately, I saw Fire Walk With Me several years ago and so I'll know who the killer is before I even see one ep. of the series. Oh well...

The Antipodean 06-19-07 03:22 PM

Why a "gold box"? How lame. Nevertheless, having not bought the previous releases, I think I'm in.

Ethan VanSciver 06-19-07 03:35 PM

Yeah, I'm confused by the "Gold Box" choice. Red curtains, or a cherry pie, or any number of things would have been more appropriate packaging.

Oh, I'll buy it. Sigh.

Joe Molotov 06-19-07 03:59 PM

I'd be down for a Twin Peaks: Damn Good Box Set.

speedy1961 06-19-07 04:24 PM

I'll take the leap.

Never ever saw it when it was broadcast.

Spiral Staircase 06-19-07 04:52 PM

Originally Posted by speedy1961
I'll take the leap.

Never ever saw it when it was broadcast.

You will not be disappointed.

Tscott 06-19-07 05:11 PM

Glad I held off on upgrading my VHS set (w/ my homemade copy of the pilot episode taped off original broadcast).

FILMCZY 06-19-07 05:14 PM

I'm surprised with CBS/Paramount failing to provide adequate special features for this set since they did a pretty bang-up job with the entire "I Love Lucy" series. I mean how much can it cost to upgrade deleted scenes for god sake especially when they know the more special features they include, the more fans will want to purchase the set. Isn't that basic business/marketing sense?

calhoun07 06-19-07 06:26 PM

Originally Posted by starecase
You will not be disappointed.

Well, truth be told, there are some meandering plot lines in season 2 that should have been left on the cutting room floor. But over all, this is a great series, and by which many others since have been measured by.

Sondheim 06-19-07 06:38 PM

I, too, have never seen the series, but as a fan of David Lynch I'm going to have to blind-buy this set.

I'm excited.

LorenzoL 06-19-07 06:40 PM

If this set contains a remastered pilot and tons of extras, I'm double dipping again.

Arpeggi 06-19-07 07:43 PM

No DTS=No sale!

mifuneral 06-19-07 08:03 PM

Why gold? That has nothing to do with the show. How bizarre.

Anyway, I already own s1-2 and Fire Walk With Me. The only thing I'm missing is the pilot episode and I'm not double dipping the entire series just so I can own an extra hour or two of content.

And it's annoying that CBS was too cheap to pay for the deleted scenes.

cerial442 06-19-07 08:08 PM

I was able to see the first and half of the second (I saw what happened) in my high school English class. I will pick up the complete series. Hopefully it has the pilot.

HE Pennypacker 06-19-07 08:42 PM

This will be a blind-buy for me.

calhoun07 06-19-07 09:14 PM

Originally Posted by mifuneral
Why gold? That has nothing to do with the show. How bizarre.

Because that's what the Paramount execs will invest their money in once Twin Peaks fans take the double dip bait.

And it's annoying they just don't release the pilot by itself.

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