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The Man with the Golden Doujinshi 04-01-07 04:49 PM

Unwatched movie pile April '07: It's Back Since You Didn't Watch It Last Month
March 07 Thread

March Stats

Top Movies Bought
Borat - 5
Blood Diamonds - 4
Casino Royale - 4
Children of Men - 3
Peter Pan - 3
Bee Season - 2
Re-Animator - 2

Top Movies Watched
Borat - 4
Blood Diamonds - 3
Casino Royale - 3
Cider House Rules - 2
Diamonds Are Forever - 2
Goldfinger - 2
Mallrats - 2
Straw Dags - 2

Biggest Winners
wlverinefactor -33
RobCA -33
Duh Vuh Duh -29
Sean O'Hara -10
dpz301 -8
Giwen -8
willh51 -3
JeffyPop -1

Biggest Losers
Mister Peepers +59
acubfaninmd +15
Dr. Mantle +4
dtcarson +1

Average To Watch List

MedianTo Watch List

Average Watched

Median Watched

Average Bought

Median Bought

Average Net Change

Median Net Change

What Is This? Where Am I?

Spun off from an idea I had in the Unwatched DVD Pile thread, I decided to let everyone keep track of how they are coming along with their unwatched stuff along with seeing how everyone else is doing compared to you.

It may shock you to see how much you buy compared to how much you watch.

How Do I Start My Own List?

Updated format

There are 5 different sections for your post.

Section one will be how many movies you have to watch at the beginning of the month. This won't get updated.

Section two will be your list of movies as you watch them. Update as you watch.

Section three will be for the bad, bad man who forces you to buy new movies even though you can't finish what you have. You could either to a count and change it as you get it, or impress us all with a list instead so we can see that you bought the new Power Rangers movie.

updated Section four will be your monthly net change. It'll be zero at the first first of each month. It works like this, let's say you watch 3 movies, it just became -3. The next day there's a 20% off sale at DDD, add 40 more so now it's +37.

new Section five is your total net change. This one will carry over from the previous month or if you are just starting out, it will be zero. As you watch or buy movies, you will adjust this as well as the monthly net change.

How Do I Count TV sets or double feature DVDs?

You count them how you would normally count them. It's up for you to decide how you want to do it.

What If I Watch Stuff As I Buy? Can I Still Join?

There's no problem if you want to keep track of what you do.

The Man with the Golden Doujinshi 04-01-07 04:55 PM

Movies To Watch: 3,110

Movies Watched: 56
The Tom Green Show: Early Exposure
Legion of the Dead
The Junkman
Black Christmas (original flavor)
Feeders 2
The Scavengers
The Bunker
Galaxy of Terror
Blood Tracks
Ninja Theater Presents Shaolin Temple Strikes Back
Elvira: Witching Time
Rock & Roll Frankenstein
Zombie '90
Zombie Doom
Scarlet Diva
The Doom Generation
Revenge In The House Of Usher
Blood Hunger
Twitch of the Death Nerve
The Gingko Bed
Devil Kiss
Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed
The 9th Configuration
The Possession of Nurse Sherri
Riki-Oh: The Story of Ricki
Getting Into Heaven
The Raven
The Comedy of Terrors
Romper Stomper
The Wrestling Women vs The Aztec Mummy
Doctor of Doom
The Love Cult
Mundo Depravados
Black Demons
Invasion of the Animal People
The Silent Scream
Bloody Friday
Club Dead
Alien Predators
California Axe Massacre
Exit The Dragon, Enter The Tiger
Wanted Dead Or Alive
Return of the Tiger
Warrior of the Lost World
The Town That Dreaded Sundown
Carnival of Souls(extended director's cut)
Elvira: Children of the Full Moon
El Topo
Jack the Ripper
Johnny English
Road Games
Porn Star: The Legend of Ron Jeremy
The Yakuza

New Movies Bought: 75
Purana Mandir
Perdita Durango
Nudist Colony of the Dead
Monster of Piedras Blancas
Mondo Cannibale
Mr. Mari's Girls
Master Demon
Mad Love
Les Demons
Rampo Noir
The Deadly Camp
All Women Are Bad
Rifftrax - Star Wars: Attack of the Clones
Ninja Cadets!
The Lair of the White Worm
Charlotte's Web(new one)
Black Christmas(remake)
Children of Men
Dracula, Prisoner of Frankenstein
The Prowler
Pretty Poison
The Phantom Tollbooth
An Eye For An Eye
Body Lover
El Show Del Topo Gigio vol. 2
Zombies of Sugar Hill
Zombie Aftermath
Yor, The Hunter From The Future
Watchers 3
Vampire Raiders vs Ninja Queen
Truth or Dare: A Critical Madness
Troll 2: Rifftrax
Ninja Checkmate
Pumpkinhead: Ashes To Ashes
Death of a President
A Scanner Darkly
The Alien Files
Spider-Man 2.1
The Villains of Spider-Man 3
Avatar: The Last Airbender - Book 1 Vol 5
The Wicker Man - Rifftrax
Cross of Iron
The Villain
Writing Kung Fu
The Ninja Killer
Bad Moon
Beautiful Boxer
Avatar: The Last Airbender - Book 1 Vol 4
The Barbarians
The Alien Files
Disorder In The Court
Brideless Groom
Malice in the Palace
Sing A Song of Six Pants
Kooks Tour
Night At The Museum
Enter the Dragon
Where the Wild Things Are
Good Night, Gorilla
Pete's A Pizza
The 50 Worst Movies Ever Made
The Cat Creature
The Psychopath
The Werewolf and the Yeti

April Net Change: +19

Total Net Change: +78

tonyc3742 04-01-07 05:54 PM

going into April:
Titles To Watch: 148

Titles Watched: 3
The Beatles: Yellow Submarine 04/01/07
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs 04/15/07
Teen Titans S1 04/26/07

3 unwatched titles sold/traded

New Titles Received: 12
Teen Titans S1
Teen Titans S2
Gunslinger Girl complete
Galaxy Railways complete
Cardcaptor Sakura Movie 2
Yu Yu Hakusho First Battles
Kiddy Grade vols 1-4
Venture Brothers S2
Witch Hunter Robin Complete Collection

End of April, Titles to Watch: 154
Net Change: +6

Mister P: 3110? How is that even possible? Did you win the lottery or did some video store near you close down?

RobCA 04-01-07 06:13 PM

DVDs to Watch: 270

DVDs Watched: 68
1. Dante's Cove: Season 1
2. Cybill: Season 1 (Region 2)
3. Monty Python and the Holy Grail
4. The Importance of Being Earnest (1952)
5. The Importance of Being Earnest (2002)
6. Attack of the Killer Tomatoes
7. In the Good Old Summertime
8. The Beautician and the Beast
9. Twin Peaks: Season 2
10. Freaks
11. Raising Arizona
12. Fargo
13. Who's That Girl
14. Donnie Darko
15. Heathers
16. Ziegfeld Girl
17. The Omen (2006)
18. Sister Act
19. Cry-Baby
20. The Net
21. Dark City
22. De-Lovely
23. Clueless
24. Copycat
25. Malice
26. Splendor
27. Ghost
28. Neighbors (Region 2)
29. Love Finds Andy Hardy
30. Johnny Dangerously
31. Jumpin' Jack Flash
32. Stranger Than Fiction
33. The Robbie Williams Show
34. Robbie Williams: Angels
35. George Lucas in Love
36. Eurythmics: Greatest Hits
37. Psycho Beach Party
38. Erasure: Hits! The Videos
39. Planet of the Apes (2001)
40. Reefer Madness
41. The Butterfly Effect
42. Lucy's Really Lost Moments
43. Malice in Wonderland
44. Plan 9 from Outer Space
45. Airplane II: The Sequel
46. A League of Their Own
47. The Best of Designing Women
48. Superstar
49. Mars Attacks!
50. Liar Liar
51. Back to School
52. The Late Shift
53. Ghostbusters
54. Ghostbusters 2
55. 29th & Gay
56. Die Mommie Die!
57. Mumford
58. Girls Will Be Girls
59. You've Got Mail
60. Totally Blonde
61. Apartment Zero
62. Groundhog Day
63. Pet Shop Boys: Pop Art
64. My Favorite Broadway: The Leading Ladies
65. Sex and the City: Season 1
66. Beth Hart: Live at Paradiso
67. Sister Hazel: A Life in the Day
68. The Secret of My Success

DVDs Bought: 10
1. Twin Peaks: Season 2
2. Roseanne: Season 1
3. Fast Times at Ridgemont High
4. Anything But Love: Volume 1
5. 29th & Gay
6. Apartment Zero
7. Lucy's Really Lost Moments
8. Adam's Rib
9. The Women
10. The Shop Around the Corner

April Net Change: -58

Total Net Change: -91

wlverinefactor 04-01-07 06:27 PM

Movies To Watch: 67

Movies Watched: 70
Stargate SG-1 Season 2
School For Scoundrels (remake)
Science of Sleep
All The King's Men
Charlotte's Web
Van Wilder 2
world trade center
us vs john lennon
golden girls season 3
fast food nation
Elizabeth I (hbo mini series)
The Return
Jump In
Die Another Day
King Kong Production Diaries (the inside packaging kicks ass)
the spy who loved me
Coach Season 1
Pokemon Ranger & The Temple of the sea
Licence To Kill
A View To A Kill
the protector
fahrenheit 451
Man of the Year
Charmed Season 3
shadow of a doubt
sabrina the teenage witch season 1
rear window
Alias Season 5 (watched it all within 24 hours...)
curse of the golden flower
trouble with harry
the man who knew too much
Psycho (original)
Sonic The hedgehog Complete Series
the birds
Torn Curtain
family plot
everyone's hero
running with scissors
x-files season 5
big bounce (remake)
Freedom Writers
The Guardian
South Park Season 9
Soylent Green
Open Season
good shephard
let's go to prison
Smokin Aces
seventh seal
Stargate SG-1 Season 3
Scooby Doo Where are you - Season 3
Survivor: Palau complete season
Lizzy Mcguire Season 2
.Hack//Roots Vol 1
Full House season 6

New Movies Bought: 40
South Park Season 9
Charlotte's Web
Van Wilder 2
Jump in!
Fast Food Nation
us vs john lennon
thundercats s2 vol 2
full house season 6
the return
batman beyond season 3
entourage season 3.1
fahrenheit 451
pokemon ranger and the temple of the sea
Man of the year
lets go to prison
good shephard
scooby doo where are you season 3
.hack//roots le
soylent green
running with scossors
everyone's hero
open season
scooby doo & dynomutt set
disgaea vol 1
disgaea vol 2
curse of the golden flower
big bounce
smokin aces
seventh seal
freedom writers
drew carrey season 1

April Net Change: -30

Total Net Change: -63

NOTE: I have now watched all of my movies. Everything else is tv sets :'(

The Man with the Golden Doujinshi 04-01-07 06:38 PM

I made a change to the format. I changed the net change to a monthly and a total net change. That way you can keep track of how you do each month as well as your total.

In other words, I would have come into this month +57 but with the new way I get a fresh start for the month as well as my bastard total net change.

Originally Posted by dtcarson
Mister P: 3110? How is that even possible? Did you win the lottery or did some video store near you close down?

A combination of stores closing and mom and pop stores clearing their VHS movies out. Then I come in and buy up all the horror and sci-fi that I like that aren't on DVD yet.

My total collection is somewhere over 5,000. I haven't update my movie database since last year so I have a lot more I need to enter.

It also means my to watch count is outdated, since that's what I got it from. It's still around that number but at this point, I think nobody will get mad at me for being a little off.

dpz301 04-01-07 09:22 PM

Movies To Watch: 158

Movies Watched: 9
a view to a kill: ultimate james bond collection, v2.
the wire: complete first season
entourage, season 3.1
license to kill: ultimate james bond collection, v2.
for the love of the game
the warrior
the last king of scotland
superman: the movie

New Movies Bought: 9
The Wire: Complete First Season
Apolyocapse Now: Complete Dossier
the good shepard
entourage season 3.1
smokin' aces with collector cards
the last king of scotland
hulk: 2 disc special edition
an evening with kevin smith 2: even harder

April Net Change:

Total Net Change: -8

acubfaninmd 04-02-07 08:01 AM

DVDS To Watch: 204

DVDS Watched:
US Vs John Lenon
Aqua Teen Hunger Force Volume 1
Cocaine Cowboys
Fight Club

DVDS Bought:
South Park Season 9
Venturte Bros. Season 1
The Good Sheperd

April Net Change: -2

Total Net Change: +13

Duh Vuh Duh 04-02-07 10:00 AM

Movies to Watch: 94

Movies Watched: 10
Take Me Home: John Denver Story
Better Off Dead
Elephant Man
Fire in the Sky
Apocalypse Now - bb
The Insider
Mystic River
Farenheit 9/11 - bb
Point Break PAE

New Movies bought: 5
Major League
NHL Greatest Moments
NHL Vintage: Greatest Goals
NHL Vintage: Men Behind the Mask
NHL Vintage: Overtime Heroes

April Net Change: -5

Total Net Change: -34

bb=blind buy

Ginwen 04-02-07 12:18 PM

Movies/Shows To Watch Start of Month: 113

Movies/Shows Watched in April (first time viewings only): 22
The Wild, Wild West S2
Sign of the Times
Children of Men
Seinfeld S7
Return of the Living Dead
Twin Peaks S2
South Park S2
Hard Boiled
Seven Samurai
Delinquent Girl Boss: Worthless To Confess
Criminal Woman: Killing Melody
Terrifying Girl's High School: Lynch Law Classroom
Girl Boss Guerilla
House of Flying Daggers
Kuch Kuch Hota Hai
Not Just the Best of the Larry Sanders Show
Sex & Fury
Female Yakuza Tale

New Movies/Shows Bought: 7
South Park Season 9
Prince: Sign of the Times
Twin Peaks S2
Children of Men
Not Just the Best of the Larry Sanders Show

April Net Change: -15

Total Net Change: -23

Goal for April: Have under 100 unwatched left.
Current unwatched: 98

The Man with the Golden Doujinshi 04-02-07 05:37 PM

Just a reminder, don't forget to change your total net change as well as your monthly when you add or subtract

Sean O'Hara 04-02-07 06:39 PM

Total Unwatched: 181

<b>Total Viewed</b>: 16
It's Always Fair Weather
The Pajama Game
The Illusionist
Sorry, Wrong Number
The Left Handed Gun
Gold Diggers of 1933
The Drowning Pool
A Run for Your Money
42nd Street
Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles
Major League
Apollo 13
The Prisoner of Zenda (1937)
Ziegfeld Follies

<b>Total Bought</b>: 56
The Illusionist
Billy Rose's Jumbo
The Glass Bottom Boat
Love Me or Leave Me
Lullaby of Broadway
Please Don't Eat the Daisies
Young Man with a Horn
The Pajama Game
Calamity Jane
42nd Street
Gold Diggers of 1933
Gold Diggers of 1935
Footlight Parade
It's Always Fair Weather
Till the Clouds Roll By
Ziegfeld Follies
Three Little Words
Summer Stock
Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles
Princess Mononoke
Major League
Winchester '73
Apollo 13
Angel Face
Home from the Hill
The Sundowners
The Good Guys and the Bad Guys
The Yakuza
Village of the Damned (1995)
Billy Budd
Captain Horatio Hornblower
Madame Bovary
The Three Musketeers
The Prisoner of Zenda (1937)
The Prisoner of Zenda (1952)
The Adventures of Don Juan
The Charge of the Light Brigade
The Dawn Patrol
Dive Bomber
Gentleman Jim
The Conformist
Black Sunday (1960)
Black Sabbath
The Girl Who Knew Too Much
Knives of the Avenger
Kill, Baby ... Kill!
San Francisco
Dancing Lady
China Seas
Boom Town
Wife vs Secretary

<b>Monthly Net Change</b>: +40

<b>YTD Net Change</b>: +30

Dr. Mantle 04-03-07 04:12 AM

Movies To Watch: 34
Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia
Casa de los Babys
The Conformist
Danger: Diabolik
The Day After
Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room
The Experiment
Farewell My Concubine
Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children
Flesh + Blood
The Front
Garage Days
Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence
Happy Endings
Jesus of Nazareth
Joan of Arc (1999)
Last Tango in Paris
Miami Vice
Oliver Twist (2006)
The Return (2004)
Sling Blade director's cut
Star Trek Fan Collective: Borg
the Tenant
War and Peace
Where the Truth Lies
The X-Files: The Complete First Season
The X-Files: The Complete Second Season
The X-Files: The Complete Third Season
The X-Files: The Complete Fourth Season
The X-Files: The Complete Fifth Season
The X-Files: Colonization

Movies Watched: 4

New Movies Bought This Month: 0

Net Change This Month: -3

Total Net Change: 0

I've only counted movies that I've either never seen at all or never saw all the way through. I left out anything that I've seen before but still haven't watched my own DVD of it.

SideShow 04-03-07 04:46 AM

Movies/Shows To Watch: 105

Movies/Shows Watched: (of owned, not rented) 11
Sweet Charity
A Night to Remember
Thirty Day Princess
Kiss and Make Up
Half Nelson
The Virgin Spring
Wedding Present
The Prince and the Showgirl
The Night of the Iguana
Big Brown Eyes
The Vanishing (1988)

New Movies/Shows Bought: 3
And the Ship Sails On
The Killers (1946)/(1964)- Criterion Collection set (two titles)
The Vanishing- The Criterion Collection

April Net Change: -8

Total Net Change: 0

acubfaninmd 04-05-07 08:24 AM

im actually -1 for April instead of being + something almost all of March

The Man with the Golden Doujinshi 04-05-07 08:30 PM

Originally Posted by acubfaninmd
im actually -1 for April instead of being + something almost all of March

Don't worry, there's still time to change that. I was doing good until today(still need to update).

Greg MacGuffin 04-05-07 08:31 PM

Movies To Watch: 33

Movies Watched: 7
Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex 2nd Gig Vol. 4
South Park - The Complete 7th Season
A Collection of 2005 Academy Award Nominated Short Films
The Virgin Suicides
The Strange Vice of Mrs. Wardh
Back to the Future Trilogy
Star Trek: The Animated Series

New Movies Bought: 6
Back to the Future Trilogy
Halloween II
The Virgin Suicides
South Park - The Complete 9th Season
Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex 2nd Gig Vol. 5
Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex 2nd Gig Vol. 6

April Net Change: -1

Total Net Change: -2

Jgh8x 04-06-07 02:24 AM

Movies To Watch: 35

Being Julia
Black Hawk Down
Comedians, The
Cooler, The
Crime of Padre Amaro, The
Dirty Pretty Things
Empire Falls
Finding Neverland
Girl in the Cafe, The
Hotel Rwanda
Hustle & Flow
I Am Sam
In America
Lackawanna Blues
Life and Death of Peter Sellers, The
Maria Full of Grace
Merchant of Venice, The
Mighty Wind, A
Motorcycle Diaries, The
My Fair Lady
New World, The
North Country
Quiet American, The
Sandpiper, The
Talk to Her
Upside of Anger, The
Very Long Engagement, A
V.I.P.s, The
We Don't Live Here Anymore

Movies Watched: 3

Before Sunset
United 93
Y Tu Mama Tambien

New Movies Bought: 15

Cold Mountain
Dirty Pretty Things
Hustle & Flow
My Big Fat Greek Wedding
Ghost World
Y Tu Mama Tambien
United 93
Royal Tenenbaums, The
Comedians, The
Sandpiper, The
V.I.P.s, The
Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

April Net Change: +12

Total Net Change: +12

Duh Vuh Duh 04-06-07 01:17 PM

So movies bought is only movies bought in April, right?

The Man with the Golden Doujinshi 04-07-07 10:06 AM

Originally Posted by Duh Vuh Duh
So movies bought is only movies bought in April, right?


dpz301 04-08-07 10:56 AM

tv shows are going to kill me count.

dpz301 04-10-07 08:55 PM

i keep bouncing back and forth. need to resist buying more.

The Man with the Golden Doujinshi 04-12-07 09:53 AM

What killed me last time were some nice sales. This month I've got it about even. Of course even doesn't get me through everything.

wlverinefactor 04-12-07 02:28 PM

This month is not going well for me :(

dpz301 04-15-07 07:40 PM

back to even for the month (until tuesday).

what's the deal with movies on tv that we have already watched? i watched national treasure but it wasn't on my unwatched list, do we count that as a movie watched anyway?

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