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ytrez 02-22-07 09:16 AM

Deer Hunter DVD Question
I just ordered this single disk version of Deer Hunter:


and under the special features tab it says Anamorphic Widescreen - 2.35.

By the way, the box doesn't look like that on the disc I received from them. It looks like this: http://video.barnesandnoble.com/sear...=0025192017728

I bought this along with a bunch of other updates for the anamorphic feature (things like Midnight Run, Brighton Beach Memoirs, They Live, The Thing) only the box doesn't mention that it is anamorphic and the UPC is the same as the old disc I already have in my library.

So, does anyone know if this disc is in fact enhanced for widescreen televisions?

Thanks so much.

Cameron 02-22-07 09:42 AM

it is not anamorphic. the same disc was issued 3 times

http://victoryatseaonline.com/war/vi...hunter-dvd.jpg http://content.vcommerce.com/product.../821/70821.jpg http://cache.gifts.com/photos/view?f...S478ZV3N_L.jpg


DarthMarino 02-22-07 09:56 AM


I believe the Legacy Series release is anamorphic. It also looks much better and has features.

canaryfarmer 02-22-07 09:57 AM

You want this one, man:

tylergfoster 02-22-07 12:08 PM

Or, if you want to really split hairs and you're willing to import, you want this:

The US DVD is crappy -- disc 2 holds less than 20 minutes of footage.

DarthMarino 02-22-07 12:40 PM

That Region 2 version doesn't seem to include the deleted scenes so it isn't exactly the definitive version.

GuruTwo 02-22-07 01:19 PM

There's a new single-disc reissue of "The Deer Hunter" in a keepcase with cover art similar to the 2-disc "Legacy Series" but I don't know if it's just disc 1 of the "Legacy Series" or the old disc in new packaging.

I saw it at Wal-Mart in the bargain bin and I was like "dammit, I just paid like $30 for this a few months ago!" but then I realized that it wasn't the Legacy disc, it just has similar cover art.

Premise 02-22-07 02:08 PM

I seen this in a new display case at WM. They had the old cover version on one side of the display, and the new cover on the other side. the back of the new cover says anamorphic widescreen, where as the old cover only said widescreen.

tylergfoster 02-22-07 04:55 PM

Originally Posted by DarthMarino
That Region 2 version doesn't seem to include the deleted scenes so it isn't exactly the definitive version.

No, but come on -- director's commentary and four featurettes totaling about an hour tops the not-really-deleted-scenes (they're alternate takes) and cinematographer/reporter commentary on the Legacy DVD anyday.

Looks like Universal may have gotten confused: I think they re-issued the DVD with the new cover, but they checked the Legacy stats. However, since this DVD claims to have production notes and the trailer, that, in theory, makes it the old disc.

porieux 02-23-07 11:15 PM

I just got the HD-DVD version from Netflix. I would assume this is the best version available for those who have the required hardware.

JZ1276 10-04-07 07:53 AM

So i just watched the Legacy edition I bought months ago and even though it's supposed to have a 5.1 track and my receiver reads 5.1, it didnt sound like a typical 5.1 mix. I went back to the audio menu and noticed it says "Logic7". Anyone know what that is ??

Imail724 10-04-07 03:07 PM

If anyone is looking for The Legacy Series one, I found a copy at Costco two weeks ago for $16.99, they also had the two-disc version of Cape Fear for the same price. I grabbed both.

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