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Ghostface180 02-15-07 05:28 PM

Any news of a "Don't Look Now" re-release?
Has anyone heard anything about a re-release of Nicholas Roeg's "Don't Look Now"? The current Paramount edition is barebones, while the recent R2 release is a special edition.

I can't seem to find the R1 release in any stores. I'm wondering if I should bite the bullet and order it online, or just wait a couple of months for a new edition.


NoirFan 02-15-07 05:39 PM

I started a thread about this when the R2 SE came out, and no one seemed to know if it was going to be released stateside. I for one would double dip on this one.

Rockmjd23 02-15-07 05:46 PM

IIRC, The R2 SE isn't released by Paramount, so most likely we won't see it in the states.

alfonsosoriano 02-15-07 05:50 PM

Man, I would love to get a new version.

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