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DrStrangeL0ve71 02-10-07 12:10 AM

Cinema Paradiso: Which version first?
I haven't seen either, which should I watch first?

Joe Molotov 02-10-07 01:28 AM

I saw the Director's Cut first. I don't know if that's the best order, but it worked for me.

Bateman 02-10-07 02:31 AM

Theatrical cut first. IMO they are both brilliant but the director's cut adds another angle to the film.

Mondo Kane 02-10-07 02:40 AM

Blind-bought the 3-Disc a few months ago. Watched the Theatrical Cut first and fell in love with it (Will view the DC later on for the Oscar challenge)

But I feel that the DC will have it's work cut out for it.

I noticed in the trailer that the DC focuses a lot on Sal's girlfriend and what became of her. But I feel that the disappearance of her and Sal moving on has much more impact--Since it's something that I can relate to.

MisterHowie 02-10-07 07:44 AM

See the theatrical first as it will raise a few questions that you can then answer by watching the Director's Cut.

Rizor 02-10-07 10:34 PM

I saw the two versions back to back when I first saw the film. I started with the theatrical and as others mentioned, it's probably the way to go. If you love it, then you'll probably enjoy sitting through the Director's Cut as well. The theatrical version isn't really a case where the cuts destoyed the movie. It's leaner and great in its own right. The DC adds about 50 minutes (I think) and fills in some blanks and answers some questions.

Subgeniusguy 02-11-07 03:01 PM

I prefer the theatrical cut. Some questions are best left unanswered. When I rewatch this I generally watch the theatrical cut. Most director's cuts rarely have a great deal of impact on a film. In this case, the theatrical cut is to me a MUCH better film. IMO, you don't miss a thing if you never see the longer cut. For me it's simply nice to have as a reference of deleted scenes and for how adding scenes can alter a film. So in answer to your question, watch the shorter cut first.

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