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DJariya 02-07-07 03:48 AM

Great movies that got a crap DVD release
I don't know if this topic has ever been brought up. But, how many of you have seen some fantastic movies that deserved a great DVD release meaning great extras, commentaries, historical documentaries, but were sorely let down with either an EPK filled DVD or a barebones DVD?

Looks like Flags of our Fathers is the 1st 2007 release getting this kind of crap treatment.

Nick Danger 02-07-07 06:28 AM

The Journey of Natty Gann is a great movie that looks like it was mastered from the VHS tape. But it's a lower-tier Disney movie, so they don't care.

A lot of R1 Jackie Chan DVDs have some of the jokes edited out. I had to buy the R0 versions from Hong Kong to see the whole movies. But they're foreign films, and people don't know any better. Disney has the US distribution rights, so they don't care.

I think that extras are, well, extra.

acubfaninmd 02-07-07 07:17 AM

Kill Bill Vol 1 and 2

animatedude 02-07-07 07:41 AM

there's so many threads about this but what the hell..:

Velvet Goldmine
Great Expectation (1998)
Shallow Grave

BuckNaked2k 02-07-07 08:43 AM

The Last Emperor

Academy Award winner: Best Picture 1987. Had a crappy (non-anamorphic?) release now OOP with no replacement announced.

BuckNaked2k 02-07-07 08:49 AM

oh, and don't forget Braveheart.

T.Williams 02-07-07 09:05 AM

def. Kill Bill Vol 1 and 2. where are the extras?!?!?! worst DVD release in my collection....

PatrickMcCart 02-07-07 09:12 AM

The Quiet Man is the first that comes to my mind. If you can't do a Technicolor film right (like Warner and Fox does), just don't do it at all. John Ford would probably sucker punch whoever thought the current transfer would be passable for release on DVD. :)

starman9000 02-07-07 09:31 AM

Originally Posted by BuckNaked2k
oh, and don't forget Braveheart.


On a different line, I'd love to get a good Coming to America with as many deleted scenes as possible.

RobCA 02-07-07 09:43 AM

Death Becomes Her
New York Stories

Fielding Mellish 02-07-07 10:05 AM

Grosse Pointe Blank, definitely.

canaryfarmer 02-07-07 10:44 AM


HE Pennypacker 02-07-07 10:46 AM

Every Woody Allen movie ever made.

mrhan 02-07-07 11:08 AM

Equilibrium wasn't a great movie but it was good enough to at least get more supplementary material.

james2025a 02-07-07 11:14 AM

There are a lot of movies that still have not had good versions released. Most of the ones below simply don't have many extras at all.

All the SAtanley Kubrick films
At Close Range
Carlitos Way

Dan1boy 02-07-07 11:24 AM

Originally Posted by james2025a
Most of the ones below simply don't have many extras at all.

Carlitos Way

These two have terrific SE's out with plenty of extras.

Snowmaker 02-07-07 11:45 AM

Yellowbeard (Not even its own custom menu screen.)

Private Parts

Shannon Nutt 02-07-07 12:13 PM

Shoot To Kill
Planes, Trains & Automobiles

smashthesymbols 02-07-07 12:23 PM

Two immediately spring to mind for me; Escape From Alcatraz and The Ghost And The Darkness. Both are non-anamorphic. As far as extras, Ghost And The Darkness has a trailer, Escape From Alcatraz has nothing. Both of them are based on true events too, so documentaries on the real stories should be a no brainer. On Escape From Alcatraz I'd like to see a documentary on Alcatraz itself and the history of the prison. At the very least I'd love to see both of these released again with an anamorphic transfer and basic extras.

I'd also second many of the movies mentioned before, especially Braveheart and Kill Bill.

mijorico 02-07-07 12:30 PM

The Breakfast Club
Sixteen Candles
Weird Science
Almost any John Hughes movie, really.

Midnight Run
Christmas Vacation - the SE isn't much better, aside from being WS
Stand By Me - repackaged with a book and soundtrack, but the same disc without many good extras.

TheJoker 02-07-07 02:52 PM

The Spongebob Squarepants movie.....I loved it but was surprised the features were so short and there was no commentary...

mh4268 02-07-07 03:10 PM

The Graduate
The Ref (I just want anamorphic)

BackStJoe 02-07-07 03:21 PM

The Long Kiss Goodnight

rich-y 02-07-07 03:26 PM

Good Burger


tommyp007 02-07-07 03:26 PM

Spies Like Us

JayDerek 02-07-07 03:55 PM

Beautiful Girls desperately needs to have a R1 16x9 release. :(

rfduncan 02-07-07 04:09 PM

Originally Posted by HE Pennypacker
Every Woody Allen movie ever made.

At the director's request so don't hold you're breath.

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