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Your Favorite DVD Movie Quotes

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Your Favorite DVD Movie Quotes

Name em
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What's a DVD movie quote? If you're asking for quotes of lines from movies, this thread belongs in the Movie Forum, as it has nothing to do specifially with DVDs.
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Perhaps what is meant is a quote off the DVD cover itself, like: "What more could you want in a movie!"...like a movie critic blurb.

Or maybe something like this (which isn't a quote I suppose): From The Corrupt Minds That Brought You "Pulp Fiction" and "American Psycho." Both of the previous are from "The Rules of Attraction."

Or maybe the OP meant the tag line? "Think you're alone? Think again." -from Hollow Man.

Or, now that I think of it, maybe the OP meant the edition name type like "Holy Shnike Edition" or some such.

I dunno...I give up.
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Maybe he means during the menu display?
In that case, mine would be from Spaced series 2: "Babylon 5's a big pile of shit"
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"Fuck DVD"--Kevin Smith
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Originally Posted by Maklershed
Name em
You first.
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Originally Posted by Filmmaker
"Fuck DVD"--Kevin Smith

That makes sense....commentary quotes would be pretty much exclusively DVD movie quotes. I suppose you could also take a quote from a deleted scene or perhaps from a director's cut scene not shown in theaters...

How about "Oohhh, twat shot!" from Mila Jovovich in the commentary for Resident Evil (although finding the reference to it over at ratethatcommentary.com suggested it was Michelle Rodriguez who said it).

You could probably just quote the whole damn thing, but here's one or two from the Drunken Commentary on "Cannibal! The Musical":

(after a scene where "howdy" is said about 10 times)
"Now, why would you do that? Why would you waste film on that?...I think Film-making 101 is 'don't do that."

Trey Parker:
"Now that was me doing Matt's voice for some reason, I don't know why...fucking some fat fucking hog."
"Oh yeah, that's right!...Oh my god what a beast..."

...and one more, in the midst of a musical number:
"Now, at the end of this cut you can see Trey yell cut."
"Yeah, I say cut...watch..."
(everyone in the room doing commentary says together): "CUT!"

All of this in the first 25 minutes of the film, and as someone comments, they've already downed half a bottle of whiskey.

Good stuff...

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if you are talking about quotes on the dvd i like
"...Ichi is Probably the Citzen Kane of arterial spray movies, or at least the Casablanca." by Aint-It-Cool-News.com on Ichi The Killer
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