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OldBoy 12-25-06 11:21 AM

What DVD's did you get for the Holidays?
List your DVD presents from all the joyous holidays!

I got some gift certificates and with those:
"World Trade Center" 3-disc (Target)
"The Last Kiss" (12/26 w/ GC)
"Jackass: The Movie" Exclusive Target 2-pack (12/26 w/ GC)
"Layer Cake"
"Superman Ultimate" (B-day just a bit ago)
"Nip/Tuck" S3

whitetigeress 12-25-06 11:26 AM

Little Miss Sunshine

mh4268 12-25-06 11:28 AM

Prisoner megaset
Bought from Earth to the Moon from BB yesterday witha gc.

Sessa17 12-25-06 11:29 AM

Mostly a ton of GCs, but my girlfriend got me this beauty:


Dan G 12-25-06 11:29 AM

Arrested Development Seasons 1-3
O Brother, Where Art Thou?

reubs82 12-25-06 11:33 AM

Well, bday and Christmas are the same week, so I got Firefly: The Complete Series, Serenity: The Movie, My Name is Earl S1, and Little Miss Sunshine in all. Pretty good haul, I thought. I picked up Robin Hood: Most Wanted Edition and Devil Wears Prada (against my better judgment) for her for Christmas (among other things of course)

RobCA 12-25-06 11:33 AM

I made out like a bandit! My husband got me:

Saturday Night Live: The Complete First Season
Creature from the Black Lagoon: The Legacy Collection
So NoTORIous: The Complete Series
Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf 2-disc special edition
Little Shop of Horrors (with colorized version and Mike Nelson commentary)
Plan 9 from Outer Space (ditto)

...and I got him Dante's Cove: Season 1 (along with a bunch of other stuff)


movieguru 12-25-06 11:34 AM

I got Christmas Story, A Miracle on 34th Street, and Scrooge to watch during the holidays.

Sabrett 12-25-06 11:35 AM

Air Buddies
Dennis the Menace Double Feature
Invasion: Complete Series
I Love Lucy: Season 1
Mad About You: Season 1
Mad About You: Season 2
Golden Girls: Season 5
Alias: Complete Series
Chronicles of Narnia: EE Gift Set
Survivor: Vanuatu
Hulk Hogan: The Complete Anthology
Baywatch: Season 1

And almost $300 in gift cards

Pretty nice haul, if I do say so myself...

Living Dead 12-25-06 11:41 AM

Pandora's Box Criterion
Married With Children Season 5
Goodfellas 2 Disc
Warner Film Noir V3
Warner Tough Guys Set
John Ford Film Collection
Bogie and Bacall Box Set
Sealab Seasons 2-4

I also bought for myself:
Simpsons Season 9
Wicker Man 2 Disc (Original)
Married With Children Season 6
The Descent (Or I will tomorrow, anyway)

It'll take me months to get through all of it.

king slug 12-25-06 12:09 PM

Fast and the Furious (HD-DVD)
House of Wax (HD-DVD)
Troy (HD-DVD)

Also some giftcards from my niece, and work which will go towards Clerks 2 (HD-DVD), and some other HD-DVD release this year.

Patman 12-25-06 12:21 PM

I got a couple of HD DVDs, but I also picked up over 12 HD DVDs during the Google Checkout $20 off $50 bonus offer through buy.com because the price was definitely right.

fumanstan 12-25-06 12:54 PM

Girlfriend bought me Simpsons Season 9

DrStrangeL0ve71 12-25-06 01:54 PM

Da Ali G Show season 1
Thank You For Smoking
24 Seasons 4 and 5

rw2516 12-25-06 02:01 PM

Mission: Impossible-First Season
Superman Serials Collection

Wick 12-25-06 02:49 PM


Six Feet Under: The Complete Series
James Bond: The Ultimate Edition (Volumes 1 and 4)
The Premiere Frank Capra Film Collection
Pirates of the Caribbean 2


The Mission Impossible Trilogy

prozac80 12-25-06 03:03 PM

princess bride
the never ending story
red eye

and a shitload of cash and GCs that I plan to use mostly on movies I put on lists and did not get.

Mike Adams 12-25-06 03:23 PM

So far...

Star Odyssey ($1 DVD only purchased so my brother could hide a BB GC in it)
The Best of Mr. Peabody & Sherman
Short Circuit 2

...plus a butt-load of GCs. The above also doesn't include the many DVDs I've purchased as "gifts to myself" lately.

dom56 12-25-06 03:54 PM

I got...

Seven Samurai 3-discs Criterion
The Notorious Bettie Page
Robin Hood:Most Wanted Edition
King Kong Deluxe Extended Edition
The Simpsons Complete Eight Seasons
Ice Age The Meltdown

Sadly, I got Jet Li Fearless and Over the Hedge both FULLSCREEN. :(

My brother said he well exchange them for widescreen, so I forgive him for now.

Merry Christmas fellow DVDtalkers. :wave:

Ginwen 12-25-06 04:31 PM

I got:

The John Ford Film Collection
Johnny Cash: The Man, His World, His Music
Sex Pistols: Never Mind the Bollocks... Story of
Youth of the Beast

Dan1boy 12-25-06 04:48 PM

My wonderful girlfriend got me:

Bugsy (extended cut) for Xmas


Three's Company (8th Season) for Hanukkah

it's nice to be spoiled.....

mdc3000 12-25-06 04:54 PM

I got:

24: Season 5
Alias: Season 5
SNL: Season 1
World Trade Center HD DVD
Sopranos: Season 6 part 1 HD DVD

and a few gift certificates to pick up the following tomorrow:

The Mummy HD DVD
Lady in the Water HD DVD
Talladega Nights
Simpsons: Season 8

ChefWinduAZ 12-25-06 05:16 PM

I also received this for Christmas plus I got Seasons 3, 4, 5, & 6 of The X-Files.

Filmmaker 12-25-06 05:17 PM

None (outside of a $25 Best Buy Gift Certificate), but that's becoming the standard in my house--I buy everything I want the week it comes out, in order to a) get the best price, b) have the peace of mind that I own it and c) ensure I get the exclusive bonus DVD, if a retailer offers one for any given title. What I did get that the above practice has made me desperate for is a new locking DVD storage cabinet that holds approximately 450 DVDs! :thumbsup:

lwhy? 12-25-06 05:31 PM

I received a few dvds for Christmas:
Northern Exposure Season 5
Lost Season 2
Talladega Nights Uncut
I also received a few books
1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die
The Complete Peanuts Boxset 1959-1962

My birthday was on Nov. 27 and I received
Pirates of the Carribbean 2 disc
Superman Ultimate Collection

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