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Legolas 12-22-06 12:51 AM

The list is based on information gathered from the internet and I have NO connections to the studios. There is a possibility that some of the titles might not get a re-release since the list contains also rumors. Pretty much all of the bold titles are certain (some are on the fence). Some of the "confirmations" are from a while ago and studios tend to change their minds. Anyway, don't blame me if some of these don't get re-released.

<B>101 Dalmatians [Animated] (2009, SE)</B>

<B>28 Days Later (SE, COM, FEA, 16:9, DD)</B>
Was supposed to come out in May, then it just disappeared.

Absence Of Malice, The (SE)

Abyss, The (16:9, DC, TC, 2D)
HTF chat with Fox’s Peter Staddon: “As far as the Abyss is concerned, I'm actually looking to see what it would take to justify an anamorphic re-release as that would make the double disc set perfect in my opinion. If it can be done, we will do it in 2004."

<B>Adaptation (SE)</B>
SE creator has mentioned this but no information from Columbia.

<B>Adventures of Baron Munchausen, The (SE, 2D) (4/8/2008)</B>

African Queen, The (SE)

Amityville Horror, The (SE, 2 x FEA, 2D?)
R2 coming, R1 should follow. Or has this been already made available in the Amityville Collection?

<B>Aristocats, The (SE, 2D) (2/5/2008)</B>

<B>Arthur (SE, RM, OAR, 2006)</B>

Beastmaster, The (SE)

Beetlejuice (SE)
From HTF chat with Warner in early 2006: "An obvious one everyone wants. We're hoping to get a commentary from Mr. Burton to make this a reality."

<B>Bottle Rocket (SE, Criterion)</B>
No news from Criterion but I think Wes Anderson has mentioned on some occasion that Criterion would be doing a special edition. From someone called Eric Berger: “Take this for what it's worth... Spoke recently with a friend of mine who has no reason to make things up. Anyway, he was in first class from Austin to LAX a few weeks ago sitting behind Luke Wilson and Wes Anderson. He asked what they were up to, and they said they were going to work on the Criterion version of Bottle Rocket.” But some reports indicate that Columbia has not licenced nor will licence this title to Criterion.<BR>
Braindead [aka Dead Alive] (Long version)

<B>Bridges of Madison County, The (SE) (5/8/2008)</B>
From HTF chat with Warner in early 2006: "We know it's long overdue that BRIDGES OF MADISON COUNTY gets the 16x9 treatment. Probably early next year."

<B>Bruce Almighty (SE)</B>
Was rumored to coincide with Evan Almighty, then nothing. Could've been just another wild internet rumor.

<B>Bull Durham (SE, COM, FEA) (3/18/2008)</B>

Caddyshack (SE)
From HTF chat with Warner in early 2006: "We hope to re-visit CADDYSHACK soon."

<B>Candidate, The (OAR)</B>

Casino Royale (James Bond) (SE, 3D) (2008)
Rumored to be in the works to coincide with the next Daniel Craig installment. Probably true considering how this studio loves to double and triple dip on their 007 titles.

<B>Casino Royale (Woody Allen) (SE, COM, FEA, 16:9, DD) (6/3/2008) </B>

<B>Chasing Amy (SE)</B>

City Of The Living Dead

Cleopatra (DC)

<B>Cocktail (SE)</B>
Had a tentative 2006 release date, then nothing.

<B>Cool Hand Luke (SE) </B>

C. S. I.: Season 1 (SE)

<B>Dances With Wolves (EC, COM, 1D, 16:9, DD)</B>
Sony has canceled this title. Might have something to do with Fox taking over the Region 1 distribution of MGM titles, so it's possible this title could return at a later date.

<B>Dark City (DC, Com [Ebert])</B>

<B>Demons (16:9)</B>
Blue Underground is supposedly going to re-release this when Anchor Bay’s rights expire.

<B>Demons 2 (16:9)</B>
Blue Underground is supposedly going to re-release this when Anchor Bay’s rights expire.

<B>The Devil’s Rejects (DC)</B>

<B>Eight Men out (SE, COM, FEA) (3/18/2008)</B>

Excalibur (RM)
From HTF chat with Warner in early 2006: "... Excalibur... need to be improved in quality. We'll be looking into all of them."

Exorcist III, The (DC)
Long-time CaptainHowdy.com supporter Greg Mielcarz from Morgan Creek has dropped an exclusive bombshell on the Exorcist Fan Forums! After ready through our forum and seeing how eager Exorcist fans were for a Legion v2 DVD feature Blatty's original cut, Greg shot Mr. Blatty an email. Two hours later Greg got a call from an enthusiastic Blatty: "YESS!" Footage will be dug up, restored and die-hard Exorcist fans will get to see Legion how Blatty intended. The Director's Cut Legion DVD IS HAPPENING, it would seem!

<B>Evil Dead, The (SE)</B>

Faculty, The (SE)
Mentioned by the studio on some occasion. Don’t hold your breath for this one.

Friday The 13th movies (SE, UR)
Martin Blythe spoke to Fangoria about how finding footage is an on-going search and how this could lead to single disc special editions. "This is not about gouging the fans with repeated releases, its about providing as good a set as we are physically able to do at this time. If there is enough interest from the fan base and it sells well, we would always entertain another look down the road. If the set is successful, it could lead to single disc special editions down the road, possibly with unrated gore put back into the films."

Funny Farm (OAR)
From HTF chat with Warner in early 2006: "We know you guys want FUNNY FARM... in OAR, so that may happen next year."

Game, The (SE)
A Criterion SE was rumored but then denied. One can always hope.

Gangs Of New York (DC, SE)
There has been some talk that Miramax is double dipping with this one. One of the comments comes from Miramax, but that was way before the current dvd. Take this with more than a grain of salt. “...future DVD versions may include deleted footage from Scorsese's initial three-hour-plus cut. "Gangs of New York will have a very long life in the DVD marketplace," he says. "We'll take a few bites on this one."”

Garden State (SE, 2D)
From Zach-Braff.com: “Sources within Fox Searchlight tell us that the planned release date for the Garden State DVD will be November 16th. However we must point out that this is just a target release date and no official date has been set in stone as of yet. The work on the DVD is being done now. It will be a 1 disc release but look for a lot of extra. Outtakes, Deleted scenes, two commentary tracks and more. There was about an hour cut from the movie before it's release. Will we see all the deleted scenes? We hope by Zach said during a Q&amp;A in Atlanta "I have a lot I wanted to put on a DVD but we couldn't get it all on one disc." I am sure fans wouldn't mind a two disc Special Edition release. There no plans at this time for one but we have feeling that if the first DVD does well and people demand it, it will get done. Just may take time.”

<B>Gattaca (SE, FEA, 16:9, DD) (4/11/2008)</B>

<B>Gods & Generals (6-hour version)</B>

<B>Groundhog Day (SE, COM, FEA, 16:9, DD) (1/29/2008)</B>

<B>Guess Who's Coming To Dinner (SE, 2D) (2/12/2008)</B>

Harry Potter And The Sorcerer’s Stone (SE, COM [Columbus], 2D)
Update from HTF chat with Warner in early 2006: "No plans for alternate POTTER versions, sorry." Old news: Columbus has said that a more mature dvd release would be made but Warner denied this in HTF chat on March 9 2004.

Hellbound: Hellraiser II (THX, DD)
This has been on the list for quite some time. Has this been released already?

Hills Have Eyes, The [Craven] (DC)

<B>House Of A 1000 Corpses (Unrated)</B>
Rob Zombie said the following around June 2005: “feel that the release is the director's cut, since you sat for so long cutting it. The 'non-MPAA cut' is what people are asking for. We may do one someday, because I believe I'm contractually obligated for it, so someone will probably make me do it. Going back and having to re-edit that movie seems like a nightmare to me. I wish I'd done it at the time. I'm doing all that for Rejects, because going back and recutting House of 1000 Corpses would be like taking your high school yearbook photo again because you think you might look cooler now. I'm sure, at some point, I'll return to it”. “He [Rob Zombie] said in the future he wants to add the excised scenes back into the movie. He didn't want to release it with the cut scenes as extras on the DVD. He said it would involve having to re-score the soundtrack and edit the sound effects. He just didn't have the time because he's started working on the sequel. It was choice between one or the other and he chose to work on the sequel.” I guess this means that it is coming.

<B>Ice Age: The Meltdown (SE, FEA, 16:9, DD) (3/4/2008)</B>

<B>Ice Storm, The (Criterion SE, 2D, COM, FEA, 16:9, DD) (3/18/2008)</B>

<B>In The Line Of Fire (Superbit, DTS)</B>

<B>Jersey Girl</B>
Kevin Smith via NewsAskew: "Being that Miramax is rushing it, we didn't have time to re-assemble the longer cut and clear the music rights for the cut material. So there will be two "Jersey Girl" releases. The first release is the theatrical cut, with extras that include one or two commentary tracks (we're not sure yet), some behind-the-scenes shorts (which you probably saw on Starz or Bravo). The next release (probably a year or so down the road) will be the first cut of the movie, with more Ollie/Gertrude background and whatnot, as well as all the music that we cut out or replaced. Don't know what kind of extras will be on it just yet, but we'll try to pack it, as per usual."

<B>Journey To The Center Of The Earth (SE)</B>

<B>Kill Bill: The Whole Bloody Affair (Vol. 1 and 2) (4D, NC-17)</B>
There may be up to 6 editions of Kill Bill vol. 1 and 2. ”Tarantino has some major plans for his latest opus, Kill Bill. While promoting the second volume of the series, opening theatrically on April 16th, Tarantino revealed that he plans to recut both films together for a special theatrical release later in the year. "We did a special version [of Volume 1] for Japan that's only been shown in Japan and Hong Kong, and I kept the rights to that," Tarantino said. "I'll put the Japanese version together [with Volume 2] like I would if it was one complete movie, and then I'll release that throughout America and Europe in arthouse engagements." Tarantino also promises more extensive DVD plans for the revenge films. "I'm going to do a special collector's edition of both of them once I'm finished with both of them," he said. Also in the talking phase, Tarantino is considering the possibility of releasing stand-alone supplemental discs. "One of the things that I saw that I liked... was what the American Pie guys did with their 'Beneath the Crust' documentaries. I want to do the same thing [for Kill Bill]." Thanks to Tom for the scoop.”

<B>L. A. Confidential (2D, SE)</B>

Last Action Hero (SE)

<B>Last Emperor, The (RM)</B>
Artisan's president, says a new version of "The Last Emperor," mastered from Bertolucci's personal print, will come out next year?

Last Seduction, The (SE, DC, 2D?)
Out in R2.

<B>Lawrence Of Arabia (SE, 2D, 16:9, DD)</B>

<B>Lilo &amp; Stitch (SE)</B>

Little Shop Of Horrors
From HTF chat with Warner in early 2006: "We must revisit Little Shop. No plans yet, but we want to re do it, re do it right."

<B>Logan’s Run (SE, 2D)</B>

Legolas 12-22-06 12:51 AM

Mars Attacks! (SE)

Matewan (COM [Sayles])
Sayles has reportedly recorded a commentary.

<B>Midnight Express (SE, COM, FEA) (2/5/2008)</B>

<B>Mrs. Doubtfire (SE, 16:9, DD) (3/4/2008)</B>
HTF chat with Fox’s Peter Staddon: “Mrs. Doubtfire should be out sometime this year, it's finished and we just have some obstacles to overcome at the studio.”

Nightbreed (DC, RM)
Barker wants to do (or has already done?) a DC, but Warner said in HTF chat on March 9 2004 that there are no plans to re-release.

Outland (RM)
From HTF chat with Warner in early 2006: "... Outland need to be improved in quality. We'll be looking into all of them."

<B>Phenomena (16:9)</B>
Blue Underground is supposedly going to re-release this when Anchor Bay’s rights expire.

<B>Pinocchio [Animated] (SE)</B>

Poseidon [Wolfgang Peterson] (TC, EC, COM, HD only?)

<B>Pride of the Yankees (SE, FEA) (3/18/2008)</B>

Private Benjamin (OAR)
From HTF chat with Warner in early 2006: "Private Benjamin OAR release might be a possibility."

<B>Quantum Leap: The Ultimate Collection</B>
A special box set with the complete series is coming out in R2 in October.

Raising Arizona
HTF chat with Fox’s Peter Staddon: “No plans for a Raising Arizona SE.”

<B>Risky Business (SE) (2008)</B>

<B>Road Warrior, The (aka Mad Max 2) (SE, 2D)</B>

Robots (DC)

<B>Rocky Horror Picture Show (SE)</B>

<B>Rollerball [Norman Jewison] (16:9, COM [Jewison], COM [Harrison], FEA)</B>
Out in R2.

Rules Of Attraction, The (SE, DD, Unrated, truck-load of commentaries)
The first release was supposed to have both cuts and commentaries from Avary, Van Der Beek and Ellis (which have been recorded) but for some reasons it never materialized. From Roger Avary: “...I'd say that it was a roaring success, and I'm going to have a meeting this week with Peter Block of LGE to attempt to talk them into a special edition with the unrated version of the film. But that would cost money, and I'm not sure if they're willing to do it -- but I hope so. As for the audio commentary...I do feel it demystifies the movie a bit, and have my apprehensions. If there's a special edition I'll have to spend a week recording and editing a commentary to ensure that 1.) I don't come across as a pompous ass, and 2.) it doesn't destroy the experience of watching the movie...just enhances it.”

<B>Scrooged (SE) </B></FONT>


<B>Sid and Nancy (SE, FEA, 16:9, DD)</B>

Singles (SE)
From HTF chat with Warner in early 2006: "No SE planned of Singles... at this time."

<B>South Park: Bigger, Longer &amp; Uncut (SE)</B><BR>

Spies Like Us (OAR, 2007?)
From HTF chat with Warner in early 2006: "We know you guys want... SPIES LIKE US in OAR, so that may happen next year."

<B>Spy Kids</B>
”With the upcoming double-disc Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over arriving from Buena Vista Home Entertainment on February 24th, director Robert Rodriguez has just revealed that a new special edition of the original Spy Kids should be released by the end of summer. There's no word yet whether this will feature the slightly longer version of the film that was re-released a few months after its initial theatrical debut. As far as extras, look for a commentary track and a confirmed "Film School 101 For Kids" featurette, among other things.”

Star Is Born, A (SE, 2D)

<B>Star Wars (6-movie anniversary DVD box)</B>
From The Digital Bits rumor mill: "2007, as you may well be aware, is the 30th anniversary of the original Star Wars' debut in theaters. You'd have to be stupid not to know that Lucasfilm is going to have big DVD release plans with which to celebrate the anniversary, and we've been telling you that was the case for many months now. Indeed, during our last visit to the Ranch for the DVD release of Episode III, producer Rick McCallum confirmed that a box set of all six films was going to happen eventually, and animation director Rob Coleman even let it slip that the puppet Yoda from Episode I had already been replaced with a new CG Yoda to match Episodes II &amp; III for the "future" release. T-Bone over at Star Wars Universe recently speculated about this box set, and we've been quietly checking in with our industry sources on it as well. Well, we've confirmed it: There IS a big, ultimate, 6-film Star Wars anniversary DVD box set planned for 2007. There will be more changes to the films, and there will be LOTS of new, never-before-seen special features - all the good stuff that was held back by Lucasfilm from the original Trilogy DVD release a few years ago. Think deleted scenes and more. We don't know if good, genuinely-REMASTERED versions of the original theatrical editions of the films will be included or not (though how you could call the set "ultimate" without them, we don't know). We don't expect high-definition versions yet, as those formats are just too new."

Starman (SE, COM [Carpenter, Bridges])
Out in R2. Why no R1? Columbia says it won’t make money.

<B>Strange Days (SE, 16:9, DTS)</B>

<B>Tenebre (16:9)</B>
Blue Underground is supposedly going to re-release this when Anchor Bay’s rights expire.

<B>Terminator 3: Rise Of The Machines (SE)</B>
”Empire Online talked to director Mostow who says there will be a series of progressively more impressive DVD releases before a final Ultimate Edition. "To make it a truly first-class DVD, with the levels of complexity that are on the T2 Ultimate Edition, takes a long time. You can't get it ready in the few months we have before [the first DVD release] has to be done." Mostow has really put the effort in, drafting key members of the T3 production to talk about elements of production not usually touched upon, "really specific, cool, nuts and bolts stuff." The director is also squeezing in a number of interesting featurettes explaining why, among other things, all the Terminators look and sound like a certain Austrian bodybuilder.”

Three Kings (SE)
From HTF chat with Warner in early 2006: "No SE planned of... Three Kings at this time."

<B>Thunderheart (COM [Apted])</B>

Tootsie (SE)
This was listed on the eFilmCritic website. Could be bogus.

Total Recall (Extreme Edition)
”The studio, which released a Terminator 2 "Extreme Edition" that included a high-definition version of the 1991 film now plans a similar release and promotion for Total Recall. "With a title like Total Recall, how could we not?" says Artisan's Jeff Fink.”

<B>Toxic Avenger, The Complete (SE, UR DC, four movies, cartoon series, 6D) </B></FONT>
Had a tentative 2006 release date, then nothing. Amazon.com says 2010, DVD Empire says it was discontinued, but who knows.

<B>True Lies (16:9, SE, DTS, 2D)</B>
HTF chat with Fox’s Peter Staddon: “True Lies is dependent on getting a number of very busy people together to work on it. I don't know if a sitting Governor has done a commentary track before, and Jim Cameron has a truly crazy schedule. I'd love to bring it out in 2004 but I'm not too hopeful. ”<BR>
<B>Ultimate Versus (DC, SE)</B>

<B>Twister (SE, 2D) (5/6/2008) </B></FONT>

<B>Usual Suspects, The (SE, 2D, 3 COM, FEA, 16:9, DD)</B>
The release date for this has changed a couple times, the last one being 11/27/2007. Now who knows?

<B>Vanilla Sky (SE, COM [Crowe, Wilson], FEA)</B>
From CameronCroweOnline: "…The other featurette "Hitting It Hard" is a 9 1/2 minute look at Cameron's world wide press tour (with Tom Cruise and Penelope Cruz). The big news here is that they are also working on a longer version of this (60 - 90 minutes) which should hopefully see a release in a year or so. There was a very short window for the gang to cull everything they wanted for the DVD and it just couldn't happen. With a May 21st release, they really only had a few months to get it ready, so we can look forward to a separate DVD release of additional things (such as the longer "Hitting It Hard", deleted scenes, etc.) ala The Matrix Revisited or possibly in a Super Duper 2 Disc Special Edition (like the Untitled DVD)."

<B>Walk the Line (SE, 2D, EC, COM, FEA, 16:9, DD) (3/25/2008)</B>

<B>Wiz, The (SE, FEA, 16:9, DD) (2/5/2008)</B>

Working Girl (SE)
Current version discontinued. Re-release is most likely on it’s way.

<B>X-Men 2.5 (SE)</B>

Year Of Living Dangerously, The (RM)
From HTF chat with Warner in early 2006: "Year Of Living Dangerously... need to be improved in quality. We'll be looking into all of them."

<B>You've Got Mail (SE) (2/5/2008)</B>

Zatoichi 1: The Tale Of Zatochi (16:9)
In Zatoichi Box Set only?

Zatoichi 2: The Tale Of Zatochi Continues (16:9)
In Zatoichi Box Set only?

Zombie (16:9, DD, SE, 2D)
This is the Blue Underground version that is supposedly coming out in two years or so. Media Blasters currently holds the rights to the special edition (for two years) and then the rights will divert to Blue Underground. It is unknown whether the Blue Underground SE will contain new special features.


- Red = New title.
- Blue = Details modified.
- <B>Bold</B> = "Confirmed" title. Not necessarily announced by the studio.
- Normal = Rumored Title. Mentioned in some occasion. Might get releases but then again, might not.

- SE = Special edition.
- TC = Theatrical cut.
- DC = Director’s cut.
- EC = Extended cut (more footage, but not a director's cut).
- 2D = Two Discs. 3D is three discs, etc.

- 16:9 = Anamorphic (remastered). Previously non-anamorphic widescreen or full frame.
- RM = New transfer. New release has the same aspect ratio as the previous one.
- DD = New Dolby Digital 5.1 mix. Previous release mono, Dolby Surround or DD5.1. May also include original mix.
- DTS = Both Dolby Digital and DTS sounds. May also include original mix.
- COM = Commentary.
- NO COM = Commentary/commentaries from previous release not included.
- FEA = Featurettes.


- The list was originally started by Mikko Rasinkangas, who maintained the list from From 11 March 2001 until 31 October 2005. During that time, the list had 269,670 views.

Original thread here: http://forum.dvdtalk.com/showthread.php?t=89464

ReduxGuy 12-22-06 03:29 AM

There IS a House of Wax Unrated set that still hasn't been added:


b.n. 12-22-06 06:36 AM

The following should be removed:

East Of Eden (SE, 2D) - released May, 2005
Stagecoach (SE) - releaed June 2006
Strangers On A Train (SE) - released in 2004

Legolas 12-22-06 02:19 PM


Black Christmas [Bob Clark]
East of Eden
Strangers on a Train

Cameron 12-22-06 10:28 PM

you might also want to add a link to the original (now locked thread) in the OP...

I'll see if i can find the new schedule for disney platinums, but 101 dalmations is coming before 2009

Legolas 12-23-06 02:23 AM


Legolas 12-27-06 12:40 PM

Shouldn't this thread become a "sticky" while the other one becomes "unstickied"?

BKMaggert 12-27-06 06:14 PM

Originally Posted by Legolas
Shouldn't this thread become a "sticky" while the other one becomes "unstickied"?

Yes, but aren't you in charge, Legolas? Just do it.

abintra 12-27-06 06:22 PM

I don't imagine he has any more power to control things like that than you or I do when we post.

Cameron 12-28-06 02:54 PM

Originally Posted by Legolas
Dark City (DC, Com [Ebert])
Blue Underground is supposedly going to re-release this when Anchor Bay’s rights expire.

New Line Owns this not Anchor Bay. Blue underground has no claim to it.

Duh Vuh Duh 01-12-07 11:11 AM

You could add Major League.


Legolas 01-17-07 03:12 AM

All That Jazz
Infernal Affairs Trilogy
Major League
Officer and a Gentleman, An
True Grit

Legolas 01-17-07 01:21 PM

Caine Mutiny, The
Guns of Navarone, The
Last Unicorn, The

Legolas 01-27-07 01:16 PM

Natural, The
Shanghai Surprise

tylergfoster 01-30-07 07:42 AM


info for Bridge on the River Kwai and Lawrence re-issues, plus a 2-disc of Guns of the Navarone.

Legolas 02-02-07 01:22 PM

To Catch a Thief

Legolas 02-11-07 01:11 PM

28 Days Later
40-Year-Old Virgin, The
Aristocats, The
Darren Aronofsky Collection (Requiem For a Dream, Pi)
Tom Hanks Comedy Favorites Collection (The Money Pit, The 'Burbs, Dragnet)

Fiddler on the Roof
Hannibal Lecter Collection, The
Silence of the Lambs, The

Legolas 02-12-07 11:53 AM


Legolas 02-25-07 01:30 PM

Clint Eastwood: Western Icon Collection
Donnie Brasco

Brokeback Mountain
Infernal Affairs Trilogy
Last Unicorn, The
Passion of the Christ, The
Romeo + Juliet
Tom Hanks Comedy Favorites Collection

NOTE: It won't let me save my edits, claiming there are errors even though there aren't any. If this keeps up, I will no longer update this thread.

BKMaggert 02-28-07 11:11 AM

The Caine Mutany and Guns of Navarone have been changed from March 20 to a May 8 release date.

Also, Bridge On the River Kwai and Big will be released on the same day.

Legolas 02-28-07 05:04 PM


Legolas 03-01-07 10:56 PM

Bruce Almighty
Cool Hand Luke
Flash Gordon

HE Pennypacker 03-04-07 01:36 PM

The Jungle Book Platinum Edition is scheduled for an Oct-02-2007 release.


fryinpan1 03-07-07 05:52 AM

Both $100 million-plus grossing blockbusters, 'Coming to America' and 'Trading Places' had each been released once before on standard-def DVD, but in bare bones versions that were quite lacking. Now, Paramount is reissuing both titles as fancy new Special Editions on June 5, on all three formats simultaneously -- DVD, Blu-ray and HD DVD.

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