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NatrlBornThrllr 12-15-06 08:56 AM

Hypothetical: what clips would you include on an archive-footage DVD?
If you could create a DVD featuring only archival footage of important events from the past century or so, what would you include on it? Jimi Hendrix ripping a guitar solo on-stage? Man's first steps on the moon? The Kennedy assassination? MLK Jr's I have a dream speech? Johnny Carson interviews with superstars who died in or before their prime? From the Hindenberg to 9/11, many noteworthy events have been caught on film. What clips would you like to see compiled into one great, big "recent history as caught on film" disc?

Also, would you demand that the event itself becaught on film, or would a newscast announcing the event suffice? As an example; would you include a "we're sorry to interrupt this broadcast" clip announcing the death of Elvis or Marilyn? How about this: even though he's evil in most peoples' eyes, would it be fair to leave out a clip of Hitler addressing the masses? Is that not an important bit of archival footage, worthy of inclusion on any disc attempting to re-tread historical ground? Remember, you're creating this disc, so you have free reign to include (or exclude) anything you'd like.

So, let's here it. Sports, politics, popular culture, war, tragedy. What would you demand be included on the disc? What might deserve a spot, but would end up on your cutting-room floor (and why)?


ignition 12-15-06 02:15 PM

I'd say you have to have Nixon sweating profusely under the lights of the first televised debate between himself and JFK (at least I think it was JFK).

What would end up on the cutting floor? Pretty much anything involving Al Gore and the Florida Marlins winning their World Series championships.

Randy Miller III 12-15-06 02:20 PM

<i>The Big Lebowski</i>

Cameron 12-15-06 05:31 PM

Trying to think of all the vintage footage I have seen over the years that touched a nerve, as well as thing i watched happend live and before my eyes.

Hitler and Jesse Owens at the Olympics
The Berlin Wall Coming Down
The Kent State Shootings
The Rodney King Riots
The Holocaust
One Small Step for Mankind (Moon Landing)
The Assasination of Jon Lennon
THe Challenger Explosion
The Columbia Explosion
The Death of Princess Di
The Waco Stand Off
The O.J. Trial
Oklahoma City Bombing
Columbine Coverage
Jessica McLure stuck in the well
Hank Aaron hits 715
Big Mac hits 62
Chaplain Mychal Judge's body being carried off the street on 9/11

NatrlBornThrllr 12-16-06 08:14 AM

Good answers so far. Anybody else?


nateman 12-16-06 06:46 PM

johnny cash singing at san quention

starman9000 12-16-06 06:51 PM

John Lennon announcement at MNF.
The Muppets reading a letter about Jim Henson's death.
Day in infamy speech.
Austin Powers watching similar program.

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