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Kris81 12-07-06 02:21 PM

Growing Pains S2+?
any word on any new seasons? :( this was one of my favourite shows & i was hoping to collect em all

DVDFreaker 12-07-06 02:24 PM

Originally Posted by Kris81
any word on any new seasons? :( this was one of my favourite shows & i was hoping to collect em all

I don't think they are selling well so they probably won't release the rest of the seasons due to poor sales

JZ1276 12-07-06 02:45 PM

no diffrent strokes s 3 and on either it looks like

matome 12-07-06 04:43 PM

It took quite a while to get S2 of Diff'rent Strokes, so maybe there's still hope on that one (albeit small).

calhoun07 12-07-06 05:57 PM

Punky Brewster gets an entire series release and we are still waiting for this???

I am optimistic, however, due to the fact that we finally got Mary Tyler Moore to come out in new season sets, and now we are getting new sets of Happy Days and such as well.

The Eliminator 12-07-06 06:10 PM

There was something on tvshowsondvd about this a while back. I believe the peeps at Warner said "don't hold your breath."

I devoured GP season 1 and pray they release more.

TheMadMonk 12-07-06 06:33 PM

Oh well.
As long as we've got each other.

Kris81 12-07-06 08:23 PM

here's what i dont understand... it costs penny's to make the dvds.. if they aren't selling well, why not give it a basic packaging & sell it at a cheaper price? i know more people would buy it if it was priced lower.. i mean i can get friends seasons now for 15$ cdn brand new!!!

cornbetts 12-07-06 11:26 PM

I really wish Season 2 (and beyond) would get a release. Growing Pains is one of my all time favorite shows.

Perhaps if sales of Family Ties does well the folks behind Growing Pains will reconsider.

JZ1276 12-08-06 01:38 AM

i hate when they only release a season or 2 of tv shows and not the rest. it's better than nothing....I'm still hoping theyd release the rest of Dream On.

llars 12-11-06 02:19 AM

I am right with you guys. I'd buy these in a heatbeat if they started releasing more seasons.

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