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Chad 11-09-06 07:23 PM

The 2nd Annual "October Horror Movie Challenge" Awards Ceremony
Please take a moment to provide feedback for next year's challenge:

Help Determine the Outcome of Next Year's Challenge

Alright, sorry for the slight delay folks...blah blah blah. My apologies to anyone who I may have missed or provided an incorrect total...although it's most likely due to a) not updating your list, b) not numbering your list, or c) forgetting altogether to include a list! But, if you reply with a complete NUMBERED list intact I just might find it in my heart to update accordingly...eventually. :D

Now without any further adieu....


Total number of participants: 147!
Last year: 63 (Not counting those who failed to post a list...if any)

Number that reached or exceeded the Century Mark: 18
Last year: 8

Number that failed to provide a list: 32!
Last year: ?

Number that left their lists incomplete: Impossible to say
Last year: ?

Number to reach the 200 or over mark: 0
Last year: 1


http://www1.free-clipart.net/gallery..._100_White.jpg http://images.joke.co.uk/images/products/fw1664-med.jpg

<em>150 & Above Club</em>

1st. http://www-runii.fnal.gov/RunCoord/F...bon-cutout.png EdTheRipper – 170 http://www-runii.fnal.gov/RunCoord/F...bon-cutout.png
Winner of The Challenge as well as a DVD of "The Cabinet of DR. Caligari" graciously provided by ViewAskewbian.

2nd. Crazee4DVDs – 157

3rd. advdfreak – 152
Wishes he could have squeezed in The Exorcist, The Shining, and the Dracula Legacy Collection.

<em>125 & Above Club</em>

4th. Ronin_T3 – 139

5th. Shack – 134
Nice upgrade from last year’s 85.

6th. Chad – 131

Squeezed in 11 more this time around

<em>100 & Above Club</em>

7th. josepotato – 114
Provided a list reminiscent of Yule tide cheer.

8th. OwlAtHome – 113
Happy to meet goal.

9th. ViewAskewbian – 110

9th. Cronenbergfan71 – 110
Last year's total was 63 despite not officially entering. His goal was to better that total, hopefully by a decent margin …and he did just that.

10th. supfool! - 107
Thanks again for the linkage to names…it was definitely a valuable asset that helped tremendously with the tallies! :up:

11th. Ginwen – 105

11th. Dimension X – 105

12th. Mondo Kane – 103
No reruns for him!

12th. noitulove – 103

13th. speedyray – 100
Exceeded his initial goal of 70 using DRG's challenge "Horror Yahtzee"…don’t tell his wife!

13th. grem458 – 100

13th. The Reaper – 100
Word, yo.

<em>75 & Above Club</em>

14th. wishbon3 – 97

14th. planetaire – 97
Christopher Lee + Rasputin = 'Mad Pimpin'.

15th. TNAJason – 92

16th. gutwrencher – 89
Didn't reach original goal of 120 due to Kayak trip and work-related matters...still very impressive for 21 days worth of viewing.

17th. Muad'Dib – 88
Surpassed goal and has a new goal of 100 set for next year.

18th. Milleniumsmoker – 84

19th. The Monkees – 78
Whooped last year’s haul of 30
...Don't forget The 2nd Annual Holiday Movie Challenge

20th. Cabinboy454 – 78

<em>50 & Above Club</em>

21st. JerryKILL – 69
Exceeded his goal of 50, he did.

22nd. caligulathegod – 67
Good suggestions for next year’s challenge.

23rd. starecase – 64

24th. MechanicalMan – 63
Just couldn't resist catching those Cardinals win the World Series.

25th. Sabrett – 62

26th. TuMakaPac713 – 60
BTW, when I said number them I meant altogether, not resetting the count every day!

27th. fiver – 57
Nice reviews provided.

27th. jason978 – 57

28th. Abe. – 56

29th. TheManInBlack – 52

30th. vjack99 – 50
Beat last year’s list of 33.

30th. mikewendt – 50
Was a busy month.

<em>25 & Above Club</em>

31st. Tenacious D – 48

31st. masbrad – 48

32nd. onebyone – 47

33rd. Matt.train – 46

34th. Achau9598 – 42

35th. indy81 – 40

35th. The Void – 40

35th. Cameron – 40
Thanks again for the email reminder.

35th. SnapDawg – 40

36th. Camp Blood – 39
Managed to pass his goal of 31. Aiming for 50 next year.

37th. Russell S – 37
Goal – 50. "Illness really slowed me down this month, preventing me from making my goal, so I'm continuing watching horror well into November. Maybe next year I will do better during the month of October".

38th. mrpeavey – 36
Don't fret, the challenge will occur next year!

39th. DVD maniac – 34

40th. Sex Fiend – 31
Forgot to number your list…fortunately you had one per day which made it easy

40th. Ghostface180 – 31
Didn’t quite hit his goal of 40, but still managed to outdo last year’s take of 13.

40th. TomOpus – 31

40th. RobCA – 31
Very quietly reached his goal.

40th. Jediturtle – 31
Another to hit goal of 31.

40th. Sparrow – 31
Yet another to set a goal of 31 and reach it.

41st. mike7162 – 30

42nd. CWhippy03 – 29
Forgot to number his lists and boldface the non horror titles!

42nd. DVDMagic – 29
Hopefully Netflix provided you adequate satisfaction.

42nd. Giles – 29
The horror films seen for the first time prior to the challenge outnumbered his list!

43rd. zaphod2467 – 28

44th. ignition – 26
Law school sure didn’t get in the way of his goal of 20!

44th Noirfan – 26
Forgot to number his list!

45th. wordtoyamotha – 25

45th. alfonsosoriano – 25

45th. LeeVing – 25

46th. Eric D. – 24

46th. Julie Walker – 24

47th. darthmaher – 23

48th. NewYorkRipper – 22

48th. pagansoul – 22
Missed goal of 31, but still managed to double count from last year.

49th. Mr. Cinema – 20
Last year's total: 33 (24th place). This year's goal was 50

49th. Cedrock – 20

50th. texasgator – 19

51st. InnocentBlood – 18
Wanted to do more but was unable…still managed to beat last year’s total of 10

52nd. kurupt – 15

52nd. JOE29 – 15
Apparently got addicted to NFL action and never looked back

53rd. Joe Molotov – 13

53rd. SpaceBoy – 13
Original Goal: 31 in 31 Days…expects to have a better strategy next year.

53rd. exharrison – 13

54th. littlefuzzy – 12

54th. Wick – 12
Goal: 35

55th. ShaunoftheDead – 11

55th. Rypro 525 – 11

55th. RKillgore – 11
Another goal of 35

56th. JayDerek – 10

56th. indiephantom – 10
Goal: 31 and maybe more. Nice reviews and ratings system.

57th. steelpotato – 9

57th. DRG – 9
Nice touch with all the sub-task suggestions…and spoiler tags.

57th. Cosmic Bus – 9
Forgot to number list!

58th. shaggy – 8
Goal: 100 and not make the mistake of watching the same films over and over again.

58th. Edison – 8
Moving severely cut into his viewing time. Shoulda hired gutwrencher’s company!

59th. Boondock Saint – 7
Damn school interfered with his horror watching…and apparently his ability to number the list!

59th. Applejack – 7

59th. William Fuld – 7

60th. Del Griffith – 6

60th. xage – 6

61st. Adiras – 5
He dropped the ball.

61st. Tarantinoholic – 5
"I'm setting my sights at 50 this year; here goes nothing...
Really, really need to pick up the pace, but school and work are timekillers!"

62nd. kylerayner – 4

62nd. nodeerforamonth – 4

62nd. Aron41 – 4

63rd. Trevor - 3
Didn't number your list...shame!

64th. The Bus – 2

64th. MrStayPuft – 2

64th. Willh51 – 2
Well, he said it was going to be a short list because of class and work…and damned if he wasn’t kidding!

64th. MrStatPuft – 2
"I'll play along, but there's no way I'll reach 100. My goal is 30, I'm a lightweight since this is my first year doing it. Work and college really gets in the way of this challenge."

64th. JMcCraw - 2
Posted list in the wrong forum...fortunately I noticed it. Unfortunately it wasn't completed.

65th. stealth1290 – 1

66th. danganet – 1

66th. FantasticVSDoom – 1

66th. Mountain Biker - 1
Only a mere 30 shy of his goal of 31

66th. Jaimeson – 1

66th. Michael Allred – 1

<em>No List Provided</em>

67th. JarJarBinks – 0
Reserved a post but never posted any titles

67th. GoldenJCJ – 0
No list provided

67th. Davy Mack – 0
Was going to post for fun without actually competing...but no lists posted

67th. cisman - 0
Reserved a post but never posted

67th. hiccup – 0
Reserved a post but never posted

67th. cupcake jesus – 0
Reserved a post but never posted

67th. mdc3000 – 0

67th. turborobb - 0
Had his first movie picked out...1972's "Night of 1000 Cats". But, no lists to be found anywhere.

67th. brianluvdvd - 0
"Gonna try and beat my record of 51 last year. Not bad for a working stiff with a wife and a 1 year old". Where's that list?

67th. FincherFan - 0
No list found

67th. Jtheo - 0
No list provided

67th. ProKaZZ - 0
Had 69 horror movies listed and plotted out...but never posted any of them on a list. Also said he'd hit over 100.

67th. outer-edge- 0
joined in just to get through some of his unwatched horror movies and for a reason to get some more...sadly no list provided

67th. Kimiakane - 0
Watched TCM's horror all weekend and into the holiday plus worked in several horror DVD classics...but no list to show for it

67th. Spez - 0
No list provided

67th. SAI - 0
Liked the whole idea idea of the challenge, and didn't imagine to get near 100...apparently that's the case because no list was provided

67th. BrentLumpkin - 0
No list provided

67th. sirbrady - 0
Goal was 40...no list provided

67th. James Hardy - 0
No list provided

67th. RaginBull80 - 0
No list provided

67th. gryffinmaster - 0
Predicted 10...posted nothing

67th. NitroJMS - 0
No list provided

67th. Graystone - 0
No list provided

67th. DieBarneyDieNY - 0
Couldn't wait but provided no list

67th. paulringgodaman - 0
Was gonna give it a try...but no list in sight

67th. The Horror Guru - 0
No list provided

67th. schneider67 - 0
"So far I've watched most of the Hammer Frankenstein's and Draculas, the Evil Dead, Universal's Dracula, Daughter of Dracula, and Son of Dracula, a couple off the Uni Karloff collection, last night I watched Murders in the Rue Morgue off the Lugosi collection. Last weekend, I started the Friday the 13th Series, watching 7 of the 11....even suffering through Jason goes to Hell (I think I went to hell sitting through it). This weekend will be Jason takes Manhattan, Universal's Wolf Man, and starting the Uni Frankenstein run so I can lead up to the 3 Universal Monster vs each other movies for Halloween night: Frankenstein meets the Wolfman, House of Frankenstein and House of Dracula. I'll fill up next week with more stuff off the Karloff and Lugosi collections and maybe some more hammer or I may buy some essential classics I'm missing in my collection"....UNFORTUNATELY NO LIST WAS PROVIDED

67th. LBCrazyFool - 0
Started a list but never included any titles

67th. rfduncanl - 0
No list provided

67th. majorjoe23 - 0
No list provided

67th. GameGenie - 0
Disappeared into thin air

67th. Damed - 0
No list provided

67th. jericho2003hhh - 0
Said to have watched 74 at last count...but provided no list of titles

Until the next one! :wave:

The Discussion ~ The Lists

Matt.train 11-09-06 07:30 PM

Congrats to everyone. My movie watching slowed down and then died in the end thanks to coaching water polo this year. but hey my guys placed second in leeague.


Cameron 11-09-06 07:44 PM

NO problem on the email, had fun. Bummed i didn't get more in, but I got some major things finished in October. Congrats to everyone

EdTheRipper 11-09-06 08:46 PM

I'm ecstatic to have come out on top. This was a real blast for me to participate in. I got to watch a lot of movies I'd never seen before as well as a few old standbys. Truly a good time and I look forward to competing again next year.

Special thanks to Chad for overseeing this whole thing. I can only imagine how time consuming it must have been. Also, thanks to ViewAskewbian for providing the dvd. I've never seen The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari and am looking quite forward to it. For my shipping info, you can contact me at edtheripper @ gmail.com Thanks!

RobCA 11-09-06 08:59 PM

Originally Posted by Chad
40th. RobCA – 31
Very quietly reached his goal.

LOL, thanks! I wasn't sure I'd be able to participate this year, since I moved right at the beginning of October. Next year, I'm hoping I can make it to 50.

Thanks for doing this, Chad! :up:


onebyone 11-09-06 09:22 PM

32nd. onebyone – 47
I meant to at least get 50, but my inability to miss ever miss a football game threw me off. Oh well. Maybe next year.

Congrats to those who kicked my ass and thanks a lot for running this. It made my usual Halloween horror marathon even more fun than usual.

Mondo Kane 11-09-06 09:32 PM

Congrats to everyone and props to Chad for compiling this. It was just as draining reading the results as it was doing this marathon for me!

ViewAskewbian 11-09-06 09:55 PM

Yes, a great time was had. Ed, I will write shortly to get your contact info and get your disc out to you. :)

nodeerforamonth 11-09-06 10:06 PM

Shouldn't this be retitled "Those who have no life"? :)

ignition 11-09-06 11:07 PM

Not to nitpick, but I came it at exactly 26 films... and I did number my list:


I'll overlook this little oversight if a prompt editing takes place :)

gutwrencher 11-09-06 11:27 PM

Congrats, Ripper! :thumbsup:

Thanks, Chad! I can't believe I'm watching horror movies tonight.-rolleyes-

josepotato 11-10-06 12:19 AM

The first couple of weeks I didn't think I'd make it to 100 but the TV schedule was so good this year between TCM and AMC I stuck with it and really had a lot of fun. I'm still catching up on Zzz though, last month I watched movies almost every night and would only get 4 or 5 hours of sleep.

advdfreak 11-10-06 03:52 AM

I can honestly say that was the most exhausting challenge ever! It really took alot out of me. I am so behind on my new/unwatched dvds. Next year I will only watch 100. I am going to rank my my favorite 100 and start a countdown to number 1 ending up on Halloween October 31, 2007. That will give me something to look forward to next year! Congrats to everyone! :toast:

The Reaper 11-10-06 05:56 AM

Congrats to all, yo.

noitulove 11-10-06 06:16 AM

congrats to everyone who took part in the challenge and especially to the winner and all of those who got past 100 movies. It was fun

indiephantom 11-10-06 07:02 AM

Congrats to those winners. Thanks for the comment Chad.

I'm so pissed that I only ended up with ten reviews on here. I ended up seeing about 26 films, but as always, school work and real work prevented me from completing the task in the way I wanted to.

There's always next year.

Muad'Dib 11-10-06 07:10 AM

Congrats to all the winners. I had a blast this year. Can't wait until next year.

SpaceBoy 11-10-06 10:46 AM

Congratulations to all.

As noted, I'll came in at embarrassing 13 total movies. I blame it on watching like 8-9 of the worst ones in my collection first, blowing out my drive to watch more. I watched mostly remakes first, planning on getting to the originals later, and that turned out to be momentum killer. Next year, only quality originals, and skipping all but the first 1-2 Friday the 13th movies etc. Sitting through the Fog remake, House on Haunted Hill remake, Texas Chainsaw Remake etc. was brutal, and required me to split the movie over multiple days making a respectable number impossible to achieve.

I'll be back, and get my 31 next year!

Sex Fiend 11-10-06 11:09 AM

It was fun. Thanks for taking the time to oversee, Chad... that must have been more work than actually watching the movies!

The Monkees 11-10-06 12:35 PM

Originally Posted by Chad
19th. The Monkees – 78
Whooped last year’s haul of 30
...Don't forget The 2nd Annual Holiday Movie Challenge

All right!! I did so well this year!

Thank you for advertising my challenge too! ;)

Chad 11-10-06 01:21 PM

Originally Posted by ignition
Not to nitpick, but I came it at exactly 26 films... and I did number my list:


I'll overlook this little oversight if a prompt editing takes place :)

Fixed! Sorry, I apparently had you mixed up with someone named The Horror Guru...who may or may not even exist! :eek:

Wick 11-10-06 01:34 PM

Congrats to the top 3.

I ended up getting way too busy with school and work, and with most of the free time I had, I ended up playing video games. I didn't do too well in the challenge, but maybe I'll have more time next year, or once I'm done school.

FantasticVSDoom 11-10-06 02:27 PM

Well, in the spirit of this, it was perfect that I only listed 1 so I could come in at 66... :D

Shack 11-10-06 03:11 PM

Originally Posted by EdTheRipper
I've never seen The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari and am looking quite forward to it.

After seeing your list, I think it must be the only horror movie you've never seen! Enjoy and congrats. :toast:

EdTheRipper 11-10-06 04:19 PM

Originally Posted by Shack
After seeing your list, I think it must be the only horror movie you've never seen! Enjoy and congrats. :toast:

Nah, plenty more that I haven't seen. I'll break those out next October.
Thanks bro. :toast:

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