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DavidH 05-25-06 10:48 PM

Superbit Spider-man Audio Problem?
While watching the Superbit Spider-man, with either DD or DTS track, at exactly 32:00 into the movie, music with fairly deep bass comes on through the center channel. For the several seconds it plays, the speaker almost sounds like it's blown...kind of a weird noise or almost like a slight rattle. However, I've never heard this on any other disc before on a variety of movies.

I'd like to confirm whether it's really blown, or if it's just a weird part of the disc soundtrack. Any suggestions or experience with this? I ran the low frequency test on Avia and it seemed fine.

bis22 05-25-06 11:35 PM

Just checked my special edition copy. Sounds to me like it's just part of the style of the music.

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