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bardevious 05-21-06 02:10 PM

PJ Harvey DVD- available in B&M stores?
A DVD chronicling PJ Harvey's 2004 tour is scheduled to be released this upcoming Tuesday.

Unsurprisingly, as the market for this is likely to be "niche" (which may as well mean "zilch" to the big box stores), I saw neither hide nor hare of this DVD in the Sunday circulars.

I guess I'm looking for some "odds", as in what are the odds that Best Buy or Circuit City or similar stores will actually have this in stock Tuesday? Their websites are of no use in trying to deduce this, and I suppose I could wait until Tuesday to find out. But I thought, since these forums are replete with knowledgeable bastards and bastardettes, that I'd pose the question and see if someone might just have the skinny on PJ in the big box stores.

dvd_luver 05-21-06 05:31 PM

No need to press the panic button quite yet, Island is distributing the dvd in the USA and it will probably be made available to some B&M stores. I will most likely pick this up eventually, I just wish some of her videos were included. Like "This Is Love", "Down By The Water" and "The Wind" among others. I own a VHS bootleg with her videos and the quality is craptastic.

Lokimok 05-21-06 07:41 PM

Last time I went to BestBuy, I was surprised by how many copies they had of the Richard Thompson Austin City Limits DVD. He's at least as obscure as PJ, so I'd say there's a chance.

I was thrilled when this was first announced, but am less excited now that I've seen the style. It's only 1.33:1 & much busier than it needs to be. Songs are taken from various shows - which is fine - & the songs (as far as I know) are complete, but the video is made up of very short clips from all different venues. So you'll hear a song from a particular concert, but you'll see it from several concerts... I'm worried this will lessen the replay for me & it'll seem more like a collection of MTV clips than a concert movie.

The Showtime NEXT channel is running a fantastic full length 70 minute outdoor concert from the same tour a few times this month:

PJ Harvey: Eurockeennes of Belfort Festival
NEXT, Wed May 24 06:15am EDT

PJ Harvey: Eurockeennes of Belfort Festival
NEXT, Wed May 24 02:00pm EDT

PJ Harvey: Eurockeennes of Belfort Festival
NEXT, Sun May 28 01:15pm EDT

PJ Harvey: Eurockeennes of Belfort Festival
NEXT, Mon May 29 04:15am EDT

There was also a very good hour long concert for British TV. I wonder why they didn't just release 1 or both of those. If you don't have either of those, I'd say the Please Leave Quietly DVD will be worth it for the Uh Huh Her & Evol songs alone (I wish they had been included on the album). I'll get it eventually, but I'm not in a huge rush.

The official site is featuring clips:

bardevious 05-22-06 12:31 PM

Thank you for the detailed reply, Lokimok! It does blow that it's not a concert video per se, but rather a collection of clips from various venues. However, since this represents the ONLY PJ Harvey DVD in existence (to my knowledge), I'll be picking it up ASAP.

She was scheduled to appear in Kansas City about a year, year and a half ago, but she didn't show up (something about not being able to get a commercial flight out of Toronto). So I've been jonesing for some live PJ for quite some time, and a half-baked DVD is better than bupkis.

dvd_luver 05-22-06 12:40 PM

Originally Posted by bardevious
I'll be picking it up ASAP.

Got to see if the B&M stores have it in stock tomorrow before we all go nuts. :)

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