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DarthPrime 05-18-06 06:59 PM

Strange Air Bubbles on DVD
I just got Back To School (flipper) and noticed that near the center of the DVD where the hole is there is a small ring of what looks like tiny air bubbles. They go completely around the hole in a perfect circle. Its not on the actual data surface, just around the center. I put the DVD in my player and it works fine.

Is there anything I should worry about?

DeanoBKN 05-18-06 07:09 PM

A couple of my Universal DVD's are subject to this as well. Probably just something involved in the printing of the DVD's. Nothing to worry about.

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DarthPrime 05-19-06 01:18 AM


I looked at a few of my other DVDs and noticed a few small "bubbles", but you really had to look for them. This is the first DVD that I have seen where they are this visible.

Heres a scan of the DVD with the "bubbles"

Hopefully these want hurt anything. Has anyone else seen these before? Oh and yeah I need to clean the scanner. Didn't know it was dusty like that until I did the scan.

eedoon 05-19-06 05:57 AM

As long as the bubble is not in the data surface, you should be fine. Don't worry.

I have several disc with similar bubbles like that, and so far there have been no single problem.

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