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pinata242 05-05-06 09:36 AM

Invasion Season 1 ---> 08/22/06

Great show that started off slow but really picked up steam. I can't wait to see how the season ends and pick this up.

SuperBatMan 05-05-06 12:13 PM


pinata242 05-05-06 01:05 PM

Sorry. Didn't come up on a search.

Joe Molotov 05-05-06 01:12 PM

Hopefully "Season 1" means that there will eventually be a "Season 2" involved...

Josh H 05-05-06 01:44 PM

I think it will come back. It pulls decent numbers after Lost. Not great, but probably enough to bring it back.

Here's hoping anyway.

Jamers 05-08-06 04:20 PM

I'm sorry but that show is just damn stupid. It had promise in the beginning but then got really bad quick. I tend to like shows with lots of twists that keeps you guessing but I think even the writers are still guessing. The show is dragging out (just like Prison Break). The idea that people would even accept living with others who have been absorbed, replaced, cloned, merged, or whatever those hybrids did is just plain absurd. Why the hell can't the head park ranger ever shave or button up his shirt? At least the hybrid cop looks respectable. And my wife and I just loved the part where the ranger's new wife kept talking about her preganancy for about 3 months allthewhile her waist was about 22 inches and her belly flat as a board. Doesn't happen.

pinata242 05-08-06 04:22 PM

You realize the story the show presents isn't done in real-time, right? I mean, while it may have been 3 months for us, it was only a matter of days for the characters.

matome 05-08-06 05:09 PM

Caught a few episodes on TV and it looked interesting. I'll pick this up to start from the beginning.

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