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aynrandgirl 04-15-06 01:48 AM

X-Men 2.5: When?
Supposedly a confirmed title, and I'd have thought it would be released before X-Men 3 gets to the theaters.

DonnachaOne 04-15-06 02:01 AM

I imagine Bryan Singer's a bit pressed for time at the moment. It made more sense when he was working on X-men 2, because he was still in with the company. Now Warner has him for a while.

gryffinmaster 04-15-06 02:08 AM

If ever. X2 got a pretty good 2-disc special edition w/ DTS.

Skoobooz 04-15-06 09:27 AM

Blah...hopefully they gave up on this idea. X2 is a great set already. Besides, maybe with Bryan Singer's departure, they gave up on this release.

(I know I don't have to buy any potential X-Men 2.5 release, but it irritates me to have a re-release of a perfectly acceptable set when so many Fox titles...Big, Broadcast News, True Lies, Broken Arrow, Raising Arizona, Mrs. Doubtfire, The Abyss, Home Alone [to name a few]...are without even anamorphic transfers.)

critterdvd 04-15-06 03:17 PM

X-men needed a double-dip, X-Men 2 on the other hand doesn't... i doubt this be ever come out... or atleast I doubt a 2.5 will ever come out.

boe 04-15-06 11:40 PM

I would hope X-men 2.5 is 1080p BR with DTS-HD.

PopcornTreeCt 04-15-06 11:58 PM

I hope X-men 2.5 never comes out.

OldBoy 04-16-06 10:21 AM

i have X2 in the player right now!

AdamComic2 04-16-06 10:21 AM

I thought it would be right around now, but perhaps they are sitting on it for HD?

matome 04-16-06 11:25 AM

The current X2 set is perfectly fine with me.

DarthMarino 04-16-06 01:27 PM

Maybe they realized that "X-Men 1.5" makes absolutely no sense. If they extended the end of the movie or something, ok, I could understand that. But calling a special edition with the exact same cut of the movie "1.5" is worse than "Buttercups Edition" or "Don't Call Me Shirley Edition." As said before, anybody who is either itching to upgrade or holding off for a release better than the current version that's packed with commentaries, deleted scenes and interviews needs to seriously re-evaluate their buying habits. Buy the current disc of the second move.

chente 04-16-06 04:25 PM

Instead of when, I ask why?

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