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Dazed 01-27-06 01:23 AM

Stargate SG1 Commentary tracks
Has anyone listened to the commentary tracks ? Are there lots of spoilers of things to happen in later episodes, seasons etc ?

Im now on season 8 and when im done id like to start listening to them.


nemein 01-27-06 05:15 AM

Not that I recall. I would go back and listen to them after I finished each season and while I believe they sometimes mentioned they were currently filming the next season or whatnot I don't recall their being many/any spoilers. It's been awhile though....

fargus 01-31-06 10:09 PM

No, no real spoilers. And if you're on Season 8 that's not much of an issue anyway, eh?
I do wish they had the actors in more of the commentaries, rather than usually just the effects people and the directors.

Dazed 02-01-06 03:53 PM

Yeah, im starting to listen to them now. Should take me a while to get through them.

Most so far have been interesting and Peter DeLuise is quite a funny guy who doesnt take himself too seriously so Im enjoy his tracks more than most of the others.

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