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mythmaker18 01-04-06 01:07 PM

RISING DAMP series 1 questions
For anyone who has this, I have a few questions:

1. Are the commercial bumpers ("adcaps") intact (i.e. "end of part one", "part two", etc.) or are the ad-breaks snipped out?
2. Is the original '70s Yorkshire TV ending ident (production slide) intact or has it been replaced/cut out with something more modern (or faded to black)? Is there a beginning ident/logo from Yorkshire at the beginnings of the episodes?
3. How does the video look? I've heard that on the British R2 release of this, the video looks pretty bad, based primarily on the poor condition of the master tapes used, I've heard.
4. Seven episodes? So, presumably, the pilot "Rooksby" is included, as well as the episode "Stand Up and Be Counted", an episode which was banned/lost for several years?
5. If "Stand Up and Be Counted" is indeed included, I wonder if there is still a bit of annoying "editing" in this episode. There's supposed to be a poster on a wall depicting the Labour party candidate. On original broadcast, this candidate's name ("Pender") was the same as the name of a REAL British politician who took out an injunction, as he didn't want to be confused with the "gay" character in the episode. This is why the episode was originally destroyed. When a copy of this episode turned up in Canada years later, the poster was "doctored" by having a "pink box" obscuring the name of the politician, thus allowing it to be aired on British TV. The video effect is annoying and obvious. I was wondering if that bit of editing is still there or if we have the original unobscured image.

cloggedmind 01-04-06 08:33 PM

The answers below are based upon the R2 boxed set entitled "Rising Damp - The Works: Series 1-4", not the newer release from last year with the movie in it:

1. Adcaps are gone. The episode parts are crossfaded into each other - in some cases, rather sloppily.
2. The familiar Yorkshire slide is gone from most episodes. At the end of only a few episodes there is the ident card that reads "Yorkshire Television Colour Production" on a black background.
3. The video looks surprisingly good for its age! There are the occasional dropouts and tape scratches, plus some colour banding. Now, the sound is bad at times. It varies from muffled, to hiss-filled, overly loud, static filled to just okay at times. These come from well-worn broadcast tapes, not masters.
4. The box set titled "The Complete Works" has every episode (the new box set even has the feature-length film!) except for one, the Christmas show called "For the Man Who Has Everything". It is available on the best-of Rising Damp collection which, I believe, is out of print.
5. Stand Up and Be Counted is included and it IS the badly edited version. The cuts are sloppy, obvious and affect the picture and the soundtrack.

mythmaker18 01-05-06 07:58 AM

Originally Posted by cloggedmind
The answers below are based upon the R2 boxed set entitled "Rising Damp - The Works: Series 1-4", not the newer release from last year with the movie in it:

Thanks for the info, but what I was hoping for was for someone with the Region 1 set to answer those questions, the reason being that perhaps, just perhaps, that Acorn are using different masters than were used for the UK sets.

I know it doesn't happen often, but sometimes, such as with Sapphire and Steel another region (Australia) will occasionally depart from the UK and use somewhat different source materials. Thought Acorn might've used some previously-existing NTSC masters or something, and as "Stand Up and Be Counted" no longer exists on the original 625-line PAL tape (I think the "master" is now a 525-line NTSC from Canada), that perhaps that episode was transferred straight from the NTSC tape instead of going NTSC->PAL->NTSC, and if that's the case, maybe doesn't have that annoying "addition" to the political poster, especially since 1). that politician would be unknown in the US and 2). I think he's dead now anyway.

It's possible that they might even be using the old masters that BFS Video used for their 1990s VHS releases, who knows?

Also, was concerned about pic quality due to people saying the UK releases weren't very good, although that's probably a lot to do with the source tapes.

I'm sure the complete UK set is more value for money, but if the US release has unsnipped adbreaks, as well as Yorkshire idents/end boards and, particularly, an un-messed-about-with "Stand Up and Be Counted", then I'd have to give the US one serious consideration.

cloggedmind 01-05-06 02:50 PM

I had no idea this was coming to Region 1! Perhaps one day I'll post a pic of the rock I've been living under.

If there are improvements, I'd consider a double-dip for this fantastic series.

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