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Bad News Bears (2005) owners: please help

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Bad News Bears (2005) owners: please help

I just received the widescreen version of this film from a Half.com seller. The description from the seller was "BRAND NEW AND SEALED ' ^^^^100% SATISFACTION^^^^

Ordered December 12
Received January 3

I have not opened it nor do I wish to until I've seen some replies to this post.

Case description: semitransparent amaray case (kind of frosted clear). While the DVD case is shrinkwrapped, there is no security sticker inside along the top of the case. For mine, there is a blue strip along the top with the Paramount logo on the left. “Special Collector's Edition” is also in the blue strip. Below the blue is the word “Widescreen” in red text. Of note is the Paramount logo being top-cropped slightly from both that blue strip on the front cover and the side of the case. The cover illustration looks identical, though it is cropped off the right side.

Amazon.com and Buy.com show the traditional Paramount blue strip along the top. Within that blue strip it states “Widescreen Collection” divided by the Paramount logo. Then below the blue strip is “Special Collector's Edition” in red text.

Paramount's pretty good about not altering their look on regular releases such as this. I honestly think I have some sort of copy that the seller made. The DVD did take the entire length of time to get to me that Half.com allows and the seller was new with a zero feedback rating. He now has a feedback rating of 14, all positive. I paid $9.50 plus shipping, so if it is a copy, he sure didn't make much off of it.

Can you all describe what you have in your hands? Clear case or traditional black is probably the simplest way to look.

Thanks, everyone!

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Black. I don't know if Paramount has ever used a clear case.
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Amazon's may be correct, but dvdempire shows the one you are describing...Amazon may have put up a photo before the release, but mine looks like the one from DVD Empire (blue stripe, paramount logo top left, widescreen in red under the blue banner)..everything else is the same..mine is just a regular amaray case ..well a knockoff thats the same thing..doesnt say amaray but same thing...
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^^ Amazon

^^ DVD Empire
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I have the DVD Empire cover art as well.

Amazon has the original art posted, DVD Empire has the revised art posted. My case is an amary knockoff black, not clear or frosted. Bought mine at Best Buy in a bundle with the 1979 Bad News Bears.
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Thanks for your responses. Because of your responses and the one I received from the Half.com seller, I decided to open the thing.

Seller’s response:
these are factory made dvd's not bootleg or copys i buy these wholesale just the way you recieved yours everything from that dvd was factory made not home made these are original pictures not made or copied thank you very much and i hope yu enjoy your dvd
Upon opening the disc, I see:

          On the disc itself:
                  So in conclusion, is this seller getting away with a technicality? Is this in fact a factory-made release, where he just happened to get them from a Korean bootleg factory? I’m willing to watch the disc and be done with it, but if this is the sort of thing that consitutes piracy, I really want no part of it, no matter how inconsequential this case may seem.

                  Thanks for any additional advice, folks!
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                  The Paramount copies also come with a baseball diamond shaped sticker that reads "Bases Loaded With Extra Features" or something along those lines.
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                  It's a bootleg.
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                  Originally Posted by spartanstew
                  It's a bootleg.
                  I agree!
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