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STC 12-30-05 10:39 AM

Should I keep the Batman Anthology DVD set?
I got the Batman Antholgy for x-mas. I didnt open it yet, and was wondering whether to keep it or return it. The thing is I really only like the 1st movie. Are the special features for Batman Returns, Batman Forever, and Batman and Robin really worth owning?

Also I'm in need of a new standalone DVD player and w/ the credit I get from the box set (worth $57) I could get Batman SE and a cheapy DVD player and pay the lil difference. What do you guys think?

chemosh6969 12-30-05 11:28 AM

If it were me, I'd keep it. If I were you, I'd read reviews on the set and then decide.

A crappy DVD player can make a good looking DVD look like crap.

Save up and get a decent player.

TomOpus 12-30-05 11:40 AM

As long as the person who gave it to you wouldn't get their feelings hurt, I'd say return it. Just hope they don't come over saying "Hey, let's fire up that Batman Forever disc!"

I also agree on getting a better player... depending on your setup.

marcellusk 12-30-05 12:04 PM

Keep it! you don't want to trade in a good quality set for a crappy dvd player. Why would you want a cheap player anyway?

Randy Miller III 12-30-05 12:05 PM

I'll buy <I>Batman Returns</i> from you for $20, but you can pay me $20 to take <i>Batman Forever</i> and <i>Batman & Robin</i>. I guess that'll make us even, right? :D

Ravid 12-30-05 12:46 PM

Isn't there a lengthy Batman documentary spread throughout the movies? If that interests you, watch the doc, then sell the ones you don't like.

STC 12-30-05 01:01 PM

I understand about the cheapy DVD player, but that DVD player will be upstairs in our bedroom. I'll only use that for watching my DC Animated Universe DVDs before I go to sleep, usually I watch 1 a night. I used to have a Panasonic DVD-RV32 upstairs until the infamous H07 error popped up again. I fixed it once, now its toast. I am currently using my Panasonic DVD-LS50 portable player as a temp DVD player hooked up to my TV and I love this thing so I dont want to "use it all the time". You know what I mean.

Anyways I have a nice setup downstairs so thats not an issue.
Batman Returns is cool, Batman Forever is OK, and Batman and Robin plain sucked.
I'll prob return it and get just the Batman SE and use the remainer for a DVD player.

chemosh6969 12-30-05 01:41 PM

If you want a cheap dvd player, then keep the dvd set and find a $20 player.

I wouldn't pay more than $50 for a crappy player when I could get something that simply plays dvds for around $20.

clappj 12-30-05 01:50 PM

Originally Posted by chemosh6969
If it were me, I'd keep it. If I were you, I'd make my own decisions


fumanstan 12-30-05 02:38 PM

If you're not interested in the other movies, just return it. No point on keeping it if its only the first movie you really like.

The Valeyard 12-30-05 03:19 PM

The Batman SE has a great documentary on the characters history from comics to movies. There's also another documentary that's spread across all four movies that details the making of each film. The Batman SE is the best one in that regard. The others are interesting but the first one really details how they got the film made and it's aftermath.

xage 12-30-05 04:57 PM

To be honest, Youre old enough to decide what is best for you not unless you are a person who is very "dependent" to others.

As I see it, this is a simple personal decision. I give credits to those who spew out their suggestions to you dude.

My advice.. take time to inform those who shared their thoughts about the DVD on what you did/decided since the last post you mentioned got a "probable" answer with it.

So best of luck where your "final" decision tells you.

The Antipodean 12-30-05 05:04 PM

Yeah, I admit I never understand these threads when people ask complete strangers this kind of stuff (and there's nobody stranger than us on DVD Talk). My advice is that you give the 3 DVDs you don't want to me and I will send you a very nice Christmas card. ;)

Matthew Zolton 12-30-05 07:55 PM

Well, despite all of the other crap in the original post, I did see a legit question on whether the special features on the disks are anything worth watching, so I really see no point in people bashing the guy just because his question was a little too long winded.

I haven't seen the disks, so I can't tell you about the special features, but personally, I wouldn't keep a disk of a movie that I didn't like just because of features, but I know that there are people here that would.

dsa_shea 12-30-05 08:31 PM

Originally Posted by Matthew Zolton
I wouldn't keep a disk of a movie that I didn't like just because of features, but I know that there are people here that would.

I know because I keep all kinds of shit that I night watch only once. I received this set a few weeks ago and showed my daughter the first Batman and that is it. I haven't sat down and watched any of the movies or features in the set yet but plan on keeping the set and I'm happy to have it.

GuruTwo 12-31-05 12:06 AM

All four bonus discs are great, even though the Schumacher films are awful, and even those two movie discs are redeemable because his commentaries are actually pretty damn entertaining. I doubt I'll ever watch "Batman Forever" and "Batman & Robin" without the commentaries but look at it this way: the individual titles are about $20 each and you can find the box set for $50. The content on the Schumacher films is worth the extra $10.

Iron_Giant 12-31-05 01:01 PM

If you are a "completist" keep the set, if not and you will never watch the other movies, then sell it.

But, do not buy a cheap DVD player, unless you have an old cheap TV.

Josh H 12-31-05 01:21 PM

I'd return it since you only like the first movie, but don't buy a crappy DVD player. Save up and get a half way decent one for $150-200 or so. Buying a progressive scan is your best bet, then you won't have to rebuy down the road when you get an widescreen tv.

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