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Roy28 12-26-05 07:08 PM

Anyone know where I can find a complete list of last week's (12/20/05) releases?
Hi everyone,

Does anyone have a link to a complete list of last week's DVD releases (12/20). I was busy with Christmas stuff and forgot to go over it and pick out the discs I was interested in. All I can find now are the "big" releases, and I'm usually interested in the more obscure discs.

Thanks for any help,


RevKarl 12-26-05 07:26 PM

Last week is still up on the DVD Talk "Release List" link:


Earlier weeks are available at davisdvd.


Finally, you can always check Cameron's monthly lists, posted in this forum.

Cameron 12-26-05 07:34 PM

in my sig, just to make it easy on ya

Roy28 12-26-05 07:44 PM

Thanks for the links guys - but what I'm trying find is a complete list, not just the highlights. I always sort through them at DvdEmpire and add them to my wish list there. Usually there are 150 - 200 or more releases per week - they have 224 releases slated for tomorrow alone.

I do appreciate the help though.



chente 12-27-05 10:30 AM

I use dvdjournal.com to check what is coming out. A similar list is available on Amazon but I always have a tough time finding it so I stick with jounal.

flixtime 12-27-05 11:38 AM

DVDVerdict does a great job with their weekly release list:

DVDVerdict release list for 12/20

Roy28 12-27-05 07:41 PM

Thanks to everyone for the links, I think I found what I needed at DVDVerdict - their list looks fairly complete. I appreciate all the help.


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