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jmagnifocent 12-21-05 04:28 PM

Final Fantasy VII - Advent Children release?
I checked Amazon yesterday and it said that this would be coming out 1/10/06 but the website does not have a picture posted. I checked today and it says "Availability: This title will be released on January 1, 2010. You may order it now and we will ship it to you when it arrives."
WTF when is this thing coming to the US (no imports for me).

Chris Tribbey 12-21-05 05:51 PM

Great and wonderful question, addressed by Anime Talk (link below) a while ago.

Some say Sony is looking to a limited theatrical release in 2006. Others say Sony is looking at direct to DVD in 2006. Sony, however, is mum about the entire thing, and won't say what's going on.

It's wait and see.


asianxcore 12-21-05 06:49 PM

so the only DVD releases out for this movie are boots?

Chris Tribbey 12-21-05 06:58 PM

Originally Posted by asianxcore
so the only DVD releases out for this movie are boots?

Apparently so ... that and a UMD that only plays on Japanese PSPs ...

I'll say it again: Sony is just begging for every Tom, Dick and Harry to download this movie for free ...

TheOne 12-21-05 07:23 PM

Funny thing was that I noticed that on the latest Columbia House flyer, it has the FF VII: Advent Children (and nothing to show that it is a coming soon release but that it is out already). Strange.

Ralph Jenkins 12-21-05 07:48 PM

The last time I was in my local Costco, the fansub of this movie was playing on every monitor. By the time Sony gets around to releasing this, most of the fanbase will have already seen it.

theguyoverthere 12-21-05 08:44 PM

They already have.

Maxflier 12-22-05 07:45 AM

Well they have advertisements for the DVD and the UMD in magazines now with pics of each that says it's "Coming Soon", so i would imagine it can't be too much longer.

PixyJunket 12-22-05 07:54 AM

Heh, most? I hate FFVII (sort of) and I saw it hours after it was out in Japan.
You can read my review from my unique perspective on the universe in the Video Game forum.

jmagnifocent 12-22-05 11:26 AM

I saw the movie...dont think i was going to wait til the end of time for them to bring it overseas. But still i would like to have my own copy on DVD regardless of how many times i seen the bootleg. But i'll be damned if I'll wait until Jan 1, 2010 (Amazon.com). By then i could make my own English Dub and Special features.

canaryfarmer 12-22-05 11:53 AM

Anime on DVD reported some time ago that it's been delayed until March 28th, 2006.

edit (I found the specific entry):

"Monday, November 21st 2005
Disc Delay (10:08 AM EST): It's ever changing dates for this title but according to an update from Right Stuf, Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children now has a street date of 03/28/2006. It was originally solicited for a November 2005 release date and then started showing a January release date on several sites."

mifuneral 12-22-05 12:35 PM

Originally Posted by Maxflier
Well they have advertisements for the DVD and the UMD in magazines now with pics of each that says it's "Coming Soon", so i would imagine it can't be too much longer.

You can't expect magazines to be up to date, though. Things can easily change in the time it takes them to print out an issue.

And yes, it's been delayed until March, for several reasons.

1. The (limited) theatrical release.
2. Added scenes
3. Dub work, especially involving the reanimation of lips so they fit with the English VA's.

canaryfarmer 12-22-05 12:43 PM

2. Added scenes
3. Dub work, especially involving the reanimation of lips so they fit with the English VA's.
Were those actually confirmed? I thought that they were just internet rumors. If they're real though, I'd love to see what kind of added scenes they'd turn out to be.

Fok 12-23-05 12:03 AM

It's a great movie and *cough* a friend of mine *cough* downloaded it. I'm looking forward to the R1 DVD release, will definately pick it up.

gerrythedon 01-31-06 11:40 PM


By the way... you fans of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children will be pleased to learn this. Mike Stradford told me that Sony's working hard to get the film released on DVD here in the States by the end of 2006. Apparently, it's taking a little extra time to work with the director to get all the supplemental elements finished, but the title is on track for release sometime later this year. I seem to get at least one e-mail asking about Advent Children a day, so there you go!


fumanstan 01-31-06 11:41 PM

Oh boy, sometime this year :(

canaryfarmer 02-01-06 12:46 AM

Yeah, looks like my um, "other" version will suffice just fine for awhile :)

eau 02-01-06 01:04 AM

Originally Posted by fumanstan
Oh boy, sometime this year :(

More like...by the end of this year :(

I can wait...as long as they put the original language track in there!

Joe Molotov 02-01-06 01:06 AM

They should have just slapped some English subtitles on the Japanese DVD, and released it over here. I would have bought it Day 1 if they'd done that. Now, no matter what added scenes and supplemental they have planned, I'm just really not that interested anymore.

ShagMan 02-01-06 08:34 AM

By the end of the year?????

I knew I should have already imported this. What a load of crap.

DrMcKittrick 02-01-06 10:48 AM

Those bootlegs on ebay are sounding mighty fine about now.

gerrythedon 02-13-06 12:22 AM

Sony has announced Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, the latest CG-animated feature based on the Playstation game. The two-disc special edition will be available to own from the 25th April, and should retail at around $26.96. The film itself will be presented in anamorphic widescreen, along with the original Japanese Dolby Digital 5.1 track. Optional English subtitles will also be provided, along with an additional English dub. The extras will include a Reminiscence of Final Fantasy VII featurette, a making of featurette entitled 'The Distance', some Venice Film Festival footage, deleted scenes, a sneak peak at upcoming Final Fantasy VII games, trailers, and more. We've attached a small shot of the package artwork below:

Masamune 02-13-06 01:32 AM

I still have a hard time believing it, lol...

jiggawhat 02-13-06 01:41 AM

Good thing I understand japanese.

eau 02-13-06 02:13 AM

A choice of the original japanese 5.1 audio + optional subtitle. Sounds good.

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