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EvilEvil 12-20-05 08:47 PM

Six Feet Under: The Fifth Season 5 DVDs When?
Anyone know when these are coming out?

+Danny 12-20-05 08:59 PM

I hope a Complete Series set is released at the same time or at least known about.


reubs82 12-20-05 09:18 PM

Wasn't there a thread on this already? I'm almost positive I saw one here, but now I can't find it.

However, the sooner this set comes out the better.

EvilEvil 12-20-05 09:47 PM

I did a search and found nothing. Thanks guys you're really helpful -ohbfrank-

Skoobooz 12-20-05 10:42 PM


No need for sarcasm. It's not about "proving you wrong," it's about keeping all the information in one place. Also, this thread has all the current available info...which is little to none at this time.

reubs82 12-20-05 10:45 PM

The reason you couldn't find it (and I couldn't find it either) is because it appears that the phrase "Six Feet Under" appears nowhere within the thread.

So it's not just you...I had a hard time w/ it, too. Settle down champ. I was letting you know all I knew. WIth that in mind, thanks Skoobooz. That's the thread I was looking for.


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