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Seantn 12-14-05 03:41 PM

Any chance of a new "Dead End" (2003 Ray Wise film)
The disc is full screen, with absolutely no extras. Only scene selection.

I know that since this was a DTV title, it's unlikely. But overseas they got a widescreen transfer, deleted scenes, trailers, tv spots, featurette, etc...

The film is great (IMO). I loved it, and from reading other reviews online, it got really good reviews and won quite a few film festival awards. Any chance of at least widescreen release anytime? I wasn't sure if Lion's Gate ever re-visits old titles.

Squirrel God 12-14-05 09:46 PM

I agree with you about the movie. I loved it. Reminded me of a lengthy Outer Limits/Twilight Zone episode.

The UK Region 2 really is a nice disc. Presume you don't have a multiregion player then?

Lions Gate do revisit older titles, e.g. American Psycho, but I guess it will depend on how popular the title is.

freudguy 12-15-05 09:09 AM

I've actually considered getting the region 2 release. I really enjoyed the movie, as did my wife. In fact, everyone I've recommended it to has liked it.

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