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nightmaster 12-14-05 04:24 AM

What DVD Titles Have You "Dipped" On The Most (Other Than Evil Dead Series) ?
I was looking at a few oddities I've doubledipped on here lately and the question came to my mind. The Evil Dead series seems to be the most obvious title/series, so I was wondering what other titles everyone has bought over once, twice, and more? I've never been a fan of doubledipping but that doesn't mean I haven't done so from time to time. Off the top of my head I can think of a few I've dipped more than twice in my collection-

Kill Bill- 4 times (2 early cheesy imports, the official release and a Japanese 2 pack)
Rocky- 3 times (early first release, then in both box sets- and am NOT buying the third box set coming out next year!)
Aliens-3 times (first and second SEs and in the Japanese R2 Quadrilogy set)

Billyspunk 12-14-05 07:43 AM

I dipped 3 times for Rock 'N' Roll High School. One of the first dvd's ever released was a bare boned R&R High School, then I bought the 2nd version which was more widely released then yesterday I had to pick up the new version that just came out....DAMN!

Atreus 12-14-05 08:28 AM

I've got 3 copies of 2001: a space odyssey. The first Kubrick Collection release, the Remastered release and the silver box Collector's edition. I realise that I don't need to keep them all but since it is one of my favourites I don't mind having them take up space. I'm actually looking to pick up the first release of this if I ever see it somewhere.

Seth Gecko 12-14-05 08:29 AM

Black Hawk Down

Bought the first release...then the 3-disc...and also bought the Superbit for DTS and better PQ.

Snowmaker 12-14-05 08:36 AM

I've never double-dipped more than once.

All 3 LOTRs (have both versions)
Emmet Otter's Jug-Band Christmas
The first 2 Austin Powers (just for the cases)
The Black Hole
Predator 2

MrVette99 12-14-05 08:37 AM

I upgrade to Anamorphic only. Extras I never watch.

lisadoris 12-14-05 09:46 AM

I've been bit by the double-dip bug a few times

Field of Dreams & Batman most recently
Aliens (one of the first DVDs I bought but I had to get the quadrilogy)
Blues Brothers (had to have the theatrical version)
A Bug's Life (don't even remember why)
Casablanca (another early buy)
The Color Purple (my only flipper, happy to be rid of it)
Jaws (wanted the mono track)
I have both versions of all the LOTR films
Malcolm X
The Matrix
Silence of the Lambs (kept the Criterion for the commentary, upgraded for the picture)
The Untouchables

I'll be upgrading Lady & the Tramp and probably 4 Weddings & a Funeral pretty soon.

mifuneral 12-14-05 11:05 AM

I double dipped to from the barebones Memento to the LE.

I double dipped from the standard issues of Matrix, Matrix Reloaded, and Animatrix to get the Collection.

And I upgraded my copies of Office Space and Escape from NY.

and I double dipped the entire Evangelion series. and...The Office (to get the set).

hrmph, I've double dipped much more than I thought.

sailor_moon 12-14-05 11:06 AM

The only thing I've ever double dipped on was Underworld. But that was only because I found the extended version for $6 used.

lordwow 12-14-05 11:08 AM


TimeandTide 12-14-05 11:28 AM

Just Black Hawk Down, Warriors, Iron Giant and Hoosiers for me. Although I usually end up selling the less-extras-heavy versions to BBV when they have their $8 promotions.

MEJHarrison 12-14-05 11:31 AM

I've never double dipped. Been tempted a few times, but I managed to resist.

fnordboy 12-14-05 11:31 AM

The Ring series. I have (in order of purchase):

Ring (Ringu) - Tartan UK R0 release
Ring 2 - Tartan UK R0 release
Ring 0 - Tartan UK R0 release


Ringu - R1 release

Later I picked up:

The Ring Trilogy: Ring/Ring 2/Ring 0/Sleeping Bride - Tartan UK R0 release

Mainly because I wanted the Sleeping Bride movie that was an extra on it.

A little later I ended up picking up

Ringu: Anthology of Terror - R1

Because I got it on a good deal.

IDrinkMolson 12-14-05 11:39 AM

I have 3 copies of Saving Private Ryan. The early non-DTSrelease, then I accidently bought the re-release thinking it was DTS, but DTS was only in the gift set, so I bought that one too.
I have all 3 LOTR in theatrical and EE, and I have the Taiwan EE's for the wooden box.

JBull 12-14-05 11:45 AM

Triple dip on Wizard of Oz

majorjoe23 12-14-05 11:57 AM

When Justice League season one comes out, that will win. I had the individual releases (up through the Starcrossed movie) sold them and bought some, uh, "unofficial" releases.

spartanstew 12-14-05 11:58 AM

Bought the Alien Legacy collection and then Quadrilogy, but was able to sell Legacy for what I bought it for.

I think that's it.

nightmaster 12-14-05 12:00 PM

Originally Posted by MrVette99
I upgrade to Anamorphic only. Extras I never watch.

Most of my upgrades have been for better picture and/or sound, in many cases having bought a title in the early days of DVD that was neither anamorphic or cleaned up for release.

shacmasta 12-14-05 12:06 PM

Meet the Parents
BillyMadison/Happy Gilmore
There's something about mary
WWE The Rock: Just Bring it
Tommy Boy
Blazing Saddles
Half baked

On my wishlist to add one day
Airplane (should be getting today)
Don't be a menace to south central while drinking your juice in the hood
Not another teen movie
Liar Liar
The Grudge (DCut)
Dumb & Dumber (unrated edition)

bboisvert 12-14-05 12:09 PM

More double-dips than I could even begin to list. I'm a whore for getting the best versions available, and I can often resell the originals for a decent price. (I don't hang onto anything that is replicated or improved on other discs.)

I don't think I've ever quad-dipped... but I've certainly triple-dipped a few times:

Black Hawk Down
Pretty Woman -eek-
Terminator 2
Wizard of Oz

Edit: Forgot about Kurosawa's RAN.

Doughboy 12-14-05 12:11 PM

Originally Posted by Atreus
I've got 3 copies of 2001: a space odyssey. The first Kubrick Collection release, the Remastered release and the silver box Collector's edition.

I've gotten 2001 3 times as well. The original MGM non-anamorphic release in the keepcase. The remastered WB release. And another copy of the remastered DVD when my original died on me.

Not counting defective DVDs, I believe the only title I've dipped on more than twice is Manhunter. I bought the 2-disc Anchor Bay LE. Then I got the Divimax Director's Cut. And finally the MGM Japanese theatrical cut DVD. I also got the theatrical cut on laserdisc off of eBay if you wanna count that. So I technically own 5 versions of Manhunter.

Ginwen 12-14-05 12:34 PM

I try not to double dip. I think my only double dips are Raging Bull, T2, Total Recall, Office Space, Ben Hur, Wizard of Oz, first two Lord of the Rings movies, Ran, Army of Darkness and Evil Dead and Evil Dead 2 of course :)--might be a couple of others. I didn't double dip at all for a year or so, but Office Space (total impulse buy, that Best Buy special pack sucked me in), Ben Hur, Wizard of Oz and the Evil Dead Books of the Dead 2 pack are all really recent. I'll have to go back to my non double-dipping ways after Ran, which is likely to be my first triple dip (I did sell off the first version for more than I paid at CH, and the second one was from CH too, so at least I didn't waste too much on these).

jdslater1 12-14-05 12:42 PM

Double dipped:
T2 ( and I have just ordered 3 Jap versions of this film! )
Bad boys and BB2
X-men (to 1.5)
Pulp fiction

Triple dipped:
Pearl Harbour
Black hawk down
Infernal Affairs II & III ( I bought the boxed special editions for both, then I bought 2 of the Hong Kong boxsets)
Way of the gun

The ones I know I will:
Kill Bill ( got the way cool french boxset)
Sin City ( Also got the way cool french boxset )
Mr & Mrs Smith ( that extended version coming later )

tdilia 12-14-05 12:43 PM

I've never triple dipped, but have doubled a few times

All 3 LOTR (I have both versions)
Gone with the Wind
Deer Hunter
To Kill a Mocking Bird
Escape from NY

I will be buying the Wild Bunch and Network again.

slavetotherave 12-14-05 01:00 PM

I don't think I've ever triple dipped, but all the doubles dips I've done are:

12 Monkeys
The Big Lebowski
Fifth Element
Leon: The Professional
Man on Fire

In the case of Heat, the one I had before was a gift, and then I upgraded, so I'm not sure if that counts as double dipping since I only paid for one. My biggest double dip has to be for the Big Lebowski Achiever's Edition gift set... had to have that one.

Mondo Kane 12-14-05 01:17 PM

X-Men (Didn't upgrade to 1.5 yet and HAD to get X2. So I settled for the digipack which had both movies)

From Dusk 'til Dawn (Got the barebones version free with PULP & JACKIE. Purchased the CE later on)

Lord of the Rings (FOTR's by far my favorite of the trilogy so I don't mind to own both the theatrical and EE of it)

The Good,The Bad,and The Ugly (Upgraded for the extras, but at least the first version still has the original mono track)

Dazed 12-14-05 01:33 PM

The only title i've double dipped on was Gladiator.

awmurray 12-14-05 01:41 PM

Originally Posted by MrVette99
I upgrade to Anamorphic only. Extras I never watch.

Me too. Only exception I can think of is The Matrix set.

RockyMtnBri 12-14-05 02:26 PM

Dr. Strangelove - 3 times!!!

roger_d 12-14-05 02:48 PM

I have only double dipped and have stopped for a year now due 2 thing. 1ST i'm1sick of the DC, UE, etc, and 2ND now that they're going over to a new format what's the point.

mike7162 12-14-05 02:55 PM

Straw Dogs (Criterion, UK Freemantle, Anchor Bay, MGM)
Universal Classic Monsters (the original 8 disc box and the double features,the Legacy editions)

Michael Corvin 12-14-05 03:01 PM

I've double dipped a handful of times, but more than that, Stargate is the only one that comes to mind.

Ravid 12-14-05 03:07 PM

My only double dip is the Bruce Lee Ultimate Collection.

marcellusk 12-14-05 03:16 PM

I only double dip once.....most recent....sin city....Saw...
earlier ones were...american pie..pearl harbor...memento..seven...hellboy...evil dead of course and scarface

Fielding Mellish 12-14-05 03:21 PM

I upgraded to the new anamorphic versions of Jackie Chan's Project A and Police Story films.

I'll probably end up triple-dipping on Kursawa's Ran.

I also double-dipped on Spinal Tap, Hard Boiled, Beavis & Butthead, and some Marx Bros. movies. But since I managed to sell the originals at a considerable profit, I don't consider those. ;)

lewisb73 12-14-05 03:54 PM

Ive done it more than I would like to admit... mainly for anamorphic picture though

Take for instance... Tremors... bought the first edition (non AWS) for 30 bucks... this year I get the Tremors pack (all 4 movies in AWS) for only 19.49 shipped...

Off the top of my head...
Happy Gilmore
Taxi Driver
To Kill a Mockingbird
Deer Hunter
Billy Madison
All 3 Evil Dead movies... of course
All 3 Die Hard movies
All 3 LOTR movies
Apocalypse Now
Booty Call
Office Space
Planet of the Apes
Basic Instinct
T2: Judgement Day
Christmas Story
Christmas Vacation
Dances w Wolves (possibly the only triple dip in my collection: Original Dolby, DTS 2 disc, and the extended)
Dazed and Confused
Gone with the wind
Lethal Weapons 1-3
Top Gun
Spinal Tap
M Python MOL
Toxic Avenger
D Brasco
Amazon Women on the Moon
Pretty Woman
Pulp Fiction
Reservoir Dogs
Silence of the Lambs
Smokey and the Bandit

Sure there are a few more... in all fairness, I bought a dvd player very early on before I knew about AWS... some of these double dips are situations where I keep both dvds (Spinal tap for one)... lots I upgraded through COlumbia House

Richard Malloy 12-14-05 04:28 PM

Triple-dipped on "Dr. Strangelove" (you know the ones)

Triple-dipped on "Vertigo" (original Universal non-16x9; PAL/R2 version with 16x9 enhance, remastered R1 w/16x9)

And the winner...

Quadruple-dip on "Ran" (1. Fox Lorber abomination "worst disc ever"; 2. Wellspring "we're turning it around, but first this crappy transfer" edition (not the $100 "let us rip you off with three crappy discs" set); 3. R2/PAL Warner Bros. 2-disc edition; and 4. the latest, bestest from Criterion edition.)

NatrlBornThrllr 12-14-05 05:20 PM

I've never triple dipped. I've double-dipped a few times, but I'm not going to list what titles because I'm lazy, and you won't read the list anyway. That is, if you're even reading this post.


polietilen 12-14-05 06:26 PM

double dipping is mostly overkill
as few others have said, i also try to resist double dipping on dvds, although obviously there's a few movies where i just faltered and my absolute exception to the rule are david cronenberg's movies just to hear his great commentaries. obviously everybody that likes a title too much will buy it again if there's a new edition, but i think that double dipping just for the sake of having the most upgraded version (which doesn't always mean the best one) is unnecesary to having a great dvd collection. my list is:

1. alien
-20th anniversary ed.
-quadrilogy ed.
2. das boot (technically, i don't consider this a double dip since each edition contains a different cut, but i'll post it as reference)
-director's cut
-original uncut mini-series
3. the fly 1986
-fox double feature ed. with fly 2
4. halloween (the one and hopefully only movie that i'll triple dip in)
-remastered hologram cover ed. single disc
-limited 2-disc ed.
-25th divimax ed.
5. lotr: fellowship of the ring (again, i don't consider this a double dip since each edition contains a different cut of the movie)
-theatrical cut ed.
6. night of the living dead
-elite special coll. ed.
-millenium ed.
7. predator (actually, i regret having double dipped on this. bought the CE it before finding out it was same transfer as the DTS previous ed. anyway, sold it soon after but ended up losing about $4. oh well, at least i watched the supplements.)
-DTS ed.
8. videodrome
-universal ed.

Cameron 12-14-05 06:38 PM

star wars ;)

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