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MTRodaba2468 06-18-07 04:22 AM

I've triple-dipped on Halloween (THX -> 25th Anniversary Edition -> Limited Edition) and Superman II (original release -> 2-Disc Special Edition -> Richard Donner Cut)

Although to be honest, in my head, I think of the Superman II SE and the Richard Donner Cut as one big 3-Disc SE, sold in two parts (yeah, I know it sounds ridiculous).

cine 07-31-07 08:43 PM

Quadruple dipped:

Double dipped:
Chungking Express
Dance with Wolves
Days of Heaven (planned)
In the Mood for Love
Ju-Dou (planned)
Lawrence of Arabia
Paris, Texas
Pitfall (planned)
Raise the Red Lantern
Seven Samurai
Terminator 2
The Face of Another (planned)

xage 11-17-07 01:21 AM

Store Exclusives tend to make my double dipping (aside from Evil Dead) increase further lately:

Here are few examples just for the month of October (2007) alone:




Giggles 11-17-07 04:27 AM

Wow... Can't say I liked Transformers a lot, but maybe I'll still grab one of those... Beauty.

cbearnm 11-18-07 12:01 PM

- Regular DVD
- Collector's Edition

Pan's Labyrinth
- Region 2
- Korean Limited Edition

Takeshi357 11-18-07 08:28 PM

The Terminator.

First, the original SE...then the Definitive Edition...and finally, a Thai SE.

Why? Because the European release doesn't have the damn mono track, that's why!

Moleman1138 11-18-07 09:23 PM

Star Wars 4X

1997, 2000, 2004, 2006

Trevor 11-18-07 11:26 PM

I just quadruple dipped on The Princess Bride.

Only a triple dip technically, but for pure disc totals, it would be the LOTR trilogy. The 2 disc original releases, the 5 disc gift sets, then the 2 disc combo releases. Also all the animated releases and a few documentary-type releases.

Sparrow 11-19-07 12:06 AM

I'd break up my happy home, if I even got close to Xage's collecting habits ;)

On topic, I have multi-dipped on Fifth Element, Gattaca, Terminator series, Superman series and the Bonds. I am sure I've multi-dipped on more, but those come to mind.

aintnosin 11-19-07 02:31 AM

Silverado: Original DVD with incorrect aspect ratio, the corrected DVD and final the two-disc SE with the deck of cards.

2001 - A Space Odyssey: The original non-anamorphic MGM disk, the newer Warners Kubrick Collection disk and the new two-disc SE.

Blazing Saddles: Original flipper, new 30th anniversary disk and it also came with the Mel Brooks Collection.

Tuan Jim 11-19-07 05:57 AM

Currently 3 versions of "Tears of the Black Tiger" -- all different cuts so far - with a 4th one (original Thai DVD) in the mail atm.

Tuan Jim 11-19-07 05:59 AM

Originally Posted by xage
Store Exclusives tend to make my double dipping (aside from Evil Dead) increase further lately:


Do my eyes deceive me or are you missing "transforming" Optimus edition?

Takeshi357 11-19-07 07:21 AM

Originally Posted by Tuan Jim
Do my eyes deceive me


It's in the lower right corner.

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