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chileorgullo 10-08-06 12:18 PM

Galaxy Quest -> DTS
Jurassic Park -> DTS
In the Mood For Love Criterion -> Mei Ahi
Predator -> DTS enhance -> 15th Anniversary
Meet Joe Black -> UE
Swingers -> CE
Fast Times CE -> DTS High School Reunion -> Totally Awesome Special Edition
Dazed and Confused barebones -> Criterion
Happy Gilmore FS -> WS SE
Usual Suspects Polygram -> MGM -> MGM SE new with orange slipcover

all I can think of now, mostly keep what I have sometimes just buy again and give away older copies

honestjohn 10-08-06 12:25 PM

Damn, wish you hadn't asked that. Didn't realize I had done it so many times and I'm sure I missed a few.

Alien Ressurection
Armageddon (and it's still not enhanced)
Army of Darkness (Quad-Dipped)
Crimson Tide
Dances With Wolves
Dawn of the Dead
Evil Dead
Evil Dead II
Field of Dreams
From Dusk Till Dawn (and the CE is still not Enhanced)
Halloween (Triple Dipped)
Hunt for Red October
Jurassic Park
Jurassic Park II: The Lost World
Jurassic Park III
Lethal Weapon
Lethal Weapon 2
Lethal Weapon 3
Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring (standard ->Limited)
Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (standard ->Limited)
Lord of the Rings: Return of the King (standard ->Limited)
Men in Black
Night of the Living Dead (Triple Dipped)
Planet of The Apes 1-5 (Evolution->Legacy)
Pulp Fiction
Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan
Star Trek III: The Search for Spock
Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home
Star Trek V: Final Frontier
Star Trek VI: Undiscovered Country
Star Trek VII: Generations
Star Trek VIII: First Contact
Terminator 2
The Fifth Element
The Frighteners
The Great Escape
The Night Stalker/The Night Strangler
The Omen
The Patriot
The Poseidon Adventure (Original)
The Thing (John Carpenter)
Total Recall
The Wild Bunch

TheMovieman 10-08-06 12:35 PM

Ace Ventura
Black Hawk Down
Lord of the Rings Trilogy
Romancing the Stone
Sin City
Terminator 2 (SE and Extreme metal cases)

The Monkees 10-08-06 06:13 PM

Originally Posted by The Monkees
I double dipped on:

The Muppet Christmas Carol (original full screen release and the recent release)
Alien (bought the original 20th anniversary DVD then the Quadrilogy)
X-Men (bought the original then the 1.5)
Daredevil (bought the original then the director's cut)
Elektra (bought the original then the director's cut)
The Rocky Series (bought the original box set and then the re-release box set)
Mallrats (original then the 10th anniversary)
Terminator 2 (ultimate edition then got the extreme edition)
Tommy Boy (original then the most recent edition)
There's Something About Mary (original then the 2 disc)
Spaceballs (original then the 2 disc)
To Kill a Mockingbird (original then the 2 disc)
The Silence of the Lambs (Criterion Collection then the Special Edition released when Hannibal Came Out)
Batman, Batman Returns & Batman Forever (All originals, then the anthology)
House on Haunted Hill (Double bill with Last Man on Earth, then the new version with Mike Nelson Commentary)
Jaws (original non-DTS release, then the 30th anniversary)
Saw (original widescreen releae, then the unrated version)
The Fly / The Fly 2 (original double bill, then each SE separately)
Halloween II (a cheap Goodtimes version, then the official Universal release)
The Toxic Avenger (original release, then the 21st anniversary)
Psycho II / Psycho III (original full screen version of part 2 and widescreen part 3 from Goodtimes, then the newer widescreen releases)
Psycho / The Birds / Rear Window (original single release, the Alfred Hitchock Masterpiece Collection)
Ben-Hur (original release, then the 4 disc)

I've Triple Dipped On:

The Blues Brothers (VHS released when BB2000 came out, the original DVD, then the 25th anniversary)
Night of the Living Dead (30th anniversary, special collector's edition, millennium edition)
Halloween (original anchor bay release, the TV version, the 25th anniversary 2 disc)
The Exorcist (25th anniversary, then the 25th anniversary box set with the book and stuff, then the version you've never seen)

I've Quadruple Dipped on:

Original Star Wars Trilogy (SE VHS Full Screen, SE VHS Widescreen, Definitive Laserdisc, original DVD release)

And I'm sure there is more

Interestingly enough since I bought the SW films again, now I can officially say I've quintuple dipped on that one!

Plus Rocky can now be added to my triple dip, or at least can be in December when I buy the new SE. Pet Sematary, Nightmare on Elm Street & Texas Chainsaw Massacre can all be added to double dip as well.

TylerDurden_73 10-08-06 06:16 PM

Let's see...Jaws 20th(vhs), Jaws 25th(dvd, sold), Jaws 25th(dts) Jaws 30th(dvd)
Blackhawk down...original release(sold), superbit, 3-disc deluxe edition, extended edition.

JCFantasy23 10-08-06 06:41 PM

I usually hate double dipping. I don't have endless funds for DVDs, so to spend more on the same movie pains me. To date I don't think I've double dipped.

kovacs01 10-09-06 09:12 PM

The Bourne Identity -- original release, korean LE
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly -- original and CE
Full Metal Jacket -- Kubrick collection and silver boxset
Pulp Fiction -- CE and silver boxset
The Crow -- CE and Japanese LE
LOTR: FOTR -- Theatrical and Giftset
A Perfect Storm -- original and CDA boxset
House of Flying Daggers -- triple -- EDKO 2 disc, and 2 LE's
Spiderman -- original and superbit
Kill Bill Volume 1 -- original and Japanese LE
The Matrix (all of them) -- original releases and boxset
Blade Runner -- original and CDA set
Cypher -- R1 release and R2 release
Das Boot -- original and superbit
Dawn of the Dead -- Divimax and ultimate
Dazed and Confused -- Original and Criterion
The fifth Element -- original and superbit
The Great Escape -- original and SE
Johnny Mnemonic -- original and Superbit
Leon -- original and Deluxe
Panic Room -- Superbit and Japanese LE
Peter Pan -- Gold and LI
Pinocchio -- Gold and LI
Pitch Black -- Original and SE
Predator -- original and CE
Reservoir Dogs -- Brown, Orange, Pink, White
Saving Private Ryan -- original and D-Day edition
Silence of the Lambs -- Criterion and CE
Stargate -- original and UE
Tombstone -- original and vista series
The Wizard of Oz -- original and 3 disc
Seven Swords -- 2 LE's

Graystone 10-09-06 11:54 PM

Big lewboski 2 times
Office sapce 2 times

mxv 10-10-06 10:00 AM

I double dipped on:

Star Wars trilogy
Halloween (the 2disc one and then the divimax one)
Escape from New York (a no brainer as it is one of my favorite movies)
Repo Man (the tin which was a gift and the recently released one for the extras)
Enter the Dragon
Spiderman (gift set and then superbit)
Creature from the Black Lagoon (universal version then the legacy edition)
Dracula (same as creature)
X-Men (regular then 1.5 which I got used for really cheap)

I actually managed to not double dip on a lot of ones listed here like the LOTR movies (I knew the extended ones were coming so I waited), T2 (the metal ultimate edition was the first and only one I got and it was enough for me), Matrix (i simply own the individual movies) and the evil dead movies (though I'm gonna get around to picking up the book of the dead version of Evil Dead 2 to go along with my first Evil Dead one).

xage 01-20-07 10:03 PM

Superman Returns ... (yeah I skipped the 14 disc set as Im not a fan of the original)

Ultimate Avengers

Mike Adams 01-21-07 11:59 AM

I think I answered this in great detail earlier, or perhaps in another similar thread, so for the sake of brevity, I'll just say <b>STAR WARS</b>.

xage 01-24-07 10:09 PM

SAW Trilogy (still incomplete)


Oakland 01-25-07 09:06 AM

Triple dip plus:
Star Wars Trilogy ("questionable" Asian version>first release>LE w/ original versions)
The Doors (all 3 versions]
Dazed & Confused (all 3 versions)
X-Men (original>1.5>first boxset version)

Double dips:
The Exorcist
Top Gun
Batman Forever
Pulp Fiction
Resevoir Dogs
True Romance
Usual Suspects
Office Space
Swimming With Sharks

...Just off the top of my head. I'm certain there are more.

CinemaNut 01-25-07 09:26 AM

Texas Chainsaw Massacre '74 (With this new UE, the 3rd time is the charm)
Resevoir Dogs - 2x

Elvis: Thats the Way it is: 2x
Elvis: 68 Comeback: 2x
Elvis: Aloha from Hawaii: 2x

SoSpacey 01-25-07 11:25 AM

Almost Famous -> Almost Famous Director's Cut
Casino -> Casino Anniversary Edition
Clerks -> Clerks X
Goodfellas -> Goodfellas Special Edition
Happy Gilmore (FS) -> Happy Gilmore SE DTS
The Mummy CE -> The Mummy Ultimate Edition
Office Space -> Office Space SE with Flair!
Pulp Fiction Candaian SE -> Pulp Fiction CE
Reservoir Dogs -> RD 10 year anniversary edition
Rounders -> Rounders Collectors Series
Some Kind of Wonderful -> SKoW SE
Stand by Me -> Stand by Me SE
Swimming with Sharks -? SWS Special Edition You Shmuck
True Romance -> True Romance Unrated Directors Cut DTS
Usual Suspects -> Usual Suspects Special Edition -> (soon) US Blu-Ray

Movies I want to double dip on:

Beautiful Girls
Bronx Tale

Movies I wont buy the current version of in hopes for a SE:
The World According to Garp

Dr. Henry Jones, Jr. 01-25-07 11:27 AM

Office Space

leest3 01-25-07 01:17 PM

I've tripled dipped on Oldboy. I have the Tartan release, the Tin Box Set, and the Korean 2 Disc.
I double dipped on Gladiator. The 2 disc, and the 3 disc versions, also Transformers the Movie, the old release, and the recent release.

wowbagger 04-09-07 03:33 AM

Originally Posted by ShallowHal
I've only triple dipped on two titles:

1. Leon: The Professional
Standard widescreen, then Uncut International, and now the Deluxe Edition.

Are there many differences between the uncut International and the Deluxe? Also, Eternal Sunshine Criterion? Is that a typo?

Rypro 525 04-09-07 03:36 AM

Originally Posted by wowbagger
Are there many differences between the uncut International and the Deluxe? Also, Eternal Sunshine Criterion? Is that a typo?

the Deluxe version has extras, dts track and a trivia track. The international uncut version is mainly bare bones.

wowbagger 04-09-07 03:40 AM

Originally Posted by Rypro 525
the Deluxe version has extras, dts track and a trivia track. The international uncut version is mainly bare bones.

Thanks. I'll probably end up unloading my uncut version in favor of the deluxe.

Maxflier 04-09-07 09:04 AM

I've scored a hat trick with Planet of the Apes (1968). I have the original disc that came with the Evolution set, the 35th anniv. disc and of course the Ape Head set.

daniel18 04-09-07 02:42 PM

I have a couple of double dips, but the only one I'm sure I'll triple dip on is LOTR when it comes out on HD.

yachtsman 04-09-07 03:31 PM

I have seven different editions of Oldboy and waiting for HDDVD :


MisterHowie 04-09-07 05:32 PM

LOTR - have both versions
Matrix - bought each individual release and then the Ultimate box and then got another Ultimate box with the stupid Neo-bust thing as a gift

matome 04-09-07 06:08 PM

Six each of The Fifth Element and Terminator 2

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