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Mondo Kane 12-14-05 01:17 PM

X-Men (Didn't upgrade to 1.5 yet and HAD to get X2. So I settled for the digipack which had both movies)

From Dusk 'til Dawn (Got the barebones version free with PULP & JACKIE. Purchased the CE later on)

Lord of the Rings (FOTR's by far my favorite of the trilogy so I don't mind to own both the theatrical and EE of it)

The Good,The Bad,and The Ugly (Upgraded for the extras, but at least the first version still has the original mono track)

Dazed 12-14-05 01:33 PM

The only title i've double dipped on was Gladiator.

awmurray 12-14-05 01:41 PM

Originally Posted by MrVette99
I upgrade to Anamorphic only. Extras I never watch.

Me too. Only exception I can think of is The Matrix set.

RockyMtnBri 12-14-05 02:26 PM

Dr. Strangelove - 3 times!!!

roger_d 12-14-05 02:48 PM

I have only double dipped and have stopped for a year now due 2 thing. 1ST i'm1sick of the DC, UE, etc, and 2ND now that they're going over to a new format what's the point.

mike7162 12-14-05 02:55 PM

Straw Dogs (Criterion, UK Freemantle, Anchor Bay, MGM)
Universal Classic Monsters (the original 8 disc box and the double features,the Legacy editions)

Michael Corvin 12-14-05 03:01 PM

I've double dipped a handful of times, but more than that, Stargate is the only one that comes to mind.

Ravid 12-14-05 03:07 PM

My only double dip is the Bruce Lee Ultimate Collection.

marcellusk 12-14-05 03:16 PM

I only double dip once.....most recent....sin city....Saw...
earlier ones were...american pie..pearl harbor...memento..seven...hellboy...evil dead of course and scarface

Fielding Mellish 12-14-05 03:21 PM

I upgraded to the new anamorphic versions of Jackie Chan's Project A and Police Story films.

I'll probably end up triple-dipping on Kursawa's Ran.

I also double-dipped on Spinal Tap, Hard Boiled, Beavis & Butthead, and some Marx Bros. movies. But since I managed to sell the originals at a considerable profit, I don't consider those. ;)

lewisb73 12-14-05 03:54 PM

Ive done it more than I would like to admit... mainly for anamorphic picture though

Take for instance... Tremors... bought the first edition (non AWS) for 30 bucks... this year I get the Tremors pack (all 4 movies in AWS) for only 19.49 shipped...

Off the top of my head...
Happy Gilmore
Taxi Driver
To Kill a Mockingbird
Deer Hunter
Billy Madison
All 3 Evil Dead movies... of course
All 3 Die Hard movies
All 3 LOTR movies
Apocalypse Now
Booty Call
Office Space
Planet of the Apes
Basic Instinct
T2: Judgement Day
Christmas Story
Christmas Vacation
Dances w Wolves (possibly the only triple dip in my collection: Original Dolby, DTS 2 disc, and the extended)
Dazed and Confused
Gone with the wind
Lethal Weapons 1-3
Top Gun
Spinal Tap
M Python MOL
Toxic Avenger
D Brasco
Amazon Women on the Moon
Pretty Woman
Pulp Fiction
Reservoir Dogs
Silence of the Lambs
Smokey and the Bandit

Sure there are a few more... in all fairness, I bought a dvd player very early on before I knew about AWS... some of these double dips are situations where I keep both dvds (Spinal tap for one)... lots I upgraded through COlumbia House

Richard Malloy 12-14-05 04:28 PM

Triple-dipped on "Dr. Strangelove" (you know the ones)

Triple-dipped on "Vertigo" (original Universal non-16x9; PAL/R2 version with 16x9 enhance, remastered R1 w/16x9)

And the winner...

Quadruple-dip on "Ran" (1. Fox Lorber abomination "worst disc ever"; 2. Wellspring "we're turning it around, but first this crappy transfer" edition (not the $100 "let us rip you off with three crappy discs" set); 3. R2/PAL Warner Bros. 2-disc edition; and 4. the latest, bestest from Criterion edition.)

NatrlBornThrllr 12-14-05 05:20 PM

I've never triple dipped. I've double-dipped a few times, but I'm not going to list what titles because I'm lazy, and you won't read the list anyway. That is, if you're even reading this post.


polietilen 12-14-05 06:26 PM

double dipping is mostly overkill
as few others have said, i also try to resist double dipping on dvds, although obviously there's a few movies where i just faltered and my absolute exception to the rule are david cronenberg's movies just to hear his great commentaries. obviously everybody that likes a title too much will buy it again if there's a new edition, but i think that double dipping just for the sake of having the most upgraded version (which doesn't always mean the best one) is unnecesary to having a great dvd collection. my list is:

1. alien
-20th anniversary ed.
-quadrilogy ed.
2. das boot (technically, i don't consider this a double dip since each edition contains a different cut, but i'll post it as reference)
-director's cut
-original uncut mini-series
3. the fly 1986
-fox double feature ed. with fly 2
4. halloween (the one and hopefully only movie that i'll triple dip in)
-remastered hologram cover ed. single disc
-limited 2-disc ed.
-25th divimax ed.
5. lotr: fellowship of the ring (again, i don't consider this a double dip since each edition contains a different cut of the movie)
-theatrical cut ed.
6. night of the living dead
-elite special coll. ed.
-millenium ed.
7. predator (actually, i regret having double dipped on this. bought the CE it before finding out it was same transfer as the DTS previous ed. anyway, sold it soon after but ended up losing about $4. oh well, at least i watched the supplements.)
-DTS ed.
8. videodrome
-universal ed.

Cameron 12-14-05 06:38 PM

star wars ;)

RKillgore 12-14-05 06:57 PM

Trainspotting - the barebones release, then the Canadian release for deleted scenes. Will be a triple-dip when I eventually pick up the Director's Cut.

Monty Python's The Meaning of Life - barebones, then special edition

Someday will double dip on Aliens, The Matrix and Star Wars I & II when I get around to getting the mega sets (holding out for that 6 movie Star Wars set).

ShallowHal 12-14-05 09:06 PM

I've only triple dipped on two titles:

1. Leon: The Professional
Standard widescreen, then Uncut International, and now the Deluxe Edition.
2. I, Robot
Standard widescreen, and now R2 Japan set w/Sonny bust and the R1 All-Access Collector's Edition 2 disc set (I just wanted Sonny, my DVD player isn't region free).

My double dips:

1. Blade Trilogy
Each movie, and now the Blade Giftset.
2. Underworld
Standard widescreen, and now the Unrated Extended Cut 2 disc set.
3. Pulp Fiction
Standard release, and now the 2 disc Collector's Edition.
4. Fight Club
Standard release, and now the OOP 2 disc set.
5. Hellboy
2 disc set, and now the 3 disc Director's Cut Giftset with bust.
6. The Rock
Standard release, and now the Criterion.
7. Black Hawk Down
Standard release, and now the 3-Disc Deluxe Edition.
8. Office Space
Standard release, and now the SE with flair.
9. Die Hard: The Ultimate Collection
I had 1&3, and now the Ultimate Collection.
10. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
Standard widescreen, and now the Criterion.

I'll double dip on some other titles if they release a new edition with quality extras. I don't know why they're waiting on these:
Spy Game
The Game
Ocean's Eleven
Curb Your Enthusiasm (if they do a series set WITH extras)
Three Kings
Shallow Hal :D

murphy_wmm 12-14-05 09:18 PM

I've only double dipped TWICE. I really hate doing it, even if the new version has lots of extras, I don't think it's worth it as I usually only watch them once.
The only way I upgrade is if there's a HUGE improvement in picture quality.

The only two titles I upgraded were the following:

Heavenly Creatures - original full frame Canadian release, bought the new Uncut widescreen release.
The Crying Game - had the original Live/Artisan non-anamorphic disc, and then bought the Lions Gate Collector's Edition

I've since given away both original purchases.

+Danny 12-14-05 09:38 PM

Office Space and Saw for the special editions that came out this year. The free Saw II ticket made it worth the 5 bucks I spent on the slight upgrade. ;)

All three Matrix films for the collection with bust. LOTR: The Two Towers SE for the EE.

I avoided the original releases of two of the LOTRs plus Sin City since I knew a better edition wasn't too far down the line, but I wish we knew more often when the next release was coming. Most titles I guess should be worth it if you feel like spending money on the first release to watch it multiple times already.


Giles 12-14-05 09:42 PM


mostly they have been Columbia/TriStar DVD's

- Fifth Element
- Starship Troopers
- Das Boot

MovieExchange 12-14-05 10:00 PM

I've done a triple on Night of the Living Dead, and that's not including the Savini remake:

30th Anniversary Edition
Millennium Edition
Colorized edition w/ Mike Nelson commentary

I've done a hell of a lot of double dips...

Airplane (OK, not yet, but I'll be buying it tomorrow)
Batman series (all 4, upgraded to the Anthology box set)
Beyond the Mat
Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure (upgraded to the box set)
Blazing Saddles
Blues Brothers
Evil Dead (original to Book of the Dead)
Evil Dead 2 (original to Book of the Dead)
Family Guy (The Freakin' Sweet Collection is a double dip)
House on Haunted Hill (original w/ Price, re-release of original w/ Mike Nelson commentary)
Looney Tunes (Premiere to Golden vol 1)
Lord of the Rings (all 3, 2-disc to 4 disc)
Lost Boys
Matrix (to Ultimate Matrix)
Men In Black (found the limited edition at a Gamestop)
Monty Python & The Holy Grail
Monty Python's Meaning of Life
Office Space
Patch Adams
Planet of the Apes (original) (bare-bones in the box set to 35th Anniversary edition)
Resident Evil
Rocky 1, 2 & 3 (Just ordered the Anthology)
Sin City
Sixth Sense
Spider-Man 2
Star Trek 5-10
Terminator 2
Toy Story
Twilight Zone (collections 1-3 to Definitive Seasons 1-4)

And I guess you could say The Muppet Show, as I bought the season 1 set, which was a double dip on some of the earlier 4-season releases.

A lot of those are titles I wouldn't have bothered upgrading, but I picked them up because they were traded in to my store or I'd win them in auction lots when I went to restock, so I just put my old version in the store and took the new one.

DthRdrX 12-14-05 11:20 PM

Probably all of the night of the living dead releases, even the cheap public domain ones.

Atreus 12-14-05 11:31 PM

Originally Posted by RockyMtnBri
Dr. Strangelove - 3 times!!!

Dr Strangelove is one that I will eventually triple dip on. I have the to Columbia ones and I want to pick up the the release from the Kubrick collection since I picked up almost all of them individually and now I feel I should complete the set.

I have also triple dipped on Re-Animator. I picked up the R2 Tartan version but quickly upgraded to the AB Millenium Collection release. Then I saw the Millenium editon very cheap new so I picked up a second copy that I planned to either sell or give away.

xage 12-15-05 11:54 AM

Originally Posted by nightmaster
I was looking at a few oddities I've doubledipped on here lately and the question came to my mind. The Evil Dead series seems to be the most obvious title/series, so I was wondering what other titles everyone has bought over once, twice, and more? I've never been a fan of doubledipping but that doesn't mean I haven't done so from time to time. Off the top of my head I can think of a few I've dipped more than twice in my collection-

Care to share further why "The Evil Dead" Series for you is the most obvious one? among Double dippers?

nightmaster 12-16-05 02:45 AM

Originally Posted by xage
Care to share further why "The Evil Dead" Series for you is the most obvious one? among Double dippers?

Seems like the studios adore bringing out version after version of the Evil Dead Trilogy, Army Of Darkness in particular, and when they go OOP tend to be highly coveted and collectible. For awhile it seemed like there was a new thread every week on some new version of one of the three movies getting a new uber-edition.
Just my opinion, but it seemed to be a pioneer in the field of DVD rereleasing.

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