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How do you thin out your collection?

Old 12-11-05, 12:50 PM
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How do you thin out your collection?

Counting individual discs from box sets I've got a small collection of just under 900 DVDs. However times, tastes and space requirements change. I'm now in the process of trying to make my collection smaller and more watchable (less paralysis of choice). Have you done so yourself and how did you select the discs to sell off?

The first crop that went were the TV box sets of shows which I didn't think I'd end up watching again. I'm actually considering sell off all of my TV box sets but I haven't gotten myself to part with Star Trek: The Next Generation, Stargate: SG-1 or the few Buffy the Vampire Slayer sets that I do own. They may end up being cut in round 2.

How about for movies that you've seen before? I have a bunch that I thought were ok and ended up buying but I'm not sure I'd watch them again just to make sure I'm ok with selling them off. The ones I bought sight-unseen as recommendations I'll definitely watch before I make a decision.

I'll be selling everything via Ebay so I don't think I'll have problems getting rid of things.
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Old 12-11-05, 12:55 PM
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Sounds like it should actually be pretty easy for you to thin the collection:

1. If you are not sure you'd watch something again, get rid of it. It's just taking up space.

2. If you haven't watched something yet, watch it. Then go to step 1.
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Old 12-11-05, 01:13 PM
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Start with your titles that have high market values but are not OOP. Chances are good that if you change your mind later on, you'll be able to rebuy them for less than you'll get for them now, so it's a very low-risk situation. I make a profit on virtually every title I sell on half.com.

For low-value titles, list them in the exchange forum and trade them 4-1 or 5-1 for your wants. You'll get better trade value this way, and it's easier than listing on eBay.
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I print out a list of movies I don't want anymore and bring it to work. Sell them off at $5 a piece. Made $50 last week alone. If I want the title again, I'll wait for it to hit the walmart bargain bin
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thin out? That's crazy talk!!!!!!!!!!!
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Originally Posted by Canadian Bacon
thin out? That's crazy talk!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm a complete pack rat. Even if I've mistakenly bought crap or received it as a gift (the usual cause) I can never stand to part with any of my discs.
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I think deciding that you don't want to keep something just because you don't think you'll watch it again right now is a bad move. Tastes do change, and you might decide you really do want to watch it again. Some movies just aren't as immediately rewatchable as others. Not saying I never get rid of things, but usually it's because I blind bought and simply and just really don't think it's something I'll ever like.
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Originally Posted by JohnnyDrama2006

I'm a complete pack rat. Even if I've mistakenly bought crap or received it as a gift (the usual cause) I can never stand to part with any of my discs.

I'm the same way. I sold some off awhile back and regretted doing it almost immediately. I wound up buying about 90% of them again.
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Old 12-11-05, 03:57 PM
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I have a number of blind buy titles as well as duplicates of movies where I have double dipped and traded up for better versions that I've already bagged and I'm about to take to my local pawn shop- about 60 or so. With as many titles as I have, if I don't care for a movie on the first watch I'm not likely to ever watch it again, and most original versions of double dips aren't worth keeping unless there's a gem of a commentary or a DTS track not carried over.
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Thinning out is fairly easy. I have cut out a few hundered DVDs over the last few years and its mostly on the basis of whether I will rewatch it and whether there is enough value to bother selling it. I watched Devil's Rejects last night and immediately realized I would never ever want to watch that mess again and put it right on Half.com.
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It is easy. Just keep the ones you love and are happy with and will rewatch again. And get rid of all the pointless crap that just seems to love tempting you and just collects dust, and that you think you will never, ever watch, ever. Titles that you feel deep in your heart you do not need and won't ever watch.

A dvd collection with dvd's that get watched is the best dvd collection of all. IMO.
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I only buy stuff I like and will want to watch repeatedly. Very few blind buys. So no need for me to thin mine out.
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There's a shop I do business with that will give credit for $6 towards another title. They sell used for $9.50 so I can trade 3 I don't want and get 2 I haven't seen. I've also gone to renting. After years of saying I prefer to buy, I tried the Blockbuster online and love it. I average $1 a rental and if I like the title I wait til it hits the used bin for $9.50.
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Whenever I hit a new 50 mark in the number of titles (not actual disks) I go through and pick out 20 - 30 titles I know I'll never watch again and give those to the local library. The list is derived as I'm working towards the new 50 mark; some are older versions of things that are replaced/upgraded/double-dipped, others are movies I watch during that time and decide I've changed my mind about it or just don't like it anymore, finally if a particular DVD has been on my "rewatch and decide" list for awhile it ends up on the actual donate list by default
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Ebay Them!
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Actually sit down and watch them..it's amazing how when you get to the end you say to yourself..I will never watch that again..makes it easy. There are titles I sold before watching and then caught it on TCM or wahtever and ended up buying again...so must watch...I am guessing with that many titles you haven't watched even half of them..either that or you have no life. Watching makes it easier to let DVD's go.
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When my DVDs were threatening to take over all of my storage space, I didn't get rid of very many-- I thinned the physical size of keeping the lesser titles by pulling out the covers, putting the DVDs into disc envelopes, and throwing away the cases.

I know some of you may cringe at that, but I am shocked at how pleased I have been with the results. I wound up doing this with probably around 200 titles that didn't have significant resale value, and they now sit in a very small and tidy pile ready to be accessed should I ever choose to do so.
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Originally Posted by JohnnyDrama2006

I'm a complete pack rat. Even if I've mistakenly bought crap or received it as a gift (the usual cause) I can never stand to part with any of my discs.

Good god, that's the truth. I had some friends give me a bunch of movies they never watch. Adaptation, About Schmidt, Best of Friends 1-4, Mysteries of the Unexplained 3-pack. I have no intention of ever watching any of them. As a matter of fact, I hate the show Friends. At the time I only had a collection of about 100 discs, so I just left them all on my shelf... after all, it made my collection look that much bigger. Now I'm over 800 titles, and those are still on my shelf.
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I've considered doing this... and even started, but the gain is just so small it's not worth the work to me. (selling off individual DVDs for 5-10$ that I paid 15-20$ for).

But I understand the urge to clean out your collection. I've got over 600 DVDs, with ~200 TV on DVD sets and they take up a shitload of space... most of them I rarely get a chance to re-watch.
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Easy. Not buy shit in the first place.
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Im going to try sell/exchange a few that i dont like, wont get around to seeing or was a double dip (only have 2 of those).
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Get rid of all cases.

(eBay anything you question)
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I do this constantly to ensure that my collection only contains films that I like enough to watch again. I don't want to spend my time watching 'okay' films because that's time that I could've spent re-watching films I really love so those films go.

Now I work like so:

Anything which I buy, watch for the first time and don't like, obviously immediately goes in my 'for sale' box.

Anything which I buy, watch for the first time and like, but won't ever want to watch again, goes in my 'for sale' box.

Anything which I buy, watch for the first time, like, and know I will want to watch at least one more time, stays.

For DVDs which I accumulated before I was so strict with the new entrants, I run through the collection via a DVDProfiler report, tagging disks that are candidates for removal. I then watch them and sometimes can't even bear to sit through them just that one last time, so I turn them off and into the box they go. If I do make it to the end, I'll ask myself if I would ever want to (not if I ever COULD) watch this at least one more time. If the answer is yes it stays, if the answer is no, I thank the DVD for the fun times we've had and throw it into the 'for sale' box.

I have gotten rid of 100s, possibly over 1,000 discs, this way.

One thing I have learned in doing this for some time is that it's important to rewatch DVDs that you haven't seen in a while. I have been amazed at the amount of films that I would have never thought of getting rid of, which I have sat down to watch only to find myself wondering what the hell I ever saw in the film in the first place, or just finding that the ride isn't nearly as good the second time round.

I see some people talking about tastes changing, but I think that once you hit your 30s, you pretty much know your tastes and they're pretty much not going to change, albeit you are highly likely to add to those tastes.

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My weed out method:

1) Browse collection.
2) Sell titles I know I won't watch again.
3) Watch the ones I haven't watched yet. If I like them, I keep them, if not, I sell them.

Earlier on in my DVD buying days I'd often buy movies I'd end up watching once or twice at the most, mostly cheapies like the Wal-Mart $5.88 DVDs or $10 budget titles from major studios. I traded those in or sold them on eBay.

For a few years now I've been more judicious about what I buy in the first place, so I rarely find DVDs I want to get rid of. I don't buy as a substitute for renting, though I sometimes blind buy movies I have an instinct that I'll like. So far my instinct has been pretty good.

I still have a large wish list of stuff that I think will mostly be permanently in my collection if/when I buy them.
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