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dx23 12-05-05 02:53 PM

Miss Marple Movies Collection ---->3/14/2006
From dvdactive.com:

Title: Miss Marple Movies Collection
Starring: Margaret Rutherford
Released: 14th March 2006
SRP: $39.92

Further Details:

Warner Home Video has announced Agatha Christie’s Miss Marple Movies Collection, a four disc set based on the novels of the world’s best-known mystery writer. The set will include Murder She Said, Murder at the Gallop, Murder Ahoy and Murder Most Foul - all of which star Academy Award® winner Margaret Rutherford as the shrewd spinster sleuth. The set will be available to own from the 14th March, and should retail at around $39.92. The only extra material will be an Agatha Christie Thrillers Trailer Gallery. Ten Little Indians, a 1965 Warner Bros. production based on Christie’s smash-hit novel “And Then There Were None,” will also be available to own from the 14th, priced at $19.99. Artwork is attached:
Cover artwork here

Mr.Briggs 12-05-05 04:43 PM

Originally Posted by dx23
From dvdactive.com:

Cover artwork here

I love all 4 of the Margaret Rutheford Marple movies & look forward to this collection.

marty888 12-05-05 06:25 PM

Great news - I've been tempted many times to order the R2 releases - glad I held off!

fiver 12-05-05 06:28 PM

Excellent! Another of my most wanted to mark off the list.

These are GREAT films!:)


darkside 12-05-05 08:38 PM

Though the Rutherford movies are not true to the novels they are fun. I'll definitely think about picking it up.

Sonny 12-06-05 01:24 AM

Fantastic news! Been waiting too long for this .

Cameron 12-06-05 01:33 AM

was talking about these with someone over dinner tonight...ask and you shall recieve

Ambassador 12-06-05 10:35 AM

I have to confess that I really don't understand the appeal of these films. The first one is OK, but the others add absolutely nothing new, merely retreading the same formula that the first one established.

I guess what frustrates me about this announcement is that Warners has a fairly large collection of British films under its control that it has largely ignored to date (especially all those movies that MGM's British branch distributed). IMO, quite a few are far more deserving of the Warner treatment.

Cameron 12-26-05 03:33 AM

Danger! Suspense! Murder! Comedy!
Murder She Said
Murder at the Gallop
Murder Ahoy
Murder Most Foul
Ten Little Indians Also Debuts

Burbank, Calif. December 5, 2005 – On March 14, Warner Home Video (WHV) makes it a crime to miss the DVD debut of Agatha Christie’s Miss Marple Movies Collection, a four disc set based on the novels of the world’s best-known mystery writer. Murder She Said, Murder at the Gallop, Murder Ahoy and Murder Most Foul -- all starring Academy Award® -winner Margaret Rutherford as the shrewd spinster sleuth -- will be available as a collection only, priced at $39.92 SRP. Ten Little Indians, a 1965 Warner Bros. production based on Christie’s smash-hit novel “And Then There Were None,” will also be available for the first time on DVD for $19.97 SRP.

Known throughout the world as the Queen of Crime, Agatha Christie is also considered the all-time best selling author of any genre other than Shakespeare . During her astounding career, Christie published 80 novels and short story collections as well as more than a dozen plays. Her work has been translated into 45 different languages, selling more than 2 billion copies to date. In comparison, J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter books have sold “only” around 270 million copies.

Miss Marple, said to have been based on the author’s own grandmother, appeared in twelve Agatha Christie mystery novels and 20 short stories. The innocuous looking British spinster, whose mild-manner often leads people to underestimate her intuitive detective skills, has honed her uncanny abilities by keenly observing human behavior in her small village of St. Mary Mead. She uses the same techniques in far away locales to solve cases of international importance. Although Miss Marple has been portrayed by dozens of actresses in various productions, the four mysteries starring Margaret Rutherford, produced by MGM at its British studio in the early 1960s, remain the definitive productions that fans have loved for decades.

Murder She Said (1961)
Ms. Rutherford makes her first appearance as the famed detective in this sly, engaging mystery based on Agatha Christie’s 4:50 from Paddington. Ensconced in her railway carriage, Miss Marple sees someone strangled aboard a passing train, then follows a trail of baffling clues to a manor house inhabited by a quarrelsome family. There she takes a job as a domestic, discovers the strangled body…and is on the spot when the culprit strikes again.

Murder at the Gallop (1963)
Margaret Rutherford returns as Miss Marple in this delightful whodunit based on Christie’s After the Funeral. This time she’s joined by a perfect partner: the droll Robert Morley. The old and wealthy Mr. Enderby dies of a heart attack but the ever suspicious Miss Marple has her doubts. His not-so-bereaved relatives gather for the reading of the will at the The Gallop, a combined boarding-house and riding school. Miss Marple also sets out to investigate if any of them had any particular reasons to see him dead.

Murder Ahoy (1964)
Margaret Rutherford steers her third course as spinster sleuth Miss Marple, sailing full speed into mystery and mayhem on the high seas. Miss Marple investigates the murder of one of her fellow trustees of a fund which rehabilitates young criminals. To investigate, she goes aboard the ship used to train the juveniles, much to the distress of the Captain. She soon discovers that someone is training the delinquents to be better thieves instead of good citizens.

Murder Most Foul (1964)
Margaret Rutherford takes her final bow as Miss Marple in Murder Most Foul, a mystery inspired by Agatha Christie’s Mrs. McGinty’s Dead. Miss Marple joins a theatrical troupe whose specialty is death scenes. Convinced that one of her fellow actors is playing the part of murderer for real, she sets out to pinpoint the killer and set her trap - all ending in the unmasking of the murderer during a performance. Ron Moody (Oliver!) costars.

Ten Little Indians (1965)
Based on Christie’s novel And Then There Were None, Ten Little Indians is the tale of ten people invited to an isolated house high on a mountain for a weekend, only to find that an unseen person is killing them off one by one, much like the children’s poem.

Special features – All Titles
• Agatha Christie Thrillers Trailer Gallery
• Languages: English & Français
• Subtitles: English, Français & Español (Feature Film Only)

Additional bio notes of interest on Agatha Christie:
Born in England in 1890, Christie’s interests went well beyond her novels. She was a skilled pianist, worked in a Red Cross hospital in WWI and joined her second husband, one of the world’s top archeologists, on many of his excavations. Many of her life experiences invariably found their way into her novels, adding to the richness of the stories she weaved so skillfully. Her stage play The Mousetrap is the longest running play ever in London, opening November 25, 1952 and still running after more than 20,000 performances.

$39.92 SRP
Street Date: March 14, 2006
Murder Most Foul
Run Time: 91 minutes
Black & White
NR Murder at the Gallop
Run Time: 81 minutes
Black & White
Murder Ahoy
Run Time: 92 minutes
Black & White
NR Murder She Said
Run Time: 86 minutes
Black & White

$19.97 SRP
Street Date: March 14, 2006
Order Due Date: February 7, 2006
Run Time: 90 minutes
Black & White



darkside 12-26-05 10:31 AM

Though Agatha Christie is probably rolling over in her grave with these DVDs coming out I will definitely pick those films up at some point. My only gripe is no extras of any kind, but since these are british films I guess the normal night at the movies stuff wouldn't really work for them. If I can get the Marple set for $25 bucks though I will definitely pick it up. Don't know about Ten Little Indians as that is a rather mediocre version of her best novel. Wish the 1945 version was getting a DVD release instead.

Steve Phillips 12-26-05 11:57 AM

The 1945 version has been on DVD for years...it is called AND THEN THERE WERE NONE. The VCI version isn't too bad, but the film needs restoration.

darkside 12-26-05 06:41 PM

Originally Posted by Steve Phillips
The 1945 version has been on DVD for years...it is called AND THEN THERE WERE NONE. The VCI version isn't too bad, but the film needs restoration.

I was aware of the title of the 1945 version, but had no idea it was already available. Missed that one somehow.

Edit: Did a little reseach and many are recommending the Image version and saying its better than the other versions out there. Don't know how I missed this one as being available when there are four different DVD versions on Amazon.

Cameron 12-26-05 07:23 PM

you can get that movie in any dollar store in america. It is public domain.

Nebiroth 12-27-05 04:22 AM

We've had these for several years in r2 (thankfully as I'm a Margaret Rutherford fan and my tapes [email protected] out years ago).

They look great but it's disappointing that they're vanilla releases. You in r1 are getting a few extras over us, but not much.

Lack of extras is nothing to do with these films being British (don't forget all that stuff that Anchor Bay got for the Hammer films, for example)...very surprised there are no trailers.

I'm sure that I've seen one of our film channels here show trailers for a couple of them, and I mean original theatrical ones, not their own.

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