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I've got a problem and I'm gonna fix it- Way too many of my DVDs haven't been watched

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I've got a problem and I'm gonna fix it- Way too many of my DVDs haven't been watched

Old 11-06-05, 11:01 PM
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I've got a problem and I'm gonna fix it- Way too many of my DVDs haven't been watched

Way too many of my DVD's haven't been watched. I'm starting to take part in so many blind buys that I'm becoming overwhelmed by the amount of unseen DVD's I own. There hasn't been a thread on this in awhile so I thought I'd revive the topic. Seriously, how many unwatched DVD's do you own?
I'm thinking about temporarily canceling my Netflix and holding off on buying any DVD's I haven't seen(unless of course, there's an unbeatable deal, haha) until I've watched all of my unwatched DVD's. I've got a major problem. I just keep buying and buying. I spend way too much of the little money I make on DVD's and I'm sure many of you guys can relate to that. I try to think of myself less of a consumer whore and more of just a big film dork. I've gotta hold off until I watch all of these movies. If I don't make it by the end of December it will be my New Year's resolution.
I just came back from Hollywood Video where I bought Nobody Knows, Layer Cake and Hotel Rwanda. I haven't seen any of 'em. I'll see if that'll be the last for a little while.

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Old 11-06-05, 11:06 PM
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Yeah, I always swear off on buying DVDs right before the DDDVD sale as well. Then there is a big box being delivered with more DVDs to add to my unwatched piles.
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Old 11-06-05, 11:07 PM
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I always find that people start threads like this in November... and that seems to be the worst month to swear off DVD buying (DDD 20% off sale, black tuesday sales, etc.)

How about planning to tackle your unwatched pile in February?
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Old 11-06-05, 11:08 PM
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Of my 400+ DVDs, I've probably got at least 40 that I've never seen. Most of these are movies that have come out in the last several months (Batman Begins, Kingdom of Heaven, Robots, Star Wars III, etc.).

My wife had a baby in June and we haven't had much time to watch movies together because she's been going to bed at about 9pm each night due to the fact that she gets up several times during the night to feed the baby. Our 3 year old gets up at 5:30am every day and I generally get up with him.

I don't like watching movies neither one of us have seen without her, so I haven't been watching them. I'm still watching 4 or so movies per week, but it's been movies we've already seen or movies I know she doesn't want to see.

In another couple of months when I'm up to 50 or 60 unseen movies and the baby's sleeping through the night we should be able to start catching up.
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Old 11-06-05, 11:14 PM
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I'll get around to the unwatched dvds eventually. I've curbed my buying habits quite a bit so I feel no need to actually stop. Now I only buy dvds if they're movies/shows I really want and can picture rewatching. And sometimes I forego buying a tv set if I haven't yet finished the previous seasons of that show.
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Old 11-06-05, 11:23 PM
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I always get to watch them eventually so I don't regret many of my purchases. I'd rather buy many of the more obscure DVDs or box sets when I can get a good deal, because box sets can be expensive later on when I actually want to watch it. If its more of a mainstream movie though I will usually wait if I'm not going to watch right away since those end up being $7.50 - $10 after a few months.
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Old 11-06-05, 11:41 PM
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I'm in the same boat as the original poster. I plan on stopping (well, slowing down, I guess) until I pay off some bills.

I got at least 100 DVDs that I haven't seen yet. I even plan on not watching the bonus features until I at least get through all the main features on all the other disks (unless it's something essential like Star Wars).
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Old 11-06-05, 11:50 PM
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I use DVDProfiler to keep track of which DVDs I've watched/unwatched. I just checked and I have 168 unwatched. :sigh: Maybe I should've participated in the October marathon
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Old 11-06-05, 11:57 PM
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Last night I made a concious effort to start cutting into my "stockpile". Finally got around to Matchstick Men and American Beauty. If you don't count movies that I saw before I bought DVDs (and just never watched my copy), then I'd say I've seen 90% of my DVDs.

Right now I think that most of my unwatched DVDs are TV season sets (Simpsons, Space: AAB)
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Old 11-07-05, 12:03 AM
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I own 359 DVDs and I'd say somewhere around 80 or so were Blind Buys but I always get around to watching blind buys within a couple days of purchase so I have none that I haven't yet seen. Lately all I've been getting are blind buys but I have curbed my spending a lot lately too.
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Old 11-07-05, 12:35 AM
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I've probably got about a dozen movies not yet watched, and another 20 or so discs to get to (TV shows) - not too bad considering the collection is approaching 2K.
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Old 11-07-05, 12:57 AM
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I just counted and about 48 of my 300 movies have yet to be seen. I better get to watching!
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Old 11-07-05, 01:09 AM
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i have plenty to watch...cancel netflix for sure...i have not rented in a long long time. To many of my own to see. I can get a pretty good idea if i want it by reading some reviews here.
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Old 11-07-05, 01:25 AM
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I usually find that I have my dry spells when I don't buy anything. I'm sure the movies you haven't watched will come in handy then.
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Old 11-07-05, 02:04 AM
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I've got movies from reel.com circa 2000 that I haven't watched yet...there is no hope!

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Old 11-07-05, 02:32 AM
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I've got a collection of about 250 and haven't watched 2 or 3-generally (unless it's a killer deal) I try to watch my blind-buys as soon as I can.

As a side note, what was your most expensive blind buy and have you seen it yet? Mine was Neon Genesis Evangelion and it's one of my favorite anime shows.
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Old 11-07-05, 02:43 AM
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Originally Posted by neocheddar02
As a side note, what was your most expensive blind buy and have you seen it yet? Mine was Neon Genesis Evangelion and it's one of my favorite anime shows.
For me, it would be Escaflowne TV Limited Edition - a $150 blind buy and enjoyed it very much.
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Old 11-07-05, 02:45 AM
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A good 60% of the movies I buy are from pawn shops or GameStop, so blind buys at $2.99, $3.99, and $5.99 are pretty frequent, and I can usually re-coop whatever I spend should I resell them after viewing them.

That said, I have a segment of my DVD library dedicated to movies that have yet to be viewed. As of right now, there are only 17. I try to get atleast one in along with the ones I bring home from work each day (Hollywood, free rentals, can ya blame me?)
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Old 11-07-05, 02:48 AM
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I can safely say I have well over 200, and I only own a little more than 700. The funny thing is I feel like I've seen a lot of them that I know I haven't just because I've seen them on the shelf for so long.

You don't even want to count all the $1 DVDs, 50 movie collections, Box sets with multiple movies, and Double Features. If you counted it simply by movie and not DVD, I could probably watch a movie every day for several years.
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Old 11-07-05, 04:48 AM
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shoot, I forgot about cheapie DVDs-I have a lot of Sonny Chiba movies and $1 bin movies I haven't watched yet.
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Old 11-07-05, 04:54 AM
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I'm sorry but you'll have to wait for next October's movie challenge.
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Old 11-07-05, 06:22 AM
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I'm pretty much caught up, thank you very much.
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Old 11-07-05, 07:25 AM
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I also use DVDProfiler to track my watched/unwatched/etc. Here's the breakdown.

Total: 1403
Unwatched Total: 137
Completed (all features watched): 363

Unwatched Breakdown
TV: 18
Criterion: 75
Other: 44

I've been working hard at getting my unwatched pile down, and have actually succeeded in making a big dent in it this year. The reason I have so many unwatched Criterions is because I decided to start buying more this year (have increased them by over 1000%), and because they're the best of the unwatched, I'm saving them for last. I've got 2 weeks off work at Christmas time, and plan on watching almost exclusively Criterions during that time to make a dent in that. I should be able to get through about half of them, but I'll probably be getting quite a few more at Christmas as well.

Hopefully by February or March, I'll be caught up. At the beginning of this year, I had said I wasn't gonna get any further behind by watching everything I bought within a week. I lasted until about May/June before I started buying too much to keep up.
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Old 11-07-05, 07:34 AM
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Originally Posted by tdoane78
I've got movies from reel.com circa 2000 that I haven't watched yet...there is no hope!

Ahhh, the good old days.

Out of 400 movies, I've got about 40 to watch, some of which include TV season sets.
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Old 11-07-05, 07:51 AM
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TV is my issue as well. A movie release you can do in an evening, but a TV release is generally at least 8-20 hours. I'm on the last disk of Farscape Season 1, so that's nice. And add to that the fact that I've been mostly renting tv sets from BBO as well, so that slows me down there. My purchases have been much lower as well--the last two things I've bought have been Robots and Charlie and the CHocolate Factory, and those were mostly for the missus. The last two I've bought for myself have been Twilight Zone S1 and Rock and Rule, and that was back in June.
144 titles in DVDProfiler [that counts things like The Complete FLying Circus, and the Nightmare on Elm Street collection, as one each], 81 not watched. Out of those 81, about 8-10 are 'her' disks, so they don't count, and another 9 are the last half of the Cardcaptor Sakura series which I am working my way through, and about 5 others are tv series that I'm in the middle of.
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