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Ravenous 11-05-05 05:19 AM

Glith in SW III: Revenge of The Sith?
I was checking out my DVD and on the scene select screen, I tried to go to scene 3 and the DVD froze. It acted like it was loading than nothing. I simply pressed my menu button and it did that. I could seleect any other scene but it wont let me select this one

During the movie I tried to skip to scene 3 but again it froze. It played ok however, when it automatically went to scene 3 at the end of scene 2. I hope I make sense, but my DVD seems ok except for this.

tinlunlau 11-05-05 05:56 AM

yeah...disc 2 seemed kinda glitchy on my computer too.
on the web documentaries option, the screen freezes when i select the rest of the documentaries. didn't happen when i popped it in again, tho.

nemein 11-05-05 07:41 AM


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