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The Valeyard 08-12-05 02:18 AM

The One & Only DOCTOR WHO DVD Thread (8th Incarnation)
<center><h1>THE OFFICIAL DOCTOR WHO THREAD</h1></center><p>
<h3>Table of Contents</h3><font size="+1"><ol type="I"><li><a href="#i">LATEST NEWS & UPCOMING RELEASES</a></li><li><a href="#ii">BBC WORLDWIDE RELEASES (Region 1)</a></li><li><a href="#iii">SPIN OFFS</a></li> <li><a href="#iv">MISC. DOCTOR WHO RELEASES (Multi-Region)</a></li> <li><a href="#v">WHO LINKS</a></li></ol></font><a name="i"></a>


Too lazy to update...

The Valeyard 08-12-05 02:19 AM

<a name="ii"></a><a href="#top">Back to top</a><a name="faq"></a><h2>II. BBC WORLDWIDE RELEASES (Region 1)</h2><ol>

<table border="1"><td colspan="6" bgcolor="#0033cc"><center><br><h3>Currently Available from BBC Worldwide</h3></center></td></tr><tr bgcolor="#ffffmm"><th width=110>Incarnation</th><th width=10>Story Number</th><th width=150>Title</th><th width=20>Year</th><th width=60>Notes</th></tr><tr><td><b>The First Doctor<br>William Hartnell<br>1963-1966</b></td><td>001-003</td><td>The Beginning</ td><td align=center>1963-64</td><td>Stories:<br>An Unearthly Child, <br>The Daleks,<br>The Edge of Destruction<p>3 Discs</td></tr><td></td><td>005 </td><td>The Keys of Marinus</td><td align=center>1964</td><td>1 Disc</td></tr><td></td><td>006</td><td>The Aztecs</td><td align=center>1964</td><td>1 Disc</td></tr><td></td><td>006</td><td>The Aztecs: Special Edition</td><td align=center>1964</td><td>2 Discs</td></tr><td></td><td>007</td><td>The Sensorites</td><td align=center>1964</td><td>1 Disc</td></tr><td></td><td>008</td><td>The Reign of Terror</td><td align=center>1964</td><td>1 Disc</td></tr><td></td><td>009</td><td>Planet of Giants</td><td align=center>1964</td><td>1 Disc</td></tr><td></td><td>010</td><td>The Dalek Invasion of Earth</td><td align=center>1964</td><td>2 Discs</td></tr><td></td><td>011-012</td><td>The Rescue/The Romans</td><td align=center>1965</td><td>2 Discs</td></tr><td></td><td>013</td><td>The Web Planet</td><td align=center>1965</td><td>1 Disc</td></tr><td></td><td>015-016</td><td>The Space Museum/The Chase</td><td align=center>1965</td><td>*US Edition edits out original Beatles Clip.<p>3 Discs</td></tr><td></td><td>017</td><td>The Time Meddler</ td><td align=center>1965</td><td>1 Disc</td></tr><td></td><td>023</td><td>The Ark</ td><td align=center>1966</td><td>1 Disc</td></tr><td></td><td>025</td><td>The Gunfighters</ td><td align=center>1966</td><td>1 Disc</td></tr><td></td><td>027</td><td>The War Machines</ td><td align=center>1966</td><td>1 Disc</td></tr><td></td><td>029</td><td>The Tenth Planet</ td><td align=center>1966</td><td>2 Discs</td></tr><tr><td><b>The Second Doctor<br>Patrick Troughton<br>1966-1969</b></td><td>033</td><td>The Moonbase</td><td align=center>1967</td><td>1 Disc</td></tr><td></td><td>037</td><td>The Tomb of the Cybermen</td><td align=center>1967</td><td>1 Disc</td></tr><td></td><td>037</td><td>The Tomb of the Cybermen: Special Edition</td><td align=center>1967</td><td>2 Discs</td></tr><td></td><td>039</td><td>The Ice Warriors</td><td align=center>1967</td><td>2 Discs</td></tr><td></td><td>040</td><td>The Enemy of the World</td><td align=center>1967-68</td><td>1 Disc</td></tr><td></td><td>041</td><td>The Web of Fear</td><td align=center>1968</td><td>1 Disc</td></tr><td></td><td>044</td><td>The Dominators</td><td align=center>1968</td><td>1 Disc</td></tr><td></td><td>045</td><td>The Mind Robber</td><td align=center>1968</td><td>1 Disc</td></tr><td></td><td>046</td><td>The Invasion</td><td align=center>1968</td><td>2 Discs</td></tr><td></td><td>047</td><td>The Krotons</td><td align=center>1968/69</td><td>1 Disc</td></tr><td></td><td>048</td><td>The Seeds of Death</td><td align=center>1969</td><td>2 Discs</td></tr><td></td><td>048</td><td>The Seeds of Death: Special Edition</td><td align=center>1969</td><td>2 Discs</td></tr><td></td><td>050</td><td>The War Games</td><td align=center>1969</td><td>3 Discs</td></tr><tr><td><b>The Third Doctor<br>Jon Pertwee<br>1970-1974</b></td><td>051</td><td>Spearhead From Space</td><td align=center>1970</td><td>1 Disc</td></tr><td></td><td>051</td><td>Spearhead From Space:Special Edition</td><td align=center>1970</td><td>2 Discs<p>Available on DVD & Blu-Ray</td></tr><td></td><td>052</td><td>Doctor Who and the Silurians</td><td align=center>1970</td><td>2 Discs</td></tr><td></td><td>053</td><td>The Ambassadors of Death</td><td align=center>1970</td><td>2 Discs</td></tr><td></td><td>054</td><td>Inferno</td><td align=center>1970</td><td>2 Discs</td></tr><td></td><td>054</td><td>Inferno:Special Edition</td><td align=center>1970</td><td>2 Discs</td></tr><td></td><td>055</td><td>Terror of the Autons</td><td align=center>1971</td><td>1 Disc</td></tr><td></td><td>056</td><td>The Mind of Evil</td><td align=center>1971</td><td>2 Discs</td></tr><td></td><td>057</td><td>The Claws of Axos</td><td align=center>1971</td><td>1 Disc</td></tr><td></td><td>057</td><td>The Claws of Axos: Special Edition</td><td align=center>1971</td><td>2 Discs</td></tr><td></td><td>058</td><td>Colony in Space</td><td align=center>1971</td><td>1 Disc</td></tr><td></td><td>059</td><td>The Dæmons</td><td align=center>1971</td><td>2 Discs</td></tr><td></td><td>060</td><td>Day of the Daleks</td><td align=center>1972</td><td>2 Discs</td></tr><td></td><td>061</td><td>The Curse of Peladon</td><td align=center>1972</td><td>1 Disc</td></tr><td></td><td>062</td><td>The Sea Devils</td><td align=center>1972</td><td>1 Disc</td></tr><td></td><td>063</td><td>The Mutants</td><td align=center>1972</td><td>2 Discs</td></tr><td></td><td>064</td><td>The Time Monster</td><td align=center>1972</td><td>1 Disc</td></tr><td></td><td>065</td><td>The Three Doctors</td><td align=center>1973</td><td>1 Disc</td></tr><td></td><td>065</td><td>The Three Doctors: Special Edition</td><td align=center>1973</td><td>2 Discs</td></tr><td></td><td>066</td><td>Carnival of Monsters</td><td align=center>1973</td><td>1 Disc</td></tr><td></td><td>066</td><td>Carnival of Monsters: Special Edition</td><td align=center>1973</td><td>2 Discs</td></tr><td></td><td>067-068</td><td>Dalek War</td><td align=center>1973</td><td>Stories:<br>Frontier In Space<br>Planet of the Daleks<p>4 Discs</td></tr><td></td><td>069</td><td>The Green Death</td><td align=center>1973</td><td>1 Disc</td></tr><td></td><td>069</td><td>The Green Death: Special Edition</td><td align=center>1973</td><td>2 Discs</td></tr><td></td><td>070</td><td>The Time Warrior</td><td align=center>1973</td><td>1 Disc</td></tr><td></td><td>071</td><td>Invasion of the Dinosaurs</td><td align=center>1974</td><td>2 Discs</td></tr><td></td><td>072</td><td>Death To The Daleks</td><td align=center>1974</td><td>1 Disc</td></tr><td></td><td>073</td><td>The Monster of Peladon</td><td align=center>1974</td><td>2 Discs</td></tr><td></td><td>074</td><td>Planet of the Spiders</td><td align=center>1974</td><td>2 Discs</td></tr><tr><td><b>The Fourth Doctor<br>Tom Baker<br>1974-1981</b></td><td>075</td><td>Robot</td><td align=center>1974</td><td>1 Disc</td></tr><td></td><td>076</td><td>The Ark in Space</td><td align=center>1975</td><td>1 Disc</td></tr><td></td><td>076</td><td>The Ark in Space: Special Edition</td><td align=center>1975</td><td>2 Discs</td></tr><td></td><td>077</td><td>The Sontaran Experiment</td><td align=center>1975</td><td>1 Disc</td></tr><td></td><td>078</td><td>Genesis of the Daleks</td><td align=center>1975</td><td>2 Discs</td></tr><td></td><td>079</td><td>Revenge of the Cybermen</td><td align=center>1975</td><td>1 Disc</td></tr><td></td><td>080</td><td>Terror of the Zygons</td><td align=center>1975</td><td>2 Discs</td></tr><td></td><td>081</td><td>Planet of Evil</td><td align=center>1975</td><td>1 Disc</td></tr><td></td><td>082</td><td>Pyramids of Mars</td><td align=center>1975</td><td>1 Disc</td></tr><td></td><td>083</td><td>The Android Invasion</td><td align=center>1975</td><td>1 Disc</td></tr><td></td><td>084</td><td>The Brain of Morbius</td><td align=center>1976</td><td>1 Disc</td></tr><td></td><td>085</td><td>The Seeds of Doom</td><td align=center>1976</td><td>2 Discs</td></tr><td></td><td>086</td><td>The Masque of Mandragora</td><td align=center>1976</td><td>1 Disc</td></tr><td></td><td>087</td><td>The Hand of Fear</td><td align=center>1976</td><td>1 Disc</td></tr><td></td><td>088</td><td>The Deadly Asassin</td><td align=center>1976</td><td>1 Disc</td></tr><td></td><td>089</td><td>The Face of Evil</td><td align=center>1977</td><td>1 Disc</td></tr><td></td><td>090</td><td>The Robots of Death</td><td align=center>1977</td><td>1 Disc</td></tr><td></td><td>090</td><td>The Robots of Death: Special Edition</td><td align=center>1977</td><td>1 Disc</td></tr><td></td><td>091</td><td>The Talons of Weng-Chiang</td><td align=center>1977</td><td>2 Discs</td></tr><td></td><td>091</td><td>The Talons of Weng-Chiang: Special Edition</td><td align=center>1977</td><td>3 Discs</td></tr><td></td><td>092</td><td>Horror of Fang Rock</td><td align=center>1977</td><td>1 Disc</td></tr><td></td><td>093</td><td>The Invisible Enemy/K9 and Company</td><td align=center>1977/1981</td><td>2 Discs</td></tr><td></td><td>094</td><td>Image of the Fendahl</td><td align=center>1977</td><td>1 Disc</td></tr><td></td><td>095</td><td>The Sun Makers</td><td align=center>1977</td><td>1 Disc</td></tr><td></td><td>096</td><td>Underworld</td><td align=center>1978</td><td>1 Disc</td></tr><td></td><td>097</td><td>The Invasion of Time</td><td align=center>1978</td><td>2 Discs</td></tr><td></td><td>098-103</td><td>The Key to Time Box Set</td><td align=center>1978-79</td><td>Stories:<br> The Ribos Operation, <br>The Pirate Planet,<br>The Stones of Blood, <br>The Androids of Tara,<br>The Power of Kroll,<br> The Armageddon Factor <p>6 Disc Set</td></tr><td></td><td>098-103</td><td>The Key to Time: Special Edition</td><td align=center>1978-79</td><td>Stories:<br> The Ribos Operation,<br> The Pirate Planet,<br>The Stones of Blood,<br> The Androids of Tara,<br>The Power of Kroll, <br>The Armageddon Factor<p>7 Discs<p></td></tr><td></td><td>098</td><td>The Ribos Operation</td><td align=center>1978</td><td>1 Disc</td></tr><td></td><td>098</td><td>The Ribos Operation: Special Edition</td><td align=center>1978</td><td>1 Disc</td></tr><td></td><td>099</td><td>The Pirate Planet</td><td align=center>1978</td><td>1 Disc</td></tr><td></td><td>099</td><td>The Pirate Planet: Special Edition</td><td align=center>1978</td><td>1 Disc</td></tr><td></td><td>100</td><td>The Stones of Blood</td><td align=center>1978</td><td>1 Disc</td></tr><td></td><td>100</td><td>The Stones of Blood: Special Edition</td><td align=center>1978</td><td>1 Disc</td></tr><td></td><td>101</td><td>The Androids of Tara</td><td align=center>1978</td><td>1 Disc</td></tr><td></td><td>101</td><td>The Androids of Tara: Special Edition</td><td align=center>1978</td><td>1 Disc</td></tr><td></td><td>102</td><td>The Power of Kroll</td><td align=center>1978-79</td><td>1 Disc</td></tr><td></td><td>102</td><td>The Power of Kroll: Special Edition</td><td align=center>1978-79</td><td>1 Disc</td></tr><td></td><td>103</td><td>The Armageddon Factor</td><td align=center>1979</td><td>1 Disc</td></tr><td></td><td>103</td><td>The Armageddon Factor: Special Edition</td><td align=center>1979</td><td>2 Discs</td></tr><td></td><td>104</td><td>Destiny of the Daleks</td><td align=center>1979</td><td>1 Disc</td></tr><td></td><td>105</td><td>City of Death</td><td align=center>1979</td><td>2 Discs</td></tr><td></td><td>106</td><td>The Creature From The Pit</td><td align=center>1979</td><td>1 Disc</td></tr><td></td><td>107</td><td>Nightmare of Eden</td><td align=center>1979</td><td>1 Disc</td></tr><td></td><td>108</td><td>The Horns of Nimon</td><td align=center>1979/80</td><td>1 Disc</td></tr><td></td><td>109</td><td>Shada</td><td align=center>Unaired</td><td>2 Discs</td></tr><td></td><td>110</td><td>The Leisure Hive</td><td align=center>1980</td><td>1 Disc</td></tr><td></td><td>111</td><td>Meglos</td><td align=center>1980</td><td>1 Disc</td></tr><td></td><td>112-114</td><td>The E-Space Trilogy</td><td align=center>1980-81</td><td>Stories:<br>Full Circle, <br>State of Decay,<br>Warriors' Gate<p>3 Discs<p></td></tr><td></td><td>115</td><td>The Keeper of Traken</td><td align=center>1981</td><td>1 Disc</td></tr><td></td><td>116</td><td>Logopolis</td><td align=center>1981</td><td>1 Disc</td></tr><tr><td><b>The Fifth Doctor<br>Peter Davison<br>1981-1984</b></td><td>117</td><td>Castrovalva</td><td align=center>1982</td><td>1 Disc</td></tr><td></td><td>118</td><td>Four to Doomsday</td><td align=center>1982</td><td>1 Disc</td></tr><td></td><td>119</td><td>Kinda</td><td align=center>1982</td><td>1 Disc</td></tr><td></td><td>120</td><td>The Visitation</td><td align=center>1982</td><td>1 Disc</td></tr><td></td><td>120</td><td>The Visitation: Special Edition</td><td align=center>1982</td><td>2 Discs</td></tr><td></td><td>121</td><td>Black Orchid</td><td align=center>1982</td><td>1 Disc</td></tr><td></td><td>122</td><td>Earthshock</td><td align=center>1982</td><td>1 Disc</td></tr><td></td><td>123</td><td>Time Flight</td><td align=center>1982</td><td>1 Disc</td></tr><td></td><td>124</td><td>Arc of Infinity</td><td align=center>1982</td><td>1 Disc</td></tr><td></td><td>125</td><td>Snakedance</td><td align=center>1983</td><td>1 Disc</td></tr><td></td><td>126-128</td><td>The Black Guardian Trilogy</td><td align=center>1983</td><td>Stories:<br>Mawdyrn Undead, <br>Terminus,<br>Enlightenment<p>4 Discs</td></tr><td></td><td>129</td><td>The King's Demons</td><td align=center>1983</td><td>1 Disc</td></tr><td></td><td>130</td><td>The Five Doctors</td><td align=center>1983</td><td>1 Disc</td></tr><td></td><td>130</td><td>The Five Doctors: 25th Anniversary Edition</td><td align=center>1983</td><td>2 Discs</td></tr><td></td><td>131</td><td>Warriors of the Deep</td><td align=center>1984</td><td>1 Disc</td></tr><td></td><td>132</td><td>The Awakening</td><td align=center>1984</td><td>1 Disc</td></tr><td></td><td>133</td><td>Frontios</td><td align=center>1984</td><td>1 Disc</td></tr><td></td><td>134</td><td>Resurrection of the Daleks</td><td align=center>1984</td><td>1 Disc</td></tr><td></td><td>134</td><td>Resurrection of the Daleks: Special Edition</td><td align=center>1984</td><td>2 Discs</td></tr><td></td><td>135</td><td>Planet of Fire</td><td align=center>1984</td><td>*US Edition missing documentary<p>2 Discs</td></tr><td></td><td>136</td><td>The Caves of Androzani</td><td align=center>1984</td><td>1 Disc</td></tr><td></td><td>136</td><td>The Caves of Androzani: Special Edition</td><td align=center>1984</td><td>2 Discs</td></tr><tr><td><b>The Sixth Doctor<br>Colin Baker<br>1984-1986</b></td><td>137</td><td>The Twin Dilemma</td><td align=center>1984</td><td>1 Disc</td></tr><td></td><td>138</td><td>Attack of the Cybermen</td><td align=center>1984</td><td>1 Disc</td></tr><td></td><td>139</td><td>Vengeance on Varos</td><td align=center>1985</td><td>1 Disc</td></tr><td></td><td>139</td><td>Vengeance on Varos: Special Edition</td><td align=center>1985</td><td>2 Discs</td></tr><td></td><td>140</td><td>The Mark of the Rani</td><td align=center>1984</td><td>1 Disc</td></tr><td></td><td>141</td><td>The Two Doctors</td><td align=center>1985</td><td>2 Discs</td></tr><td></td><td>142</td><td>Timelash</td><td align=center>1984</td><td>1 Disc</td></tr><td></td><td>143</td><td>Revelation of the Daleks</td><td align=center>1986</td><td>1 Disc</td></tr><td></td><td>144-147</td><td>The Trial of a Time Lord</td><td align=center>1986</td><td>Stories:<br>The Mysterious Planet,<br> Mindwarp,<br>Terror of the Vervoid, <br>The Ultimate Foe<p>4 Discs</td></tr><tr><td><b>The Seventh Doctor<br>Sylvester McCoy<br>1987-1996</b></td><td>148</td><td>Time and the Rani</td><td align=center>1987</td><td>1 Disc</td></tr><td></td><td>149</td><td>Paradise Towers</td><td align=center>1987</td><td>1 Disc</td></tr><td></td><td>150</td><td>Delta and the Bannermen</td><td align=center>1987</td><td>1 Disc</td></tr><td></td><td>151</td><td>Dragonfire</td><td align=center>1987</td><td>1 Disc</td></tr><td></td><td>152</td><td>Remembrance of the Daleks</td><td align=center>1988</td><td>*Missing original Beatles songs<p>1 Disc</td></tr><td></td><td>152</td><td>Remembrance of the Daleks: Special Edition</td><td align=center>1988</td><td>*US Edition missing original Beatles songs<p>2 Discs</td></tr><td></td><td>153</td><td>The Happiness Patrol</td><td align=center>1988</td><td>1 Disc</td></tr><td></td><td>154</td><td>Silver Nemesis</td><td align=center>1988</td><td>1 Disc</td></tr><td></td><td>155</td><td>The Greatest Show In The Galaxy</td><td align=center>1988/89</td><td>1 Disc</td></tr><td></td><td>156</td><td>Battlefield</td><td align=center>1989</td><td>2 Discs</td></tr></td></tr><td></td><td>157</td><td>Ghost Light</td><td align=center>1989</td><td>1 Disc</td></tr><td></td><td>158</td><td>The Curse of Fenric</td><td align=center>1989</td><td>2 Discs</td></tr><td></td><td>159</td><td>Survival</td><td align=center>1989</td><td>2 Discs</td></tr><tr><td><b>The Eighth Doctor<br>Paul McGann<br>1996</b></td><td>160</td><td>The TV Movie: Special Edition</td><td align=center>1996</td><td>2 Discs</td></tr><tr><td><b>The Ninth Doctor<br>Christopher Eccleston<br>2005</b></td><td>--</td><td>The Complete First Series</ td><td align=center>2005</td><td>Episodes:<br> Rose, <br>The End Of The World,<br>The Unquiet Dead,<br> Aliens Of London,<br> World War Three, <br>Dalek,<br>The Long Game, <br>Father's Day,<br>The Empty Child,<br> The Doctor Dances,<br>Boom Town, <br>Bad Wolf,<br>The Parting of the Ways<p>5 Discs</td></tr><tr><td><b>The Tenth Doctor<br>David Tennant<br>2006-2010</b></td><td>--</td><td>The Complete Second Series</ td><td align=center>2006</td><td>Episodes:<br>The Christmas Invasion, <br>New Earth,<br>Tooth and Claw,<br> School Reunion,<br>The Girl in the Fireplace,<br> Rise of the Cybermen, <br> The Age of Steel, <br>The Idiot's Lantern,<br>The Impossible Planet, <br>The Satan Pit, <br>Love & Monsters, <br>Fear Her,<br>Army of Ghosts, <br>Doomsday<p>6 Discs</td></tr><td></td><td>--</td><td>The Complete Third Series</ td><td align=center>2007</td><td>Episodes:<br>The Runaway Bride, <br>Smith and Jones,<br>The Shakespeare Code,<br>Gridlock,<br>Daleks in Manhattan, <br>Evolution of the Daleks, <br>The Lazarus Experiment, <br>42,<br>Human Nature,<br> The Family of Blood,<br>Blink, <br>Utopia,<br>The Sound of Drums,<br>Last of the Time Lords<p>6 Discs</td></tr><td></td><td>--</td><td>The Infinite Quest</ td><td align=center>2007</td><td>1 Disc</td></tr><td></td><td>--</td><td>The Complete Fourth Series</ td><td align=center>2008</td><td>Episodes:<br>Time Crash,<br>Voyage of the Damned,<br>Partners in Crime, <br>The Fires of Pompeii,<br>Planet of the Ood, <br>The Sontaran Stratagem,<br>The Poison Sky,<br> The Doctor's Daughter,<br>The Unicorn and the Wasp, <br>Silence in the Library,<br>Forest of the Dead, <br>Midnight,<br>Turn Left, <br>The Stolen Earth,<br>Journey's End<p>6 Discs<p>Also available as a Limited Edition Steelbook @ Best Buy</td></tr><td></td><td>--</td><td>The Next Doctor</ td><td align=center>2008</td><td>1 Disc</td></tr><td></td><td>--</td><td>Planet of the Dead</ td><td align=center>2009</td><td>1 Disc<br>Available on DVD & Blu-Ray</td></tr><td></td><td>--</td><td>The Waters of Mars</ td><td align=center>2009</td><td>1 Disc<br>Available on DVD & Blu-Ray</td></tr><td></td><td>--</td><td>Dreamland</ td><td align=center>2009</td><td>2 Discs</td></tr><td></td><td>--</td><td>The End of Time Part 1 & 2</ td><td align=center>2009/2010</td><td>2 Discs<br>Available on DVD & Blu-Ray</td></tr><td></td><td>--</td><td>The Complete Specials</ td><td align=center>2008-2010</td><td>Episodes<br>The Next Doctor,<br>Planet of the Dead,<br>The Waters of Mars,<br>The End of Time Part 1,<br>The End of Time Part 2<p>5 Discs<br>Available on DVD & Blu-Ray</td></tr><tr><td><b>The Eleventh Doctor<br>Matt Smith<br>2010-2013</b></td><td>---</td><td>The Complete Fifth Series</ td><td align=center>2010-2013</td><td>Episodes:<br>The Eleventh Hour,<br>The Beast Below,<br>Victory of the Daleks,<br>The Time of Angels,<br>Flesh and Stone,<br>The Vampires of Venice,<br>Amy's Choice,<br>The Hungry Earth,<br>Cold Blood,<br>Vincent and the Doctor,<br>The Lodger,<br>The Pandorica Opens,<br>The Big Bang<p>Available on DVD & Blu-Ray</td></tr><td></td><td>---</td><td>A Christmas Carol</ td><td align=center>2010</td><td>1 Disc<p>Available on DVD & Blu-Ray</td></tr><td></td><td>---</td><td>Series 6, Part 1</ td><td align=center>2011</td><td>Episodes:<br>The Impossible Astronaut,<br>Day of the Moon,<br>The Curse of the Black Spot,<br>The Doctor's Wife,<br>The Rebel Flesh,<br>The Almost People,<br>A Good Man Goes to War<p>2 Discs<p>Available on DVD & Blu-Ray</td></tr><td></td><td>--</td><td>Series 6, Part 2</ td><td align=center>2011</td><td>Episodes:<br>Let's Kill Hitler,<br>Night Terrors,<br>The Girl Who Waited,<br>The God Complex,<br>Closing Time,<br>The Wedding of River Song<p>2 Discs<p>Available on DVD & Blu-Ray</td></tr><td></td><td>--</td><td>The Complete Sixth Series</ td><td align=center>2011</td><td>Episodes:<br>A Christmas Carol,<br>The Impossible Astronaut,<br>Day of the Moon,<br>The Curse of the Black Spot,<br>The Doctor's Wife,<br>The Rebel Flesh,<br>The Almost People,<br>A Good Man Goes to War,<br>Let's Kill Hitler,<br>Night Terrors,<br>The Girl Who Waited,<br>The God Complex,<br>Closing Time,<br>The Wedding of River Song<p>Available on DVD & Blu-Ray</td></tr><td></td><td>---</td><td>The Doctor, The Widow and The Wardrobe</ td><td align=center>2011</td><td>1 Disc<p>Available on DVD & Blu-Ray</td></tr><td></td><td>---</td><td>Series 7, Part 1</ td><td align=center>2012</td><td>Episodes:<br>Asylum of the Daleks,<br>Dinosaurs on a Spaceship,<br>A Town Called Mercy,<br>The Power of Three,<br>The Angels Take Manhattan<p>2 Discs<p>Available on DVD & Blu-Ray</td></tr><td></td><td>---</td><td>The Snowmen</ td><td align=center>2012</td><td>1 Disc<p>Available on DVD & Blu-Ray</td></tr><td></td><td>---</td><td>Series 7, Part 2</ td><td align=center>2013</td><td>Episodes:<br>The Bells of St. John,<br>The Rings of Akhaten,<br>Cold War,<br>Hide,<br>Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS,<br>The Crimson Horror,<br>Nightmare in Silver,<br>The Name of the Doctor<p>3 Discs<p>Available on DVD & Blu-Ray</td></tr><td></td><td>---</td><td>The Complete Seventh Series</ td><td align=center>2011-2013</td><td>Episodes:<br>The Doctor, The Widow and The Wardrobe,<br>Asylum of the Daleks,<br>Dinosaurs on a Spaceship,<br>A Town Called Mercy,<br>The Power of Three,<br>The Angels Take Manhattan,<br>The Snowmen,<br>The Bells of St. John,<br>The Rings of Akhaten,<br>Cold War,<br>Hide,<br>Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS,<br>The Crimson Horror,<br>Nightmare in Silver,<br>The Name of the Doctor<p>4 Discs<p>Available on DVD & Blu-Ray</td></tr><td></td><td>---</td><td>The Day of the Doctor</ td><td align=center>2013</td><td>2 Discs<p>Available on DVD & 3D Blu-Ray</td></tr><td></td><td>---</td><td>The Time of the Doctor</ td><td align=center>2013</td><td>1 Disc<p>Available on DVD & Blu-Ray</td></tr><tr><td><b>The Twelfth Doctor<br>Peter Capaldi<br>2014</b></td><td>---</td><td>Deep Breath</ td><td align=center>2014</td><td>Available on DVD & Blu-Ray</td></tr><td></td><td>---</td><td>The Complete Eighth Series</ td><td align=center>2014</td><td>Episodes:<br>Deep Breath,<br>Into The Dalek,<br>Robot of Sherwood,<br>Listen,<br>Time Heist,<br>The Caretaker,<br>Kill The Moon,<br>Mummy On The Orient Express,<br>Flatline,<br>In The Forest Of The Night,<br>Dark Water,<br>Death In Heaven<p>4 Discs<p>Available on DVD & Blu-Ray</td></tr><tr><td><td><td><td><td></td></tr><tr><td><b>The<br>First & Second<br>Doctor</b></td><td>14, 21, 24,<br>32, 33, 35,<br>36, 38, 40,<br>41, 43, 49</td><td>Doctor Who: Lost in Time</td><td align=center>1963-69</td><td>Contains:<br>Lost in Time: The William Hartnell Years & <br>Lost in Time: The Patrick Troughton Years<p> 3 Discs</td></tr><td></td><td>14, 21, 24</td><td>Lost in Time:<br>The William Hartnell Years</td><td align=center>1963-66</td><td>1 Disc</td></tr><td></td><td>32, 33, 35,<br>36, 38, 40,<br>41, 43, 49</td><td>Lost in Time:<br>The Patrick Troughton Years</td><td align=center>1966-69</td><td>2 Discs</td></tr><tr><td><b>The<br>Third & Fifth<br>Doctor</b></td><td>052, 062, 131</td><td>Beneath The Surface</td><td align=center>1970-1984</td><td>Stories:<br>Doctor Who and the Silurians,<br>The Sea Devils,<br>Warriors of the Deep<p>4 Discs<p></td></tr><tr><td><b>The<br>Fourth & Fifth<br>Doctor</b></td><td>115, 116, 117</td><td>Doctor Who: New Beginnings</td><td align=center>1981-82</td><td>Stories:<br>The Keeper of Traken,<br>Logopolis,<br>Castrovalva<p>3 Discs<p></td></tr><tr><td><b>Alternate Ninth Doctor<br>Richard E. Grant</b></td><td>---</td><td>Scream of the Shalka</td><td align=center>2003</td><td>1 Disc</td></tr></table>

The Valeyard 08-12-05 02:22 AM

<a name="iii"></a><a href="#top">Back to top</a><a name="faq"></a><h2>III. SPIN-OFFS</h2><ol>

<table border="1"><td colspan="6" bgcolor="#0033cc"><center><br><h3>Also from BBC WORLDWIDE (Region 1)</h3></center></td></tr><tr bgcolor="#ffffmm"><th width=150>Series</th><th width=250>Title</th><th width=60>Year</th><th width=120>Notes</th></tr></tr><td><b>Torchwood</b></td><td>The Complete First Season</td><td align=center>2006</td><td>7 Discs</td></tr><td></td><td>The Complete Second Season</td><td align=center>2008</td><td>5 Discs</td></tr><td></td><td>Children of Earth</td><td align=center>2009</td><td>2 Discs<p>Available on DVD & Blu-Ray</td></tr><td></td><td>Miracle Day</td><td align=center>2011</td><td>4 Discs<p>Available on DVD & Blu-Ray</td></tr><tr><td><b>The Sarah Jane Adventures</b></td><td>The Complete First Season</td><td align=center>2007</td><td>4 Discs</td></tr><td></td><td>The Complete Second Season</td><td align=center>2008</td><td>3 Discs</td></tr><td></td><td>The Complete Third Season</td><td align=center>2009</td><td>2 Discs</td></tr><td></td><td>The Complete Fourth Season</td><td align=center>2010</td><td>2 Discs</td></tr><td></td><td>The Complete Fifth Season</td><td align=center>2011</td><td>1 Disc</td></tr><tr><td><b>The Doctors Revisited</b></td><td>Doctor One thru Four</td><td align=center>2013</td><td>4 Discs</td></tr><td></td><td>Doctor Five thru Eight</td><td align=center>2013</td><td>4 Discs</td></tr><td></td><td>Doctor Nine thru Eleven</td><td align=center>2013</td><td>3 Discs</td></tr><td></td><td>The Doctors Revisited Gift Set</td><td align=center>2013</td><td>11 Discs</td></tr><tr><td><b>MISC</b></td><td>An Adventure in Space and Time</td><td align=center>2013</td><td>3 Discs<p>Available on DVD & Blu-Ray</td></tr></table>

<table border="1"><td colspan="6" bgcolor="#0033cc"><center><br><h3>Shout! Factory (Region 1)</h3></center></td></tr><tr bgcolor="#ffffmm"><th width=150>Series</th><th width=250>Title</th><th width=60>Year</th><th width=120>Notes</th></tr></tr><td><b>K-9: The Series</b></td><td>The Complete First Series</td><td align=center>2009</td><td>4 Discs</td></tr></table>

<a name="iv"></a><h2>IV. MISC. DOCTOR WHO RELEASES (Multi Region)</h2>

<table border="1"><td colspan="6" bgcolor="#0033cc"><center><br><h3>Anchor Bay Entertainment - All Titles OOP</h3></center></td></tr><tr bgcolor="#ffffmm"><th width=120>Incarnation</th><th width=20>Story Number</th><th width=250>Title</th><th width=60>Year</th><th width=100>Notes</th></tr><tr><td><b>Peter Cushing<br>1965 & 1966</b></td><td>--</td><td>Dr. Who and the Daleks</td><td align=center>1965</td><td>1 Disc</td></tr><td></td><td>--</td><td>Daleks: Invasion Earth 2150 A.D.</td><td align=center>1966</td><td>1 Disc</td></tr><td></td><td>--</td><td>The Doctor Who Collection</td><td align=center>1965-66</td><td>Contains:<br>Dr. Who and the Daleks, <br>Daleks: Invasion Earth 2150 A.D.,<br> Dalekmania<p>3 Disc Set</td></tr></table>

<table border="1"><td colspan="6" bgcolor="#0033cc"><center><br><h3>BBV DVD (R0 - PAL/NTSC) - All Titles OOP</h3></center></td></tr><tr bgcolor="#ffffmm"><th width=120>Series</th><th width=20>Story Number</th><th width=250>Title</th><th width=60>Year</th><th width=100>Notes</th></tr><tr><td>--</td><td>01</td><td>The Doctors: 30 Years of Time Travel and Beyond</td><td align=center>1995</td><td>1 Disc<br><br>PAL & NTSC Available<br>Separately</td></tr><td>--</td><td>02</td><td>The AirZone Solution</td><td align=center>1993</td><td>1 Disc<br><br>PAL & NTSC Available<br>Separately</td></tr></tr><td><b>The Stranger<br>(Colin Baker)<br><b></td><td>03</td><td>Summoned by Shadows</td><td align=center>1991</td><td>1 Dual-Sided Disc</td></tr><tr><td></td><td>04</td><td>More Than A Messiah</td><td align=center>1992</td><td>1 Dual-Sided Disc</td></tr><td></td><td>05</td><td> In Memory Alone</td><td align=center>1993</td><td>1 Dual-Sided Disc</td></tr></tr><td></td><td>06</td><td> The Terror Game</td><td align=center>1994</td><td>1 Dual-Sided Disc</td></tr><td></td><td>07</td><td>Breach of the Peace</td><td align=center>1994</td><td>1 Dual-Sided Disc</td></tr><td></td><td>08</td><td>Eye of the Beholder</td><td align=center>1995</td><td>1 Dual-Sided Disc</td></tr><td><b>Autons<b></td><td>--</td><td>Auton</td><td align=center>1997</td><td>1 Dual-Sided Disc</td></tr><td></td><td>--</td><td>Auton2: Sentinel</td><td align=center>1998</td><td>1 Dual-Sided Disc</td></tr><td></td><td>--</td><td>Auton3: Awakening</td><td align=center>1999</td><td>1 Dual-Sided Disc</td></tr><td><b>Zygons<b></td><td>09</td><td>Zygon</td><td align=center>2007</td><td>1 Dual-Sided Disc</td></tr></table>

<table border="1"><td colspan="6" bgcolor="#0033cc"><center><br><h3>Misc Doctor Who-Related DVDs</h3></center></td></tr><tr bgcolor="#ffffmm"><th width=120>Company</th><th width=250>Title</th><th width=60>Year</th><th width=100>Notes</th></tr><tr><td>WaterFall</td><td>The Doctors: 30 Years of Time Travel and Beyond</td><td align=center>1995</td><td>Bootleg Version of the BBV Edition<p>1 Disc</td></tr><tr><td>Big Finish Productions</td><td>Big Finish Talks Back: Paul McGann</td><td align=center>2002</td><td>1 Disc</td></tr><tr><td>Reeltime Pictures</td><td>Dæmos Rising</td><td align=center>2004</td><td>1 Disc<br>Out of Print</td></tr><tr><td>10th Planet</td><td>Daphne Ashbrook in the UK</td><td align=center>2005</td><td>1 Disc</td></tr></table>

<a name="v"></a><h2>V. WHO LINKS</h2>
The Official Doctor Who Website

Alternate DVD covers can be found at Velvet Jacket

JasonF & Kevin M. Dean have both worked up two wonderful spreadsheets that list every Doctor Who story in order since 1963 and their availability on DVD. Kevin's has the added bonus of including the Torchwood & the Sarah Jane Adventures spin-offs. They're both fantastic resources:

Jason's: http://spreadsheets.google.com/pub?k...fvys-6mVHB3ZUQ

Kevin's: http://development.rhubarbproduction...Who_R1_DVD.pdf


The Valeyard 08-12-05 03:23 AM

R1 News: The Claws of Axos & City of Death - November 1, 2005
From BBC America Shop:

Doctor Who: City of Death (DVD)
The Fourth Doctor (Tom Baker) and Romana’s (Lalla Ward) plan for a peaceful holiday in Paris soon goes wrong. Cracks are beginning to appear in the fabric of time, indicating that dangerous time experiments are under way. Even the well-beaten path to the Louvre leads the Doctor deeper into mystery, much of which revolves around Count Scarlioni (Julian Glover), a sinister figure who has six Mona Lisa paintings stashed in his cellar - and they’re all originals!

Doctor Who: The Claws of Axos (DVD)
A mysterious object approaches Earth, alerting the Third Doctor (John Pertwee) and UNIT that they face another possible threat from outer space. Are the gold-skinned aliens who claim to bring great gifts to humanity as peaceful and benevolent as they first appear? If so, why is the Doctor’s archenemy, the Master, on board their spaceship?.


evenswr 08-12-05 06:48 AM

Love the new look for this thread. However, I would like to point out that the Region 2 section is titled "Region 1."

(EDIT = which has now been corrected.)

odisn 08-12-05 09:43 AM

Just checking in for the 8th Doctor (Who thread)

The Valeyard 08-12-05 02:15 PM

Originally Posted by evenswr
Love the new look for this thread. However, I would like to point out that the Region 2 section is titled "Region 1."

D'oh! Thanks. I'll fix it straight away!


The Valeyard 08-16-05 01:54 AM

City of Death News!
The Restoration Team has let it slip that the City of Death DVD will be a 2 Disc affair!

City of Death article

2005's last DVD release is the extremely popular 'City of Death', which pits Tom Baker's Doctor and Lalla Ward's Romana against the sole survivor of the Jagaroth race in a fast-moving and witty story which features location filming in Paris. 'City of Death' owes much of its success to being co-written by the late, great Douglas Adams and achieved the highest ever viewing figures of any Doctor Who story. Released in the UK and US for the first time on DVD in a lavish two-disc edition, 'City of Death' is bound to end up in many Christmas stockings on both sides of the Atlantic...


First up is a commentary, featuring actors Julian Glover and Tom Chadbon, along with the story's director, Michael Hayes.

Paris in the Springtime is a 45-minute featurette, written by Jonathan Morris and produced by Ed Stradling. It goes behind the scenes on the production of the story, with a particular emphasis on the contribution of Douglas Adams. Appearing in this informative and amusing featurette are Douglas Adams himself (courtesy of two separate interviews shot by Kevin Davies), Julian Glover, Catherine Schell, Tom Chadbon, Michael Hayes, Anthony Read (former script editor), David Fisher (writer of 'A Gamble with Time', the original story which was reworked into 'City of Death'), Pennant Roberts (director of Adam's earlier Doctor Who story, 'The Pirate Planet'), and new series writers Steven Moffat and Rob Shearman, all linked together by narrator Toby Longworth. A particular highlight is the retelling of 'A Gamble with Time', using a beautiful set of illustrations produced for this featurette by artist Jason Lythgoe-Hay.

Paris, W12 allows the viewers a rare 20-minute look inside the studio during the recording of the story, courtesy of extracts from the three Shibaden studio tapes mentioned above.

Prehistoric Landscapes is a short montage of the model landscapes and spaceship effects used in the story, most of which never saw the light of day. Similarly, Chicken Wrangler comically reveals the pitfalls of trying to film live chickens for one of the effects sequences, along with a rather too animated model chicken! Most of the material used in these two featurettes came from private collections and an astonishing amount of it was the original 35mm camera negatives!

Eye on... Blatchford is one of those little regional-interest programmes that the BBC does so well. The programme follows a day in the life of Sardoth, the Second-to-Last of the Jagaroth, as he tries to balance the responsibility of saving his race with his own attempts to fit into life in the rural village of Blatchford. It's not easy when you're green. Oh Mummy, they're at it again...

PC and Mac users will be able to enjoy the entire 1980 Doctor Who Annual in PDF format, courtesy of Steven Bagley.

An 8-minute Photo Gallery highlights cast and design photographs from the story, as well as studio floorplans and set models. Dr Martin Wiggins has supplied the production notes and there's no shortage of interesting Easter Eggs to hunt out and enjoy.


The Valeyard 08-17-05 01:04 AM

R2 News: Doctor Who Series One Commentaries Recorded
From Outpost Gallifrey:

Commentaries have been recorded for the forthcoming Doctor Who Series One Box Set due out in November. DWM notes the following commentaries have been recorded for each of the 13 episodes (noting that one, "The Long Game" had not yet been recorded at press time):

Rose - Exec producers Russell T Davies and Julie Gardner, producer Phil Collinson
The End of the World - Collinson, Will Cohen (visual effects)
The Unquiet Dead - Mark Gatiss (writer), Euros Lyn (director), Simon Callow (Charles Dickens)
Aliens of London - Gardner, Cohen, David Verrey (Joseph Green)
World War Three - Collinson, Helen Raynor (script editor), Annette Badland (Margaret Blaine)
Dalek - Rob Shearman (writer), Dave Houghton (VFX producer), Nicholas Briggs (Dalek voices), Bruno Langley (Adam)
The Long Game - Langley, Brian Grant (director), Christine Adams (Cathica)
Father's Day - Paul Cornell (writer), Billie Piper (Rose), Shaun Dingwall (Pete), Collinson
The Empty Child and The Doctor Dances - Steven Moffat (writer), John Barrowman (Jack), Houghton
Boom Town - Collinson, Barrowman, Badland
Bad Wolf - Davies, Gardner, Collinson
The Parting of the Ways - Barrowman, Gardner, Piper

evenswr 08-17-05 06:08 AM

I see they couldn't drag Eccleston in to do a commentary. I won't hold my breath on him doing anything Doctor Who-related any time soon, after the pummelling he took for leaving the series after one season.

odisn 08-17-05 10:11 AM

re: City of Death
Despite all the griping about a 4-episode story getting the 2-disc treatment over on the Outpost Gallifrey forums, that is a nice list of extras and I cannot wait for this disc. One of my all-time favorites...now if I could just get Inferno put on the schedule...

grivet 08-17-05 01:16 PM

Can someone point me to the last(v7.0?) thread? Search is coming up with nothing, and the continuation link in v6.0 is broken.


The Valeyard 08-19-05 12:25 AM

Eccleston will be back. They all come back in one way or another (via commentaries or documentary specials like Tom Baker or Big Finish Audios like McGann). Even Janet Fielding came back to do commentaries and she's pretty much disowned her time on the show.

And if any 4 Part story deserves a 2-Disc set, it's City of Death. Isn't it still the highest rated Who story ever?


The Valeyard 08-24-05 11:09 PM

Claws & City Details AND Date Change!
The two titles are now scheduled for November 8th



Doctor Who - 'Claws of Axos' and 'City of Death' details
Posted by Gord Lacey 8/24/2005

We've posted news for both "The Claws of Axos" (episode 57) and "City of Death," (episode 105) but the BBC officially announced both titles today, with a release date of November 8, a week later than originally reported.

David Lambert did such a wonderful job writing up the details of "City of Death," that I won't try to duplicate his efforts here, so please see his previous news item regarding the release. He's only missing the price ($34.98) and the running time (100 mins).

"The Claws of Axos," featuring Jon Pertwee, will be a single-disc release, but it'll still be packed with extras, including:

Audio Commentary by producer Barry Letts, Katy Manning and Richard Franklin

Behind the Scenes Featurette (27 mins)

Now and Then Featurette (7 mins)

Reverse Standards Conversion - The Axon Legacy (10 mins)

Directing Who (15 mins)

Photo gallery

Production Notes

The 96 min DVD will sell for $24.98.

moonraker 08-25-05 10:02 AM

Does the November 8 release date for CITY OF DEATH refer to the UK release only, or does this date also apply to North America? In the past, UK releases would precede North America releases by several months.

David Lambert 08-25-05 12:54 PM

11/8 is the North American date. Originally the NA (region 1) date was 11/1, but has now been pushed back a week. On the original date, USA would get City of Death a few days prior to the UK release. Now it looks like UK might beat USA by a day! According to <a href="http://www.amazon.co.uk/exec/obidos/ASIN/B000AWKSU0" target="zonuk">Amazon UK</a>, that title releases there on 11/7. That is probably the entire reason for the delay, mind you...just so UK can get it first! :p

The Valeyard 08-25-05 02:16 PM

Originally Posted by David Lambert
11/8 is the North American date. Originally the NA (region 1) date was 11/1, but has now been pushed back a week. On the original date, USA would get City of Death a few days prior to the UK release. Now it looks like UK might beat USA by a day! According to <a href="http://www.amazon.co.uk/exec/obidos/ASIN/B000AWKSU0" target="zonuk">Amazon UK</a>, that title releases there on 11/7. That is probably the entire reason for the delay, mind you...just so UK can get it first! :p

Guh! How dare they?


The Valeyard 08-26-05 02:50 AM

Doctor Who Series 1 (2005) Up at Amazon.com.....
From a post at Outpost Gallifrey:

Amazon.com lists Region 1 2005 Boxed Set

Ok, don't get your hopes up too quickly, but Amazon have listed the 2005 series boxed set on their website in an attempt to gauge public reaction and to provide a feedback to the potential distribution company on how many people are waiting to buy it.

If you want the new series on Region 1 DVD then go here and sign up to show you are interested. This is NOT a pre-order, but just stating that you're interested in buying it:


So get over there and let your voice be heard!

David Lambert 08-26-05 11:12 AM

An Amazon rep has told me that the way they decide to put up those "Availability: NOT YET RELEASED: The studio is currently not producing this title on DVD, but to be notified when it is available..." listings like this one is by the number of people who perform unsuccessful searches on thier system for an unreleased item. Apparently the "qualifying number of searches" is not set in stone, but depends on the item. But once enough people show an interest in something, Amazon just collects their names in an attempt to build up a mailing list and provide some sense of security to themselves that "if this ever does get released, the customer will hopefully buy it from us because we took their name".

The Valeyard 08-26-05 03:02 PM

Ah. Well then.....


The Valeyard 09-18-05 11:16 PM

Region 2 News: Complete Series 1 Box Set Details
From Outpost Gallifrey:

We've received several reports about additional extras for the Series One Boxed Set, due out this November containing all 13 episodes from series one of the new TV series starring Christopher Eccleston. According to the British Board of Film Classification, the "Doctor Who Confidential Cut Down" specials -- the BBC3 documentaries shortened by removing all references to the original series and focusing solely on the new -- will be included, though the BBFC only reports the first seven have been cleared; however, it was reported earlier that all thirteen plus one additional special, that of the "extra" Confidnetial episode being specially produced for the DVD, would be on the discs. Amazon.co.uk, meanwhile, is reporting additional extras including commentaries, "Billie Piper’s Video Diary," "Making Doctor Who with Russell T Davies," "Waking The Dead (Mark Gatiss' video diary)," "Exclusive featurettes: Destroying the Lair; Mike Tucker’s Mocks of Balloons; Designing Doctor Who,; Laying Ghosts – The Origins of The Unquiet Dead; Deconstructing Big Ben, The Adventures of Captain Jack"; "BBC Breakfast Interview with Christopher Eccleston" plus the Confidential specials, 5.1 surround sound, a collectors' booklet and subtitles. Additionally, the boxed set will feature a variety of pre- and post-broadcast trailers including the "Time Is Up" teasers, the "Saturdays at 7pm" series of trailers, the trailers aired in conjunction with "Strictly Come Dancing" and the "Countdown" trailer. Outpost Gallifrey has been told that there will be an official press release on the set's final contents later this month.

The Valeyard 09-29-05 09:12 PM

DVD Tidbits
Stolen from Doctor Who North American DVD & VHS FAQ

As reported here earlier, BBC Worldwide Americas and Warner had been planning on advancing the months in which new DVDs are released in 2006 to February, May, August, and November. They have now reversed that decision, and the 2006 DVDs will instead come out in the same calendar pattern as they have in the previous two years, which is to say March, June, September, and November. In each of those months, they will either release 2 individual story titles or 1 box set. All of those titles will come from the backlog of titles already or about-to-be available in the UK (Region 2), and the contents of each disc will be identical to the UK contents.

BBC Worldwide Americas have dropped the suggested retail price on the DVDs that were released from 2001 to 2003. The new SRP on these titles is $19.98 on 1-disc releases and $29.98 on 2-disc releases. This is a decrease of $5 in both cases.* The Key to Time box set has also been reduced to $100. Meanwhile, amazon.com are currently offering these same DVDs at an even bigger discount. The single-disc DVDs are going there for only $13.99, and the double-disc DVDs are $20.99, and the whole Key to Time box set is now only $70 at amazon.com DVDs released since 2004 are still suggested to retail at $24.95 for singles and $34.95 for doubles.

BBC Worldwide in the UK has decided that all future Doctor Who DVDs in all worldwide markets must henceforth have exactly the same contents on the discs themselves. This is being done as an economizing measure at the facility that authors the DVD masters for all markets. This means that the two extra features we’ve grown accustomed to on the Region 1 discs that are not on the Region 2 or 4 discs will no longer be appearing. These are the Howard Da Silva introduction featuretts on the early Tom Baker stories, and the Who’s Who text biographies of the principal cast members. The Da Silva intros have already been dropped for the new September DVDs (Horror of Fang Rock would’ve had one), and the Who’s Who bios will disappear as of the November releases.

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Doctor Who on UMD
From Outpost Gallifrey:

According to Play.com, the first series of Doctor Who from this year is not only available on DVD, plus will also be released on the new UMD format for the Sony Playstation Portable (PSP). The release will occur in mid-October and it will start with the second disc, apparently, as there's no word on the first disc being made available

The official website today confirmed our story from yesterday that Series One Volume Two would be released on the UMD disc format used by Sony in their Playstation console system. The disc will be released on 17 October, featuring "Aliens of London," "World War Three" and "Dalek". The site notes, however, that "Volumes One, Three and Four will follow in December, although a specific date has yet to be announced. Discs will cost £17.99 each."

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Scream of the Shalka on DVD?
From Outpost Gallifrey:

Scream of the Shalka DVD?
September 29, 2005

While there is currently no official word from BBC Worldwide, the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) has cleared the six episodes of The Scream of the Shalka for DVD release, reportedly at some time in the spring of 2006. "Shalka," the animated webcast serial created for BBCi prior to the announcement of the new series, stars Richard E. Grant, Sophie Okonedo and Derek Jacobi and was written by Paul Cornell. We'll keep you posted on further developments.

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Series One Box Set Region 1 release in Canada!!
From Outpost Gallifrey:

Canadian Series Sale and DVD Release
TV Series News
October 18, 2005
According to a BBC press release today, BBC Worldwide Canada has concluded a raft of programming deals and ventures with major networks at this year's MIPCOM conference including a "major licensing deal with CBC Television for the second series of the latest Doctor Who adventures following the critical success of the first series. The deal includes a Christmas special, hosted by Billie Piper exclusively for CBC viewers that air on Boxing Day. The new 13 part adventure is currently filming in Wales and is due to air on CBC in 2006."

Noted within the press release is the fact that "BBC Video is planning to release series one on DVD in February 2006." Outpost Gallifrey has checked with BBC Video today and has been told that they will be releasing the Series One Boxed Set in Canada on February 14. (While there are no US distribution plans for this boxed set due to a lack of a broadcaster, the fact that the DVD is in Canada's NTSC format, shared with the US, suggests there should be a relative ease in acquiring it.)

The broadcast of "The Christmas Invasion" on December 26 is expected to be a day after it airs in the UK; the current expected date of transmission of the story in the UK is currently December 25. (Thanks to Benjamin Elliott, Christopher Yonge and Martin Hoscik/Unit News)

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