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That 70s Show: Season Three -- November 15th


"An insert in the season 2 DVD set was our first indication that That '70s Show season 3 would be out in November, and now Fox has announced the title for release on November 15.

Get on down to the basement for a rockin' flashback to the swinging '70s. As the partying begins, Red decides he's been too lenient, so he sets up a few new house rules. This not only makes the kids miserable, but makes Kitty feel like she's been a bad mother. Hyde feels even worse after he finds his long-lost father tending bar at a local dive. Meanwhile, as Donna and Eric continue dating, Jackie begins pursuing Hyde, which upsets Kelso even though he's dating Laurie. And Fez finally gets a girlfriend - only to discover (too late) that she's certifiably psycho!

This 4 disc set will include all 25 episodes (525 mins) from the third season, along with a lot of extras. The picture will be 1.33:1, and the audio in English Dolby Surround.

Disc contents include:

Disc 1:

1. Reefer Madness
2. Red Sees Red
3. Hyde's Father
4. Too Old To Trick Or Treat, Too Young To Die
5. Roller Disco
6. Eric's Panties

Disc 2:

1. Baby Fever
2. Jackie Bags Hyde
3. Hyde's Christmas Rager
4. Ice Shack
5. Who Wants It More
6. Fez Gets The Girl
7. Dine & Dash

Disc 3:

1. Radio Daze
2. Donna's Panties
3. Romantic Weekend
4. Kitty's Birthday (That's Today?!)
5. The Trials Of M. Kelso
6. Eric's Naughty No-No
7. Holy Craps

Disc 4:

1. Fez Dates Donna
2. Eric's Drunken Tattoo
3. Canadian Road Trip
4. Backstage Pass
5. The Promise Ring

And here's a list of the extras:

Disc 1:

* "Reefer Madness" Intro by Danny Masterson
* Intro to "Red Sees Red" by Debra Jo Rupp
* "Hyde's Father" Intro by Danny Masterson
* "Too Old To Trick Or Treat, Too Young To Die" Intro by Mila Kunis
* "Roller Disco" Intro by Wilmer Valderrama
* Intro to "Eric's Panties" by Debra Jo Rupp
* Commentary on "Too Old To Trick Or Treat, Too Young To Die" by Director David Trainer and Writer Patrick Kienlen
* Commentary on "Eric's Panties" by Director David Trainer and Writer Patrick Kienlen
* Season Three: Overview

Disc 2:

* "Jackie Bags Hyde" Intro by Kurwood Smith
* "Hyde's Christmas Rager" Intro by Danny Masterson
* "Ice Shack" Intro by Mila Kunis
* "Who Wants It More" Intro by Kurwood Smith
* "Fez Gets The Girl" Intro by Wilmer Valderrama
* "Dine & Dash" Intro by Don Stark
* Commentary on "Dine & Dash" by Director David Trainer and Writer Patrick Kienlen

Disc 3:

* "Romantic Weekend" Intro by Kurwood Smith
* "Kitty's Birthday (That's Today?!)" Intro by Debra Jo Rupp
* "The Trials Of M. Kelso" Intro by Don Stark
* Commentary on "Radio Daze" by Director David Trainer

Disc 4:

* "Fez Dates Donna" Intro by Don Stark
* "Canadian Road Trip" Intro by Wilmer Valderrama
* "Backstage Pass" Intro by Kurwood Smith
* Commentary on "Eric's Drunken Tattoo" by Director David Trainer
* Commentary on " The Promise Ring" by Director David Trainer"

Artwork is available there:

Great sounding extras!
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Great news indeed!!!
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Sounds like a great set -- thanks for the heads-up!
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Great news!
My DVD/Blu-ray/HD DVD collection
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