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JeffMcElhaney 07-31-05 03:19 PM

Caged (1950)?
Hi, new to the list here (as a poster, not an avid reader).

Had read here and elsewhere that the incredible noirish, social drama "Caged" from 1950 (a women-behind-bars classic with Eleanor Parker and Agnes Morehead) was slated to be released in 2005 by Warner Bros.

Does anyone else have any more up-to-date info about this film?

For some reason, I never even see it aired on Turner Classic Movies, where most Warner classics seem to get their due.


Wonderful resource here BTW, thanks for all of your knowledge and insights.

Gerry P. 07-31-05 07:29 PM

No word yet, but maybe they're saving it for a Controversial Classics, Vol. 2 box set.

p.s. It does turn up on TCM from time to time.

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