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mikeporter 07-28-05 03:31 PM

Best DVD of July 2005
What did you think was the best DVD of July 2005?

nightwing82 07-28-05 03:34 PM

None of the above.

I have to go with:
Best of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe

animalmystic 07-28-05 03:35 PM

What no Gone In 60 Seconds Unrated Edition on the list ;)

I picked Dodgeball.

William Fuld 07-28-05 03:35 PM

Point Blank

Geofferson 07-28-05 03:42 PM

Moving Violations!

wendersfan 07-28-05 03:43 PM

Originally Posted by William Fuld
Point Blank


TNAJason 07-28-05 03:50 PM

Originally Posted by animalmystic
What no Gone In 60 Seconds Unrated Edition on the list ;)

Release Date-June 7th.
My pick is..... I don't really have a "best" pick. Favorite is Constantine:Deluxe tho....

Bobbin 07-28-05 04:02 PM

Wow, terrible month for DVDs. I dunno, Dead Like Me: S2 I guess.

Lemdog 07-28-05 04:05 PM

None of these

Shannon Nutt 07-28-05 04:19 PM

The best MOVIE was Million Dollar Baby, but the best DVD "package" (ignoring the quality of the movie/epsiodes and just going on how the thing was put together and what goodies it offered) was probably the Deluxe Edition of Constantine or the 10th Anniversary Xena set.

And can I quote Penn & Teller from this week and let you know that
"THE BEST is Bull$h^t!!!" :)

critterdvd 07-28-05 05:31 PM

From the List: Tales from the Crypt Season 1 (its the only one I Bought)

But I personally think that "Laguna Beach Season 1" was the best overall DVD released this month that I've seen

DVDHO 07-28-05 06:02 PM

MDB here,movie is fantastic and not to mention a great disc.

MasterofDVD 07-28-05 06:12 PM

I had to go with Dead Like Me Season 2 as the best DVD I've bought this month. Season 1 was pretty good and quirky with 1 episode that I loved. Season 2 was far superior and I couldn't watch the set fast enough.

Keith123 07-28-05 06:22 PM

Originally Posted by mikeporter
What did you think was the best DVD of July 2005?

Gilligan's Island Season 3.

buckee1 07-28-05 06:53 PM

I gotta go with Tales From The Crypt S1.

matome 07-28-05 07:07 PM

Million Dollar Baby

OldBoy 07-28-05 07:09 PM

"A Very Long Engagement"

PaulNJ21 07-28-05 07:16 PM

My pick is....

Best of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe

The video quality was other worldly good and the featuretes were really well done.


Noojimbo 07-28-05 07:22 PM

Dead like me...but I only bought two things from this list

Hammer99 07-28-05 08:13 PM

Definitely Point Blank.

gotrice487 07-28-05 11:39 PM

Million Dollar Baby

Cameron 07-29-05 12:22 AM

this thread really needs a other option...but the film noir set is good

Cornelius1047 07-29-05 12:33 AM

I'm going with Cry-Baby... Wait, it's not on that list. Okay, then I'll go with Constantine: 2-Disc Deluxe Edition. Not exactly a great month for DVDs, apparently.


PopcornTreeCt 07-29-05 12:40 AM

Le Notti Bianche - the only new release I bought in July.

D.Zero 07-29-05 02:44 AM

Wish we had more choices. Point Blank wins heavy with Night Moves & Unfaithfully Yours pulling up the rear. 3rd Rock From the Sun isn't far behind either.

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