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jimbeam 07-28-05 12:09 PM

Kieslowski Set
I see there was a Kieslowski Set announced, but I haven't seen any details on it. Is this a collection of previously release films, or will we finally see Double Life on DVD?

Johnny Zhivago 07-28-05 02:28 PM

I haven't seen the announcement. Linkage?

jimbeam 07-28-05 02:53 PM

Originally Posted by Johnny Zhivago
I haven't seen the announcement. Linkage?

I just saw the addition on dvdpricesearch. It might just be this set:

Johnny Zhivago 07-28-05 03:09 PM

You're probably right... Last word I read on Double Life was limbo hell.

theneobez 07-28-05 04:03 PM

It's the 6 films previously released by Kino. It is a really good buy though, much cheaper than buying them individually.

dvdisoil 07-28-05 04:07 PM

Cover-art up @ amazon


Does anyone know if any improvement has been made from the previous releases ? - Thanks

siegfried 07-28-05 04:16 PM

Improvement? We're talking Kino here! That's very unlikely!

garmonbozia 07-29-05 04:16 PM

Originally Posted by theneobez
It's the 6 films previously released by Kino. It is a really good buy though, much cheaper than buying them individually.

yup. I am a huge fan of Kieslowski but held off on buying the individual titles as I suspected a box set would be coming. Kino tends to do that. I've had this preordered for a while now, can't wait.

siegfried 08-01-05 03:19 PM

Rewarding bad behavior
I hate to reward Kino's bad behavior in the way they treat the home video market, buy I will probably end up buying this set. The average cost per disc will be around $11.60. To bad the quality won't be worth it, and I doubt if we will see another release of this in the region 1 market soon. If I had the money I'd buy the region 2 Artificial Eye release of some of these; but I guess I'll just be stuck with Kino. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr !!!

siegfried 08-24-05 01:49 PM

Not so bad
I broke down and bought this set, and the quality is really not as bad as I thought, but I'm only viewing through a 32 inch screen.

This is the first time I have seen the full length version of "A Short Film About Love" and I was really impressed at how much different it is from the shorter version. Magda's character is fleshed out better, and at the end of the film, she sees her existential attitude toward love was her way of hiding from life.

I went back and watched the shorter version, and I played both version's on different DVD players to see the subtle editing changes. Wow, it really makes you appreciate how an editor works.

The Decalogue was the first DVD that I bought, several years ago. I have the 2 disc fliper version from Facets. At the time I thought the quality was good, but now I have changed my mind. The shadows have very little detail and the quality is not much better than VHS. I see that there is a Polish version from Warner Brothers selling at around $200, an 11 disc set, (but the extra's are not subtitled). Maybe someday they will get around to releasing this version in the US. I'll jump on it !!!!!

Richard Malloy 08-24-05 02:25 PM

siegried, there's a Korean set of the "Dekalog" that's also considered superior to the R1 though not as nice as WB's Polish set, but unfortunately there are several (2? 3?) and I'm unsure as to how they differ.

I suspect the more expensive one from Infinity ($50) is the "good one": http://www.hkflix.com/xq/asp/filmID....ls.htm#REVIEWS

But there's also this 6-disc set that's published by Flex ($20): http://www.dvdheaven.com/dvd/dvd_detail.php?idx=13691

And this 5-disc set that may also be published by Flex ($27): http://www.dvdheaven.com/dvd/dvd_detail.php?idx=6460

All of which leaves me.... confused.

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