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larry bender 07-26-05 04:28 PM

Has anyone heard a rumor at imdb that GRAND PRIX is being released at the end of the year?

basaro 07-26-05 05:36 PM

Thanks for getting me excited for nothing. :(

Use a question mark in your title the next time you ask something.

larry bender 07-26-05 07:59 PM

This thread is about a stated rumor in the July 20 2005 message board at imdb. It is only a rumor not a question. I never said there was a release date.

hardtack 07-26-05 09:44 PM

Haven't seen the rumour myself, but here is a site that has a petition for Grand Prix's release on DVD: http://www.putgrandprixondvd.com/default.asp

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