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Gojira69 07-21-05 12:45 PM

Gimme Gimme Green Slime!
I want my GREEN SLIME on DVD, but I've never gotten to the bottom of who is the current owner...

Jaymole 07-21-05 01:36 PM

It should be Warner as it is an MGM film.

I'm anxiously awaiting its release on DVD too!

rw2516 07-21-05 03:13 PM

If it does get released I hope they include both versions. There's suppose to be a Japanese version that has the love triangle story line removed and other scenes in place of it. Also the Japanese version is in English so no subtitle problem.

majorjoe23 07-21-05 05:54 PM

The key is to say "I don't know."

ryuryu2949 07-22-05 09:03 PM


ryuryu2949 07-22-05 09:03 PM

Originally Posted by majorjoe23
The key is to say "I don't know."


Perkinsun Dzees 07-23-05 02:47 AM

I want this on DVD too. Would go great with my MATANGO and MYSTERIANS DVDs.

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