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Ravenous 06-23-05 05:03 PM

Which DVDs have a Bonus Feature from The History Channel (Official List Thread)
I just got the Casino DVD and cant wait to see it and the HC feature. Im a huge History buff and it made me wonder ; what DVDs have had a feature from the History Channel? The only 2 I own are:

True Story of Black Hawk Down (on 3 Disk set)
Casino: True Crime

Am I missing any?

Ive seen the history vs hollywood for the Alamo, King Arthur, Butch Cassidy, Kingdom of Heaven and thats it. THese should have been put on the DVDs!!

rasalas 06-23-05 05:16 PM

The Aviator DVD has a nearly hourlong History Channel program on the aviation innovations of Howard Hughes called Modern Marvels: Howard Hughes.

Other DVDs with HC docs include:
Pearl Harbor (both versions)
The Last Samurai
The Great Escape SE
Amityville Horror boxed set
Paul McCartney in Red Square
The Lost World (2001 miniseries)

Several DVDs of the History Channel program Mail Call are available.

Also, don't forget that just about any original HC program can be ordered on a custom DVD directly from the network's web site (along with A&E and the Military Channel).

slcsnkman 06-23-05 05:21 PM

I believe Pearl Harbor has it as well. The 3 disc Black Hawk Down is just a phenomenal DVD

Ravenous 06-24-05 03:03 PM

Damnit. I own the Pearl Harbor and Last Samurai and forgot to mention those; I guess cause I havent seen em! Thanks for the help guys

Anyone else know of any others?

rasalas 06-24-05 10:07 PM

Those are pretty much it. But the easiest way to browse for more is to do an advanced search at Google. Search at just one domain, such as DVD Talk or another review site, and enter the search phrase "history channel." The results will include any mentions of the network in news items or reviews.

Forum Troll 06-24-05 11:39 PM

The Aviator has an episode of Modern Marvels on it.

UAIOE 06-25-05 12:22 AM

I think the ogrinal release of "Gladiator" had something from the History Channel on the 2nd disc.

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