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JOE29 05-24-05 09:26 PM

Any news on these Jerry Lewis DVD titles?
The two DVD's that i'm waiting for are It's only Money and Who's Minding the Store? Are there any planned future release dates for these movies?

rasalas 05-24-05 10:04 PM

They ideally will be in the next batch of Jerry Lewis DVDs. Chris Lewis--his son, who produced the first batch of DVDs for Paramount--had wanted to include "Who's Minding the Store" in that first volley, but it didn't work out.

"The one missing that I would have loved to see come out with these was 'Who's Minding the Store?' which a lot of people don't even remember because it hasn't gotten a lot of airplay," he said in an interview I did with him last year. "Agnes Moorehead is in that thing with Ray Walston; it's just so funny, a wonderful picture."

He also wants to do a Martin & Lewis boxed set. And the future DVDs promise to be just as good as the originals: "We have a lot of great material. We have just tons of behind-the-scenes photos. We've got some of my dad's home-movie footage on the sets of these films, things that we can bring out that nobody's ever seen, just as we did with these new DVDs [in the first batch]."

Both projects are just awaiting the go-ahead from Paramount. It's about time for me to email Chris for an update...

JP5683 05-25-05 02:33 AM

I would buy Who's Minding the Store in a heartbeat. Great flick. Drags a little in places, and kind of a lame ending, but a very funny film.

Jaymole 05-25-05 07:16 AM

I love Who's Minding the Store, especially the scene where he tries to put the small shoe on the fat lady. I hope they put this out on DVD soon!

SWR 1 05-25-05 10:08 AM

Who's Minding The Store is definitely one of my favorite Lewis films as well as one of my favorite comedies. Great Film.

Bill Needle 05-25-05 11:22 AM

I want "That's My Boy." Junior Jackson for the Heisman!

RevKarl 05-25-05 02:51 PM

It's nice to see so much love for Who's Minding the Store?. My favorite scene in the movie is when Jerry is giving marital advise to John McGiver...one of my ex's used to hate when I'd quote it.

And Paramount, I'll even double-dip on The Stooge with complaining...too much...if you put out a Martin & Lewis box set!!

JOE29 05-25-05 03:10 PM

My favorite scene or scenes in Who's Minding the Store? are, when he has to climb outside to paint the flagpole, Walston making him do laps around the store untill he just about collapses. and the guy who makes him eat those chochlate coverd ants. Talking about this movie now just makes me want it even more.

rasalas 05-31-05 09:09 AM

I heard back from Chris Lewis. He has been busy promoting the first batch of DVDs and will be heading with his Dad to France in July, when they are released there, for that. Once he returns, he hopes to resume work on the next DVDs. His original plan was to release a huge set of discs, but it looks as if Paramount prefers to release a few at a time. Regardless, "Who's Minding the Store?" is foremost in his mind and he say he hopes to get it out soon.

lotsofdvds 05-31-05 10:05 AM

Caught It's Only Money on cable this weekend. :up:

Cameron 08-21-05 12:42 AM

took them long enough to box these up...which disc are missing from the first wave? I thought there were 11

thanks to davisdvd for this info


The Jerry Lewis Collection, incidentally, will include The Bellboy, Cinderfella, The Delicate Delinquent, The Disorderly Orderly, The Errand Boy, The Family Jewels, The Ladies Man, The Nutty Professor, The Patsy and The Stooge all for the low price of $59.98 (I'm definitely picking this one up).

I skipped these first time out, but may bite at this price. Looks like slimline cases. I hope when they do a second wave, they box them up from the start.

JOE29 08-21-05 11:20 AM

That boxset is nice and everything but it has all the titles that are already out. They need to release the other titles that aren't out yet.

The Valeyard 08-21-05 01:52 PM

I'd pick up THE DAY THE CLOWN CRIED in a heartbeat.

Don't see that ever happening tho.

nightmaster 08-22-05 01:22 AM

I'm still laying in wait for a release of Hardly Working, Jerry's 'comeback' movie of sorts. One of the top moneymakers of 1981 though there isn't alot of love for it- I never see it broadcast anywhere and haven't for years and years.

Tigger 08-22-05 03:55 AM

How about "Slapstick of Another Kind"?... just try to rent that one. ;)

Cameron 09-08-05 01:00 AM

more barrie maxwell

Paramount will be re-releasing ten of its Jerry Lewis titles on October 25th as Jerry Lewis: "The Legendary Jerry" Collection at an attractive combined price of $60. The titles are The Bellboy, Cinderfella, The Delicate Delinquent, The Disorderly Orderly, The Errand Boy, The Family Jewels, The Ladies Man, The Nutty Professor, The Patsy and The Stooge. This is apparently timed to coincide with the previously-announced release of the My Friend Irma double bill.

Leon Liew 09-09-05 12:10 AM

Hey fellas just caught The Errand Boy and it was quite fun watching good ol'Jerry Lewis.Like the scene where he acts out the role as a director of sorts in a board room
scene accompanied by music.There's another one of his films where he uses a typewriter to play a tune whereby finally a piece of paper appears from the typewriter
can remember the title was guessing its the Patsy. Could anyone help me out.
thanks in advance.

salamander2 09-09-05 03:16 AM

Originally Posted by The Valeyard
I'd pick up THE DAY THE CLOWN CRIED in a heartbeat.

Don't see that ever happening tho.

Well I wish people remember, it IS a incomplete film that has NO post production done, meaning what you will see is a collection of filmed scenes without music score, without edits with voices synched. Just strings of filmed scenes with actual recorded sound at the time. Probabyl be like watching a a collection of outtakes!

dvdphilic 10-25-05 09:36 PM

Question for the Jerry Lewis Collection box set
I have a question for the newly released Jerry Lewis collection box set.

Does anyone know if the 10 discs are exactly the same as the individual titles previously released? Can anyone confirm all the special features have been carried into this box set? Thanks in advance.

Cameron 10-26-05 11:38 AM

they are the same disc

Bill Needle 12-01-05 01:46 PM

According to Jerry Lewis himself last night on Larry King, the complete Martin and Lewis movie collection will be released as a box set next spring.

Bill Needle 12-01-05 02:27 PM

Update: I found the quote from the transcript:

LEWIS: I want you to know about the box set that's coming out in the spring. All of the Martin and Lewis films in one box set.

avrilfan 12-01-05 03:23 PM

I am waiting for " Boeing, Boeing" with Tony curtis. that was a very good funny movie. will have to look into getting the other Lewis films on dvd thats out now.
besides the nutty proffessor, the ladies man, the stooge, and the dino films,and the disordered oderly,which i have seen, is there any other Jerry films thats a must see/ own??

msbailey 12-01-05 04:41 PM

Another question on new "The 'Legendary Jerry' Collection": how are these packaged? ThinPaks? Regularly-sized DVD cases?

Bill Needle 12-01-05 05:28 PM

Originally Posted by msbailey
Another question on new "The 'Legendary Jerry' Collection": how are these packaged? ThinPaks? Regularly-sized DVD cases?

Five ThinPaks in one box, two movies in each ThinPak (10 discs total), one on the front cover, one on the back cover. I like it, as it's very condensed without overlapping the DVDs.

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