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The Simpsons - Season 6 - August 16th, 2005

Old 05-11-05, 04:35 PM
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The Simpsons - Season 6 - August 16th, 2005


Fox Home Entertainment has revealed early details on the sixth season of The Simpsons, which will be arriving in shops this August. Each of the season six episodes will be presented in 1.33:1 full frame along with English Dolby Digital 5.1, and French Dolby Surround tracks. English and Spanish subtitles will also be included. I'm afraid Fox has yet to reveal details on the extra material for this one, but we'll bring you word as soon as we get it. The set will be available to own from the 16th August, and should retail at around $49.98. Stay tuned for further details, as well as the official region one package artwork.
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Old 05-11-05, 04:37 PM
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Great news! I wonder if they can/will keep up the "every episode commentary track" of the past sets.
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Old 05-11-05, 05:04 PM
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Thanks for the heads-up
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Old 05-11-05, 05:58 PM
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Here is the episode listing from DVDAF.com:

- Bart of Darkness (9/4/94)
- Lisa's Rival (9/11/94)
- Another Simpsons Clip Show (9/25/94)
- Itchy & Scratchy Land (10/2/94)
- Sideshow Bob Roberts (10/9/94)
- Treehouse of Horror V (10/30/94)
- Bart's Girlfriend (11/6/94)
- Lisa on Ice (11/13/94)
- Homer: Bad Man (11/27/94)
- Grampa vs. Sexual Inadequacy (12/4/94)
- Fear of Flying (12/18/94)
- Homer the Great (1/8/95)
- And Maggie Makes Three (1/22/95)
- Bart's Comet (2/5/95)
- Homie the Clown (2/12/95)
- Bart vs. Australia (2/19/95)
- Homer vs. Patty and Selma (2/26/95)
- Star Is Burns, A (3/5/95)
- Lisa's Wedding (3/19/95)
- Two Dozen and One Greyhounds (4/9/95)
- PTA Disbands, The (4/16/95)
- 'Round Springfield (4/30/95)
- Springfield Connection, The (5/7/95)
- Lemon of Troy (5/14/95)
- Who Shot Mr. Burns? (1) (5/21/95)
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I want to know the color!
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I wish it wasn't so far off. Wow, we're talking end of summer! ouch! I remember at one point everyone thought that it was going to be released in June...then that turned out to be bogus. That's a shame too because 2 sets per year kinda sucks! At least lets get out 3 or 4 per year. I'm sure fox could use the rev each quarter if it was 4 per year. But then the question comes up with the recording of the commentary per episode, which is the constraint. Anyway, glad to hear about Season 6
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Damn, I thought this was still being released on June 14th. That was bogus info huh?
Oh well, I updated my wish list - glad I saw this - would've been in for a bad awakening come middle of june!
Thanks for the update.
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Old 05-11-05, 09:09 PM
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I was wondering why it went from 6/14 on DVDAF to NOT YET ANNOUNCED. Oh well, there's plenty of other stuff I need to get around this time, anyway, so it's not a huge loss.
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I really hope we get all these seasons on DVD. At the rate they're being released, it could be awhile unless they speed up releases.
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Hopefully this means there will be sweet deals on the other seasons as there have been in the past. Remember the $14.99 boxes at FYE? That's the only way I can afford these things. Thanks for the heads up, OP.
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thats great news...

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That's a shame too because 2 sets per year kinda sucks!
Yeah, and it sucks even more when you realize that only 1 season will have actually been released this year (season 5 came out at the end of last December). It seemed like they were starting to speed it up with the gap between seasons 4 and 5 not being terribly long, but now it looks like it is back to a crawl.
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Wow....I remember when WSMB was on TV!! Has it been that long already???
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Are they going to include that America's Most Wanted Special that airred when this episode airred?
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Old 05-12-05, 02:44 AM
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Concerning the commentary, I hope it continues. Anybody catch Krusty's line this past Sunday? Something to the effect of, "Let's hurry this along. I've got to record DVD commentary for twenty-seven seasons worth of episodes and I don't remember a thing!"
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I just thought of something:

If anybody guess the color right of the Simpsons Box Set, you will win a Simpsons Season 6 box set! Any takers? (No this is not a joke, I will be buying the box set and send it to the winner, if you need my e-mail address, look in my user name, I never used the private message option so please use my e-mail address and in the subject line, please type Simpsons Box Art Color Consest)

If a person already post a color, you can't post the same color, you have to post a different color

Good luck!
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OK, I say yellow then.
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I forgot to add, please e-mail me the colors so I can keep track of it, thank you and good luck!
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Please keep in mind, if you do not e-mail me the color, it will not become offical and I will be posting the colors that is already taken
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Colors taken so far:

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Is WSMB Pt 2 the first ep. of S7? Thats kinda annoying having to wait for that.

Whats Bart of Darkness about? Is that the one where he goes to a Burlesque house?
Hoping to get some good prices for S5 then as I havent bought that yet!
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