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The Monkees 04-19-05 03:54 PM

No Hawaiian Style on Season 5 of Saved by the Bell and More...

Apparently Lions Gate is going to be putting Hawaiian Style out on DVD later as opposed to having it on the season 5 box as previously announced.

Also apparently the cover art has Elizabeth Berkley's character changed. Her head has been replaced. Check out the link for more info.

Sorry if this has been posted before. Haven't seen it anywhere.

chiguy 04-22-05 07:33 AM

As an update, Lions Gate has now released a new cover, now introducing Liz Berkeley.


LikeMiamiVice 04-22-05 11:22 AM

thats cool how they do that,i used to actually think they really took cast pictures for covers and posters

cmatherne 04-22-05 03:45 PM

I think they should include the episode of Scrabble that Mr. Belding was on years ago for shits and giggles. For some reason I always picture Mr. Belding asking Chuck Woolery if he can select some more tiles.

paulringodaman 04-22-05 07:59 PM

I just got back into SBtB and I am devastated that Hawaiian Style won't be on Season 5...Man i feel like I am 10 years old again watching these shows.

tanman 07-18-05 12:11 PM

It is coming out this week so I thought to give this thread a bump for those (like me) questioning if the TV movies are included or not. This set seems like it is much smaller than the last two.

DarthMarino 07-18-05 12:26 PM

I'll be picking this up tomorrow for sure. If Hawaiian Style won't be included, they could release a double feature with that and Wedding in Vegas.

critterdvd 07-18-05 03:06 PM

Well, I hoped to get "Hawaiian Style" on this DVD, but it will give me a reason to buy "Wedding in Vegas" now... and that disc can't cost more than $12

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