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Lemdog 03-30-05 01:04 PM

New Criterion 294 The Browning Version
294 The Browning Version


Lemdog 03-31-05 02:44 PM

291 Heaven Can Wait


We have another one

Richard Malloy 03-31-05 03:18 PM

Not to mention AU HAZARD BALTHAZAR!!! :eek:

Lemdog 03-31-05 03:23 PM

Last one looks like

Crazed Fruit

never heard of it.

pro-bassoonist 03-31-05 03:30 PM

Originally Posted by Richard Malloy
Not to mention AU HAZARD BALTHAZAR!!! :eek:

Let's mention it....:rolleyes:



Richard Malloy 03-31-05 03:39 PM

Anybody looking for an excellent 16x9 R0/PAL release of "Au Hazard Balthazar"?

(Which would come with the highest recommendation save for Criterion's latest update... but perfect for you PAL-only folks or if you just can't wait till summer!) :)

PopcornTreeCt 03-31-05 03:55 PM

That cover for Au Hasard Balthazar is gorgeous.

The Ferret 03-31-05 05:03 PM

Never heard of them, but they all interest me with the exception of Crazed Fruit. Heaven Can Wait sounds especially... different, in a good way.

RichardW 03-31-05 05:25 PM

They sure are taking their time with British-era Hitchcock releases. :(

jmj713 03-31-05 05:41 PM

Heaven Can Wait and Au Hasard Balthazar are mine!

Duality 03-31-05 05:48 PM

Heaven Can Wait (1943) - YES!

chente 03-31-05 06:30 PM

Originally Posted by jmj713
Heaven Can Wait and Au Hasard Balthazar are mine!

Same here.

hobbes4444 03-31-05 08:46 PM

The Browning Version is an excellent film. Actually the 1994 Mike Figgis remake with Albert Finney, Greta Scacchi and Matthew Modine is quite good as well, but much different in its focus than the 1951 original film. Generally it's about a private school professor who is very old school (latin/classics prof) and is passed over and minimalized cuz he's not new school (fundraiser, sporting, politico type). also loses his young wife to a new school younger prof, etc.

1951 version has the same type of old school teacher being pushed out by the newer generation, but is even more of a character study of the protagonist, crocker-harris played my michael redgrave. THe other plot lines that play up more in the 94 version take a back seat to the study of redgrave's character. a brilliant performance. i can't wait to get this film on dvd, much less a criterion!!

natevines 03-31-05 09:17 PM

May pick up 'Heaven Can Wait'...I've been getting into Lubitsch's films recently and really like Gene Tierney.

Atreus 03-31-05 09:26 PM

Ahh I was hoping when I heard that Criterion was putting out Heaven Can Wait it was going to be the Warren Beatty movie where he dies and comes back in the body of someone else and takes the Rams to the Superbowl.

I guess I'll pick it up even though there are no angels playing football.

RevKarl 03-31-05 09:41 PM

Originally Posted by Duality
Heaven Can Wait (1943) - YES!

Same here...though I would have been just as happy (and my wallet would have been even happier) if Fox has put it out under their "Studio Classics" line.

Sondheim 03-31-05 10:46 PM

I'm very excited for "Heaven Can Wait" and "Au Hasard Balthasar." I've not seen either but I've heard some very good things about them. I'll definitely rent the other two, also. Criterion has been doing great this year, with "Kagemusha," "The River," etc. And now, according to their website, "Ran" is coming in "late 2005."

Chris777 03-31-05 10:49 PM

guess i'll just have to wait for the ran criterion then, thanks.

kingtopher 03-31-05 11:05 PM

Oh geez, I can't wait to see a Criterion Ran! That's fantastic news. It'll be nice to finally see a good-looking transfer of the film!

pigmode 03-31-05 11:35 PM

What is the release date for Au Hazard Balthazar?

Cardiac161 03-31-05 11:38 PM

RAN Criterion?!?!?!?! OMG!!! I just wet myself!!!

pro-bassoonist 04-01-05 12:13 AM

Originally Posted by kingtopher
Oh geez, I can't wait to see a Criterion Ran! That's fantastic news. It'll be nice to finally see a good-looking transfer of the film!

Obviously you haven't seen the Studio Canal version :rolleyes:


PopcornTreeCt 04-01-05 12:24 AM

Originally Posted by Chris777
guess i'll just have to wait for the ran criterion then, thanks.

Now look at what you've gone and done!

Giles 04-01-05 12:30 AM

oh... my... god... Ran !! oh I hope the Criterion edition might include the Chris Marker documentary on the making of the film....

I sooooo can't wait for this!

no if only Criterion and the British Film Institute could work out some arrangement and release some Peter Greenaway films and shorts in Region 1 land, I'd be very happy.

Giles 04-01-05 12:32 AM

Criterion definately takes the cake for creating some of the best - beautiful looking DVD covers on the market.

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