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The Monkees 03-30-05 03:36 AM

Has Anyone Found Twilight Zone Season 2?
I looked all over the place today and can't find it!

I have a giftcard and reward zone coupons and want to buy it but I can't find it at any Best Buy (or anywhere else at that)!


horroru 03-30-05 10:57 AM

Saw TZ 2 yesterday at Best Buy in Nashua NH for $109.99!!! (the next DDD sale can't come fast enough for me....)

forumsmy 03-30-05 11:30 AM

Look in the bargains forum for places to find it and a good price - someone mentioned around $60-80, I think.

Best Buy has ALWAYS been HIGH on their Twilight Zones, plus I believe the MSRP for Definitive S2 is $99.99 and not the $119.99 that S1 w/the book was, if they are selling for over $100, they are ripping off.

Additionally, I have only ever seen 1 or 2 Definitive S1's, if any, in the Best Buy stores I have been in.

Cameron 03-30-05 11:34 AM

103.99 at the best buy locally....60 bucks at sams club...check bargains

robsul82 03-30-05 02:06 PM

$66 at Coconuts.com, w/ firstpurchase code...preordered, got here Monday. :)

bdhart 03-30-05 08:46 PM

Didn't see it at any of the stores around here. I ended up getting it on Amazon for $68.89.

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