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cinephan 03-29-05 08:03 PM

Wet Hot American Summer OOP?
Does anyone know if this is out of print and if so, why? Is there a different edition coming out anytime?

djtoell 03-29-05 08:34 PM

It was originally released by USA Films. USA was absorbed by Universal, and the disc has been re-released through them. It is in print and appears to me to be widely available at the usual online retailers. DeepDiscountDVD.com, for example, has it in-stock for $9.35 shipped.

FWIW, I've gotten my copy autographed by David Wain, Michael Ian Black, Michael Showalter, Zak Orth, Chris Meloni, Craig Wedren, Amy Poehler, A.D. Miles, Peter Salett, and Jake Fogelnest.

...The cover is barely legible at this point. :)


chileorgullo 03-29-05 08:38 PM

many titles by universal that were once USA titles, the USA releases are out of print.

Being John Malkovich(the USA release comes with a nice insert!)
Big Lebowski?
Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels

Finch03 03-30-05 02:11 AM

anybody who loves raunchy comedies has to check this movie out, if they haven't already.

Count Dooku 03-30-05 02:48 AM

hilarious movie

REL77 03-30-05 08:11 AM

Greatest Movie Ever!!!!

Geofferson 03-30-05 09:44 AM

For the longest time, this movie had a rather high MSRP. It has come down considerably though. Perhaps due to the desolving of USA...who knows?

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