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Buford T Pusser 03-29-05 05:28 PM

Bewitched-will you buy/watch b&w or colorized box set?
From www.tvshowsondvd.com

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment will bow the entire 36-episode, black-and-white first season of the 1960s TV series in a four-disc set June 21.

Sony will offer the series in its original black-and-white form, or with episodes that were colorized years ago for syndicated reruns. They will be available separately on DVD for $39.95 each.

Sony also is simultaneously releasing all 13 episodes of the 1977 spinoff series "Tabitha," starring Lisa Hartman and Robert Urich.

So you'll be given a choice on store shelves of buying either a "B&W" box set or a "Colorized" box set of Bewitched - The Complete 1st Season? Nice job, and a TV-on-DVD first!

Which way will you go? B&W or colorized?

I've never seen the colorized versions but I would stay with the original version in b&w.

TomOpus 03-29-05 05:35 PM

IF I decided to get it, it'd be the original b&w.

Oh, and Lisa Hartman used to give me teh hawt

http://www.bartcop.com/hartman.jpg :hump:

Wannabe 03-29-05 06:34 PM

Colorized! I can't believe that they've mucked around with those classic episodes. This is an outrage! This show was never meant to be viewed in color! I can't believe this. What next, colorized versions of Mr. Ed?!

Just kidding.

gjamesm 03-29-05 07:12 PM

I'll be buying both.

LasVegasMichael 03-29-05 07:16 PM

Just the original B&W. Much like It's a Wonderful Life, colorozing does nothing more then bastardize the original product. It also is very similar to the WS vs. FS debate.

Al Padrino 03-29-05 07:25 PM

Colorized versions of shows or movies that were originally made in B&W aren't anything more than options for people who have attention spans so short they can't watch something that's in B&W.

Cameron 03-29-05 08:29 PM

B&W for sure...

and just for refrence the original thread with news and info

Bewitched and I dream of Jeannie coming in 2005!!! (6/21)

Mike Lowrey 03-29-05 08:49 PM

Well, if I were to buy the set, I'd get the colorized version. If the rest are in color than why not the first.

It'd be different if the whole series was B&W.

JCFantasy23 03-29-05 08:56 PM

Not just the first season is in B&W.

That theyre coloring it is enraging. This is one of my top favorite shows of all time, and I have been waiting for this for years. If they didn't offer an B&W option, my anger would know no end.

I'll be picking this one up ASAP!

calhoun07 03-29-05 10:07 PM

Black and white, of course. That's the way I remember the show on Nick at Nite and that's the way I want to see it!

And I don't see how this is anything like the WS vs FS debate. That's a preference for how you want a movie to fill your screen (or not) and whether you care or not if the original aspect ratio is preserved. I am sure there are plenty of full screen people who don't go for colorizing.

I thought colorization of old black and white movies/TV shows was a fad of the 80s that died out. Ted Turner is still pushing this on people? WHY????

Eve Brown 03-29-05 10:12 PM

I want to buy both.

jpdude 03-29-05 10:16 PM

i want the original presentation, period.

nightwing82 03-29-05 11:25 PM

I will only purchase the B&W set as it was meant to be.

paulringodaman 03-29-05 11:45 PM

B&W only...What is was meant to be!

Cygnet74 03-30-05 03:00 AM

i hope the color seasons will be available in b&w.

Peep 03-30-05 04:03 AM

Hope they remastered the B&W versions.

shanester 03-30-05 04:10 AM

B&W is the only way to go for season 1

i think it was Ted Turner who also colorized the first season of Gilligan's Island on TBS a few years back and the picture looked awful :thmbsdwn:

Falc04 03-30-05 04:52 AM

B&W...I've seen the first season of 'I Dream Of Jeannie' colorized, and it just doesn't look right.

Cornelius1047 03-30-05 05:10 AM

Colorized and in widescreen.


Sir_Fireboard 03-30-05 06:15 AM

Originally Posted by Cornelius1047
Colorized and in widescreen.

Damn straight!

LiquidSky 03-30-05 07:08 AM


Wannabe 03-30-05 08:15 AM

Originally Posted by Cornelius1047
Colorized and in widescreen.


plus bass thumping 5.1 surround sound.

sracer 03-30-05 11:25 AM

Hmmm, it's not so cut-n-dry for me. It depends upon how the B&W version is mastered. If they create the B&W version by taking the colorized version of the original and then reducing color saturation, etc. Then the B&W version could actually look worse than the colorized version.

IF the B&W version is restored from the original B&W, then I'll go with the B&W version. Especially if it looks as good as LOST IN SPACE: SEASON 1.

djones6746 03-30-05 11:52 AM

B&W :)

Upper pylon 3 03-30-05 03:19 PM

Colorized for me.

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